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  1. [MOC] [WIP] UCS Eta-2 Actis

    Increasing the size seems like a valid option to me. It does't look terribly off scale does it? How much bigger do you think you would have to go?
  2. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    ^^ Looks great! :D
  3. MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand and Venator

    There is no file. Yet.
  4. MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand and Venator

    Thank you! I'll love to see you build it!
  5. MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand and Venator

    Nice, my favourite would definitely be the trooper infantry :D How did you line up all the troops in such a perfect square regiments? :O Nah, joking aside. I like the arquintens and consular ships. Everything else is a bit of a stretch of imagination, but I can hardly imagine anything more accurate in such tiny tiny scale.
  6. MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand and Venator

    Tinkering is highly endorsed :) There is now way anything is so perfect that it can't be improved if ever so slightly.
  7. MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand and Venator

    Things like this are sometimes misleading. I based my model of the most Ep3 movie accurate drawinngs I could possibly find at the time. These also matched most of the quality die cast models (i.e. Revell...) so I went witht that. Of course some all dimensions are rounded to the nearest plausible amount and some are distorted by the very nature or this scale, but overall it looks well proportioned to me if I had to say - making it 2 studs longer would, I think, be off. To be honest, I feel that CW sometimes take big liberties when it comes to design. Sometimes they have Venators that look nothing like the ‘real’ one from ep3. Thats also why I never take the animated series source as a reference. You might well be right with your math (I did not check) and consular cruiser simply shouldnt fit in the hangar. I’ll look into that more later but the bottom line is that I am happy with the proportions as they are (and thats with me being diehard perfectionist :D ). EDIT: I did quick sanity check. Consular in this scale would round down to 5 studs and really some reference images festure a bit elongated hangar which extends about 1/11th of the overal length, which would be 5.6 stud for me. In such case, it would squeeze in :D but then again, its reference vs. Reference. Unless I am given official ep3 studio blueprints that mismatch what I followed, I am keeping the thing as it is. Besides it would be nearly impossible to extend the hangar by a stud. Its all crammed in there.
  8. [MOC] Another AT-ST version 2

    Praise the 2x2 triangle! :D
  9. MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand and Venator

    Hey, to be honest I don't know how would one go around commercializing instructions via Brickvault. I suppose there is some deal you need to negotiate with them? Anyway, it has not crossed my mind. I might ask around once it's relevant, but all will depend on what is the conditions and pricing policy they demand. All in all I think Rebrickable would work just as well. Nice work on the cruisers, looking forward to seeing them. I am afraid you need to be more specific about what hanger (or hangar?) you refer to and what is the scaling mismatch you suggest, I am not sure right now.
  10. Resistance Ski Speeder [MOC]

    I just love it.
  11. MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand and Venator

    Haha, Well I didn't expect to get many votes anyway so it doesn't matter ;) It was more for the sake of joke.
  12. [UCS] [WIP] [MOC] Venator Class Star Destroyer

    How could you think for a second that... :D :D Good that it's getting fixed! Sorry for undesired flaw exposure :)
  13. MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand and Venator

    Hey everyone! I'm so so sorry for me failing in providing you with a chance to build these. I should have informed you earlier but I forgot - I am currently in the US for univertity studies and obviously, I couldn't take my models with me. They are well packed in boxes back in Czech Republic, waiting for my return, which is scheduled in about 6 months. I honestly can't do anything without having my hands on the models. If you ask me to replicate either of them from scratch, I'd fail badly. Especially Venator, which is the peak of interest of most of you, is just way to complex to pull out of my head. It would be like designing it again from nothing. I was honestly considering having them shipped here but I didn't want to take the risk - they are one of a kind. Also, I was never 100% confident in this LDraw/LPub instruction making process. For once, it is farly difficult to build Venator in LDraw (I did the base of the spine and only that took me several sittings), then there will probably be a fair amount of very tricky assembly steps which has to be shown nicely in the instructions, and I haven't figured how to do that yet. Long story short, using these two robust but quite obsolete pieces of software probably result in very time costly process. There has been, however, nice development in the online building tool Mecabricks, and there is a promise of building guide generating tool coming up in near future, which I'd expect to be comparable regarding the outcome quality and quite more dynamic and user friendly, so that one might play well when I go back and get my hands on it. I am currently trying to learn Mecabricks so when the time comes I can flesh it out easy peasy (read: flesh it out in probably about 2 more years). I appreciate everyone's patience, I really didn't mean to tease you this bad :D BTW, as a master of shameless self promo - if you support my thing HERE I will release the instructions a day sooner*** for each new vote!!! ***Days sooner count from an exact but currenty unknown day in the future. Such day can be determined as a day of me actually relearing the instructions plus 'N' days, where N equals the number of received votes. Lazy Building Instructions s.r.o. reserves the right to (and most likely will) change or disregard this pledge.
  14. [UCS] [WIP] [MOC] Venator Class Star Destroyer

    I know it's a small details, but we are perfectionists, aren't we? So, the red top hangar bay is supposed to split in half, right? Wouldnt it be nice to have the top tiles/plates such as there is a continuous seam in the middle? Also from some reason I find that second layer 3x3 wedge plate at the very front of the top sides of the hull very (probably my ocd) odd, especially since it is not on the bottom side of the hull. It makes the 'nose' look a bit silly. Similar stands for the 4x4 wedge plate at the front side of hangar bay cutouts - why? Actually the more I am looking at the picture, the more it seems to me that whole bottom hull plating is somehwhat offset fowards the back, by up to 1 stud? Is that possible or that's just some weird LPub sem-perspective illusion? I don't know how helpful am I being now since you are about to finish the instructions, but I couldn't help myself observing these things :D
  15. Naboo N-1 Starfighter Evolved MOC

    I know, right!? WIth no intention of hijacking this thread - it stings me too :D But I can't do much - I am in the US and my builds are packed in boxes back in Czech Republic. I will go back in about 6 months :/ If you want to talk more, shoot me a PM please so we keep this about Naboo starfighter ;)