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  1. DC Comics Cinematic Universe

    Whats wrong with a Mandarin movie? My churlish formula I mean, that they are appealing mainly to children. Om the other hand DC is more for the mature audience. Marvel movies have become a joke fest and nothing more, with each one having the same predictable ending. Also clearly you havent been getting your information from correct sources. Matt Reeves and the Joker film director have said the movie's are loose connection, meaning not direct tie-ins. Again it doesnt have ti be like Marvel where there is a crossover every movie. DC is trying to flesh out their villians first and havent you heard the statement "continuity over creativity?" Who cares about the timeline?Take Fox's Xmen franchise for instance, the film has horrid continuity, but still they make some amazing films like Deadpool and Logan. Both of which so far have no tie-ins and are in their own universe. Sure DC is announcing a movie every 2 weeks, but they can talk all they want, unless we hear the movie has began production, nothing is happening. 2018 we only have 1 DC movie and 2019 we will have 2 or 3 depending on Justice League and Aquaman's success. Films like Deadshot, Gotham City Sirens, Cyborg, Black Adam, Shazam, Nightwing, and god knows whatever movie "ideas" DC has stated. Right now they have JL, Aquaman, Batman film, Suicide Squad 2, Flashpoint, Green Lantern Corp, and Wonder Woman 2.
  2. DC Comics Cinematic Universe

    The Joker will be a standalone film taking place in 1980s, but by standalone they dont mean outside of the DCEU it will be a "loose connection with the universe". The director of the Solo Batman movie confirmed this. He stated that by standalone, they mean that it will not have all cameos and correlations with DCEU, they just want to tell their story without having to deal with other surrounding characters. As far as DCEU not knowing what their doing. 1 movie. Wonder Woman. This was an amazing film, as it is even being nominated for an oscar. Inspires hope and courage and is by far the best DCEU film. Just shows that DC can make a great film, if they take their time. Same goes for Man of Steel. You also dont have to mimic what Marvel does for everyone of their films. They have a dry churlish formula which does work but gets very old and predictable quickly. Its nice to see another studio doing something different.
  3. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Wait was a Wayne Manor confirmed ever?
  4. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Man they really messed up on the size. The thing has no interior space, like at all. It is probably 1/10 the size if should be. Being realistic, TLG wouldnt never have been able to make the full scale, but this thing is nearly as big as a helicarrier it seems. And making a helicarries in the size of this set, would be an utter disgrace. I doubt there is even a possible way to make the flying fox near proper scale. Even if you buy two of the sets and connect them, the thing will look way too long. Well you win some, you lose some...
  5. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    I really dont wanna continue this, but I really wanna make my point across. What I said was that the original picture was not promo art, but I see now that any pictures for the movie are promotional artwork. I guess I meant to say that the picture is acurate and I still abide by that statement. That promotional art picture of aquaman is very acurate to this hot toys image of aquaman. And hot toys are always acurate, never a single bit miss-detailed.
  6. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Positive. I am an insane minifigure accuracy freak. As in I will paint the figure to make it exactly how it is in the movie. Thus I check multiple photos and set leaks before I start. I can guarantee that all of the 5 stills featuring the league members solo posing is indeed there exact suit from the movie comparing it to set leaks. :)
  7. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    That wasnt promo art he was comparing it to. It was actually Jason Mamoa in the aquaman suit in a photoshoot for the JL movie. Very accurate as it is the same suit used in the trailers and other set photos.
  8. Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I was looking into buying some licenced figure parts for the first time, but of all the sets I looked through (Justice League and Spider Man HC) none of tje minifigure parts were available to buy. They were just flat out "out of stock". Does this happen to all the licened themes that you cant get the minifigs? I was really meaning to buy flash fig, cyborg and new batman fig. Anyone got any ideas or any other place to buy them for relativly cheap like under $7 per fig
  9. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Hey guys I have a copy of the leaked trailer downloaded, its a bit better quality than the one everyone is seeing leaked. Let me know if you want it sent to you, its being taken down everywhere
  10. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Most likely, but hey whats wrong with that. He started the MCU and went from a B list character to a household name. He is also the most relatable as he has no superpowers and has earned his fortune. The character has also went through the most dynamic change as he went from a jerk to the father of the superhero world. Anyway they probably want to keep on tying everything to him as he will most likely not survive Infinity War leading all his affiliated relations to have a great effect. Making Thanos only seem as a greater foe. Although I agree Spidermans suit should not have an AI and shouldnt foster all these features, its fine having it all connected to Tony Stark. Personally Homecoming is now my favorite MCU movie.
  11. The Flash Tv Show Discussion

    Saddest flash episode next to the death of Henry Allen in season 2. Funny huh same episode number has a persons death. So the theory in many minds is that HR used his face transmission device to switch places with Iris so that he would have a proper meaning in the show and he would die instead of her. Idk about this. What do others think?
  12. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Batman does have leg printing.
  13. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    It I think you hate the character not the minifigure. This is practically the same as the last Cyborg figure, except this has a molded arm and more printing. No other differences really. Sure a different print, but thats acurate to the movie design. Cant blame the figure if its true to the movie design. Anyway, I love this and the flash figure both. They are both movie acuratr, which is great. My only concern is the lack of arm printing, but that is acceptable with the large inclusion of feet and leg printing!
  14. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Personally I really dont get most of the negitivity towards the flying fox. I mean its supposed to be a big large rectangular prism. Its a transport vehicle, and its supposed to carry the batmobile. I mean thats how it is functions and depicted in the movie. Only thing is color scheme is off, it should be gray. If you can look at the tail end behind the cockpit, you can see some extra space, which will most likely be area for sitting and figures. Cockpit should be larger but thats an easy fix. I dont like that they didnt use the dual molded legs for superman, but hopefully batman is ALL NEW and cyborg has tons of printing. My only question is that how would I elongate the ship to make it like 10 bricks longer. I have a lot of spare bricks and I could get more, but I dont want to get another flying fox to just make it bigger. As long as this set has a $110 to $100 pricetag, its a day 1 buy.
  15. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    I completely agree! Everytime he just says that its his "source's" fault. Amazing Bricks, nothing against you but we know you do not have any information for any sets. I pointed this out, when you claimed you saw the Wonder Woman set picture. I know the correct thing to do is to ignore it, but thats not possible when half of a page is dedicated to people talking about false rumors. Just please dont lie. Anyway the set looks GREAT! Wish they had one more figure. I think WW is the same 99%. And she should have recieved a training outfit.