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    Pet Shop contains different parts then in the manual

    I built the Creator Treehouse this weekend and had the same fence "issue". I only put it in quotation marks because it really isn't a big deal to me.

    Pet Shop contains different parts then in the manual

    Mine has the same parts as yours. Strange.

    The LEGO Neighborhood Book

    I picked this up at Barnes and Noble yesterday. I starting reading through it last night. It is a great book and very well thought out and presented.

    Damaged box discount

    As others have said, my local store puts the damaged box sets up near the register. Last time I was they had Benny's Spaceship for 20% off.

    LEGO as a therapeutic hobby?

    I came out of my dark age a few months ago at the same time I had some family stuff going on. I found that the first time I sat down after my wife and son had gone to bed to build the Mountain Hut I felt very relaxed. I mentioned it to my wife the next day. I even find sorting PAB cups and other parts to be therapeutic.

    MOC: Noodle Shop & Downtown Museum

    Good work! The sign is a nice touch.

    MOC: Architectural Salvage Co.

    This is amazing. All of the little details bring it to life.

    [MOC] Western game

    WOW! That is a great idea and very well executed.

    LEGO Ideas - Architecture - The Twin Towers

    Very nice! Looking forward to seeing it in real bricks.
  10. I opened my set from this morning on my lunch break. So far, at least from my purchases, the Lifeguard and Battle Goddess seem to the most common. I now have four of each. I have at least one each of all of them now except for Video Game Guy and Piggy Man. :)

    Series 12 Minifigures

    Inventory updated.

    Series 12 Minifigures

    These are now BUY 4 GET 1 FREE on my Bricklink Store.
  13. Didn't realize there was an area for minfigure discussion. Mods, feel free to move this if needed. Thanks!
  14. I know a few people are getting their hands on these. I thought it might be good to start a collaboration of reviews, thoughts, opinions, etc. on each one. Feel free to respond here and I will add your thoughts to the list. Hopefully we can keep this to reviews from those who already have them and not speculation about them. :) 1. Wizard "The Wizard is very visually appealing. The dual capes give it a cool look, as does the brick in place of standard legs. The hat and the parts to make the staff complete the look of this one." - TWO2SEVEN 2. Hun Warrior 3. Fairytale Princess "Out of the figures I have opened so far, this is the only one I have seen with a double sided head. The frog is a nice touch as well." - TWO2SEVEN 4. Video Game Guy 5. Battle Goddess "So far I have three of these. I like the figure as a whole, but the "cloth" skirt can be a hassle to get on. The spear, shield, and helmet add a nice touch." - TWO2SEVEN 6. Space Miner "This is my favorite so far. It has a pretty unique face and the included accessories finish out the character." - TWO2SEVEN 7. Lifeguard "After coming back from my dark age, it is cool to see figures wearing shorts. This is a nice touch and could be useful for custom figures" - TWO2SEVEN 8. Prospector "The Prospector as a lot of nice detail. The face, shirt, and pants all look the part." - TWO2SEVEN 9. Jester "The coloring and included card tiles are a nice touch and will make the Jester appealing for collectors, in my opinion." - TWO2SEVEN 10. Dino Tracker 11. Pizza Delivery Man 12. Rock Star "The face is a bit obstructed by the hair, but overall the details are great. The guitar will be useful for MOCs and custom figures." - TWO2SEVEN 13. Swashbuckler 14. Piggy Man 15. Genie Girl "The unique 'leg' structure is a nice touch on this one, as is the gold lamp." - TWO2SEVEN 16. Spooky Girl "I really like the personality of this figure. The dark teddy bear adds to the overall look. This one does have the "cloth" skirt like the Battle Goddess, but the added look out weighs the hassle of getting it lined up." - TWO2SEVEN Stock images from Brickipedia