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    Pick a Brick City - Fancy Store

    Yeah most of the bricks here were actually in LUG bulk but some of them were from Pick A Brick too (1x1 cylinder, the dbg tile and plate, the tan slopes, the 1x2 curves at the bottom) Most of what I build is because of the PAB Wall!

    Pick a Brick City - Fancy Store

    New building for Pick a Brick City. I think it looks like a fancy store. We got the new curved window piece in LUG Bulk, and that was the seed part for this build!

    Pick a Brick City - Gas Station

    I can try and put some trans red studs under the GAS tiles, that might be a cool effect, I'll give it a shot They had bread on the PAB wall so I have a ton and of course I found a single croissant leftover from an xtras poly bag

    Pick a Brick City - Gas Station

    New MOC from my Pick a Brick Wall series (Pick a Brick City), a gas station. Went for a retro/modern vibe! Seed part this time was the 1x3 dark green plate.

    Pick a Brick City - Gas Station

    That's what I was going for with the sign especially, but with modern pumps.

    Pick a Brick City - Court House

    The exterior for the latest build for Pick a Brick City is mostly complete, so I wanted to share. After the Office Tower of Orthanc, I wanted to build something wide, so this is 2 48x48 baseplates. I had a shoe box full of 1x2 gray masonry bricks from the Pick a Brick Wall, and ended up using almost all of them.

    The Office Tower of Orthanc

    A new MOC for my Pick a Brick City. I had a lot of black pieces and wanted to try something of a riff on the Tower of Orthanc from LOTR. I mostly build from the pick a brick wall at the LEGO store, so I had a lot of black 1x2, 1x4 slopes, 1x4 tiles, and cheese slopes and also 1x2x5 trans from there. I did buy a bunch of 1x4x6 windows and 500 1x3 slopes. The rest is from bulk used lots! So it's not cheap, but I didn't really make a ton of bricklink orders or anything. I built this because lego was selling the 1x4x6 glass for like .06 each, so I got 300 of them!

    The Office Tower of Orthanc

    I made an album with the interior!

    Some of my recent Modular MOCs

    Wanted to share a couple of my recent builds that I hadn't posted here! Most of these were inspired by the Pick-A-Brick Wall at the LEGO store. Displayed these in my friend's city during our recent South Carolina Bricks (SC Bricks) LUG meeting. Still tweaking most of them. Would love some feedback! Not sure what this building is... Post office and a deli/apartments (2 corner deli sets were used) And my police station I have posted here before. Thanks for looking!

    Some of my recent Modular MOCs

    actually those sand green parts were all on the PAB wall!

    Some of my recent Modular MOCs I've made another building, and went ahead and took some more pics. Some small improvements to the existing buildings as well! Would love more feedback!

    My Police Station MOC

    I'd like to share a modular type building MOC I've been working on. 1 baseplate wide. Still sorta a WIP. The pick-a-brick wall inspired some of this build as they had some nice white 1x2 bows and the tooth pieces :D It has a full interior, but I think I will revisit it and add some more furniture. First floor More of the first Second floor Bad guys getting booked Thanks for looking! Always enjoy constructive feedback as well!

    Single Pane LEGO Licensed Theme Funnies

    “OMG Becky your Halloween costume is sooo realistic!” ‘BRAAAINNS?’

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    so $5 for a panther and around $1.90 for a gator, might as well wait on the gators for the $10 starter set to go on sale if you want gators... tempted to get a panther though

    Simpsons Backyard MOC

    I posted another version of this a few years ago, but I consolidated it to one baseplate and basically redid everything, so here is version 2.0 of my Simpsons Backyard MOC! Feedback welcome, thanks for checking it out!

    Simpsons Backyard MOC

    There's the original version, it was on a lot more baseplates. Thanks for all the nice feedback, I think this turned out well.
  17. does anyone know when the RC tracked racer will be available in the US?

    Lego Licensed Photography Thread

    E.T. Phone Home... "OooooOooooOOo Sorry Wrong Number"
  19. Presenting the Android's Dungeon Comic Book Store and Jake's Unisex Hair Palace. I was hoping we'd get more official Simpsons sets, but since the line appears dead I figured I'd try and build a MOC instead. The building next to the Android's Dungeon changes from episode to episode so I decided to make it a barber shop. Both buildings have interiors, but I concentrated on the comic store. Feedback welcome! Here's the tape collection/player where Bart and Milhouse find Might edit this interior, but was fairly pleased with how it came out with a limited footprint.

    MOC - The Simpsons Comic Book Store

    Couple versions of it already on there... really cool to see all the different interpretations

    MOC - The Simpsons Comic Book Store

    I used some of these and these and then have 2 4x1 plates underneath the canopy pieces

    MOC - The Simpsons Comic Book Store

    Thanks for all the nice comments!

    Purist Superhero Figures

    purist just means you take existing LEGO official parts, don't modify them, and put them together to make new characters.
  24. found a fresh batch at target in the US, had to have them bring out the box from the back. a few random thoughts... I think this is a great series, amazingly detailed all around. And we have accessories this time, which I missed in the disney line. I got everything I wanted but might need another penguin, maybe some more rogues. I think the rogues will look great as is on my helm's deep, and they could also be good for the league of assassins etc. The wildlife photographer surprised me as well, she's actually a woman with a two sided head! The devil will go great as another trick or treater, and his tail piece is one im sure a few were waiting on is the dog show guy's hair piece new? he really surprised me as well and his dog is so cute. And of course the babysitter is great. The baby fig is just so adorable!