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Mostlytechnic grew up with City and Space Lego in the 80s, building all the typical color-mismatched insane spacecraft that small boys are wont to make. At the time, Construx were also available, so he built with both building systems. Normally, the Construx were used to make larger trucks, garages, buildings, and aircraft, all of which then held Lego vehicles inside. Sadly, as time progressed and high school, college, and a family of his own came along, Mostlytechinc went into a long dark age.

This came to a rapid end in 2008. Mostlytechinc had a large Toys R Us gift card (which he can't remember why he got, but he did) and wasn't sure what to get. Wandering the store, he walked down the Lego aisle and saw the 8297 Technic Off Roader. "Lego, with lights and motors and stuff? Making large cars? What is this? I must have it!" As a child, he never saw Technic. Apparently the local toy store didn't carry it. As he built the Off Roader, he was amazed at the technical complexity. "A Lego car, with double wishbone suspension? Differentials? Motors that don't even drive the car? This is insanity! But I love it!" The dark ages had ended and a rapid acquisition of Technic began. Finding sites like Bricklink only fueled the fire. Not realizing the wide array of Lego blogs already in existence, MT began his own, short lived, site at It's still there, but very lonely and quiet. Posts were only made from April to July of 2010 - along the way, Eurobricks was discovered and Mostlytechnic realized there was no good reason to run his own site. It'd never make any money, no one saw it, and EB had tons of users to share with. So MT packed things up, copied some reviews and articles from his site over to EB, and never looked back. Well, other than keeping the username.

Now, Mostlytechnic has expanded deeply into Lego, sharing his love with his own kids. Technic is still a fascination, but so are City, Train, and licensed themes. He runs a Bricklink store to pay for his addiction and reviews an assortment of sets here on EB. He's got a large-ish (roughly 12 by 4 feet) train layout under construction, but needs to find time to work on it as Bricklink threatens to take all his free time.

Mostlytechnic's Reviews:

8371 Extreme Power Bike

7596 Toy Story Trash Compactor Escape

3838 Lava Dragon Game

8065 Technic Mini Container Truck

8457 Technic Power Puller

10196 Grand Carousel

8067 Technic Technic Mini Mobile Crane

8051 Technic Motorbike

10170 TTX Intermodal Double-Stack Container Car

8485 Technic Control Center II

79111 Constitution Train Chase

10228 Haunted House

6399 Airport Shuttle

10233 Horizon Express

42008 Technic Service Truck

41062 Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle

31036 Creator 3-in-1 Toy and Grocery Shop

21121 Minecraft Desert Outpost

10228 Haunted House

42045 Technic Hydroplane Racer

42049 Technic Mine Loader

5005358 Minifigure Factory

88006, 88007, 88008, 88009, 88010, 88011 Powered Up components

GBC 25 Sweeper

Mafia Games on EuroBricks:


Survived till the end (but still lost) as Townie Mary Jane the Jock

cbabfd6f-3447-4031-a60b-a6848ba0a046_zps3ee6c1cd.jpg [banner pending] cbabfd6f-3447-4031-a60b-a6848ba0a046_zps3ee6c1cd.jpg

Night Killed near the end as the Townie The Talking Animal in Zepher's Mafia Mafia


Poisoned Day 5 as a losing villager Molly Tennant, saloon dancer in Tamamono's Silver City Mafia


Survived to the conclusion as a winning Council musician / decorator

Melanie Detruccio in TrumpetKing's CMF Mafia