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  1. Very cool The window details are great! The 1x2 plates idea works well, ive seen many projects use 1x2 plates and the detail of it is great!
  2. TheLegoKing

    Town Park

    Oh i agree that the 2x2 round tiles helps, but i sadly have none and this project was a "build without ordering parts" build... maybe when i come across some extra money i will invest! Thanks for the input.
  3. TheLegoKing

    Town Park

    Here is my new park design for my personal layout. I thought I would share! Let me know your thoughts!! Yes I know I need more of the nice dark gray plates. But I have to save some $$$ for them.
  4. TheLegoKing

    3 way switch

    Thanks for posting this and the original place you got the idea. mine is half done, i just need to buy plastic cement.
  5. TheLegoKing

    3 way switch

    I love this!!! Im doing it as my next major project!
  6. TheLegoKing

    New model

    Not bad, looks cool. That box of stuff is very NICE!
  7. TheLegoKing

    Train Station

    Awesome! i love making stuff like this, must be great to have that dark orange laying around
  8. TheLegoKing

    [MOC] [Steampunk] Sir Archibald's Flying Lucilla

    I hope LEGO Steam Punk takes off or at lest gets released
  9. TheLegoKing

    good colour for the Town hall?

    Dark red, like bricks in real life
  10. TheLegoKing

    Assembling Bricksburg

    This all looks amazing, and whoever did the bridge, i want those bridge instructions.
  11. I would work in the same file, but save as files when you meet a point where you know you like it, so you can go back to it if you need to.
  12. Will be nice to see this in person at PBF... bring it to the meeting Saturday lol!
  13. TheLegoKing

    How to power 16 L-motors

    Please PLEASE! excuse my friend. He is on something. I never said it would be curious to see if 16 XL or L motors would work.
  14. TheLegoKing

    Modifying track geometry and homemade 90 deg crossing

    how is the quality of the brown Hong Kong track?
  15. TheLegoKing

    GE AC4400CW /w CSX livery in 7 wide [WIP]

    Will you be doing vynl stickers for the decals?