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    absolutely amazing! whats the cave material made of? Also, the trees are weak compared to the rest of the build IMO
  2. yg33

    70922 The Joker Manor

    video of the wayne manor
  3. yg33

    70922 The Joker Manor

    how much money do you think could be realistically recouped by selling off the figs in this set? I'm considering buying 2 in order to build a better "normal" wayne manor and separate joker roller coaster, but only if i can recoup 150ish through figs. I would sell all figs from the second copy, as well as the batman/harley/joker from the first that we already got in earlier waves. It looks like barbara gordon is a rehashed fig as well? assuming the white figs, nightwing and alfred can go for 20-25 thats a good chunk right there. Not sure how valuable the rehashed figs are though, I cant imagine they would sell for more than 5 or so.
  4. Is it just me or does this seem super small for the piece count? it looks to be about the same size as the new arkham which was 150
  5. yg33

    Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    They could do a set that indirectly ties into the defenders/netflix shows, similar to the suicide squad based sets. Some sort of street scene or warehouse/dock black getaway vehichle Kingpin bigfig goon daredevil elektra, the punisher
  6. yg33

    MOC - Modular Hardware Store

    The interior walls seem a little bare, some shelves with more tools would be a big improvment
  7. - Modular allows you to place a set in a city or table and still get to the interior. - Open back allows for access on a table, but looks unfinished and out of place when seen next to fully enclosed buildings. If placed on a shelf, it forces you to pick either the front or back to display. This forces you to spin it around to see the other side, potentially a hassle depending on how tightly crammed together your display shelf is with other sets. - Dollhouse is in a way the best of both worlds and the worst. You get a fully enclosed building which looks good on a table or shelf, but to access the inside you need either a ton of dead space on the side or to physically remove the building from wherever it is. Overall I prefer Modular. I converted my haunted house to modular style, and at some point plan on doing the same for the Firehouse and the Simpsons house. Really hope the Wayne Mannor is modular but if not i'll convert that too.
  8. I really hope they do this justice. A proper Wayne Manor is basically my dream set.
  9. this thing is frusteratingly scaled
  10. yg33

    HOGWARTS Castle MOC 2017

    This is amazing. Did you have most of the parts from official sets? Also, do you know the estimates cost?
  11. yg33

    Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum

    nice i may have to steal some of these ideas for my rather empty petshop- santorum mod
  12. yg33

    [MOC] The Flash CW custom Savitar build

    i feel like there has to be a bionicle head or mask that would be perfect
  13. Really nice, a few red accents would make it go perfectly with the other movie sets