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  1. krisandkris12

    MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand and Venator

    Done. Proof build went nice. Except for few technical gotchas that make making the instructions more complicated but really simplifies the building experience (I think anyway), it should be relatively easy to finish from here.
  2. krisandkris12

    MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand and Venator

    Brick&Pieces order delivered. Ready for the last update and instructions proof-build!
  3. krisandkris12

    T-70 X-WING

    ^ Good luck and sure enough, feedback - especially the one that helps you improve the model - is what forum is for!
  4. krisandkris12

    T-70 X-WING

    Let me start of saying the model 'looks' really good, true to the reference and everything. As a matter of fact it looks good enough that it triggers my ldd-magic-beacon :D More often than not, such design suffers from more or less major issues that would complicate or totally prevent the physical build. Some of it was already pointed out by Jerac. I usually try not to get too critical when it comes to preliminary LDD designs, but I guess it can be useful for you, so there you go: I completely agree with Jerac on the intakes - it will be close to impossible to reach the perfect half circle with the bent flex tube, unless you somehow heat it up and let it cool down in the desired shape or something... and even then, it will be very sensitive to misalignment of all the clipped curved slopes. The wing s-foils look very fragile themselves. In the name of thinness and color accuracy you totally sacrificed any rigidity. There is just one 1x2 plate holding the long 1xN inner part of the wing to the wedge plate on the end, so there is just single stud connection. The guns are also connected fairly loosely by just a single modified 1x2 plate with the technic hole on the bottom, and the weight of those, though low, will not help these wings to hold together either. the hinges you used for the wings are obsolete and as Jerac said, they can't hold the foils. both the top and bottom one would just bend down with gravity. Also it is quite bad practice to use obsolete parts except where its really beneficial for looks/purpose. You also used old style finger hinges to do a stud-bottom reversal for the curved slope panel at the bottom of the back side of the hull - again, not good, not strong - avoid. It seems to me that the big black flap pieces forming the sides of the nose aren't connected to anything - well, yeah they are connected to a hinge plate which also has 2x2 corner tile on it, but that itself is just floating. That wont hold in real :) towards the nose, there is some mess with 1x1 plates used where you could easily use 1x2 or even longer pieces, with no apparent reason to me. Similarly in the wing assemblies and some places in the hull, the part usage efficiency stumbles (e.g. 2x2 plate right next to 1x2, both black - why not use 2x3, would be sturdier) so it really calls for some optimization in that regard. [EDIT] I forgot the color availability issues, but I am not sure if you ignored that purposefully. One thing people tend to ignore are technic 3L pins with friction you use non-friction ones in black, which don't exist. But you can't use the friction ones instead, because you can't easily push the bar in those because of the reinforced internal geometry. All in all, my first statement holds true - it looks really good. But as for now, it is far from being suitable for physical build, even just as a pure display model. And I think X-wings need to be swooshed :D !
  5. krisandkris12

    REVIEW: 71043 Hogwarts™ Castle

    ^ I can’t agree enough. Nicely summarized :)
  6. krisandkris12

    REVIEW: 71043 Hogwarts™ Castle

    @RedHoodPug Absolutely not :) That is why I intentionally and repeatedly wrote that I think there is enough natural give (inherit to lego construction, the same kind people sometimes use to create curves using stacked offset bricks etc, but that is indeed officially illegal) that you can not tell there is any particular stress. I also wrote that I am surprised that Jang originally noticed the issue and felt - in his words - that too much force needs to be applied to squeeze the bridge in. I have no idea whether I would have noticed myself - I actually think I wouldn't have, because I would have never expected any misalignment in new lego set. So it is not about the stress, no matter who does experience it or not. It's perception is subjective anyway and it may even physically vary from set to set. All I keep saying is that whether the build really is as it appears (maybe it is not, and I would be happy if someone takes the time to actually prove Jang and me wrong, but saying 'i built it and felt no extra stress' proves exactly nothing), there is a geometrical mismatch and assembling requires to rely on that slight give in lego parts. Is that a serious problem? I don't think so. Is that surprising and weird? I think it is. I am only interested in this issue because it still bugs me how did it manage to leak in the final design, especially regarding the instructions, and how come it is not apparent in the instructions that the parts don't line up just right. That would actually very strongly suggest that the misalignment doesn't exist, but then again, counting the studs, doing the math, it really looks there is... The reason why I responded what you quoted (which I hope doesn't sound excessively negative or discriminating anyway) is that I don't like quickie claims being made that suggest anyone's obvious mistakes that simply aren't correct. Jang was not putting the bridge in straight and everyone who has vision and watched the video can see it. Should whoever say that they simply think the issue is not there, I would likely disagree again and ask them to show some proof or reason, why they think that is, but I wouldn't express any negativity because it is for sure that I can be wrong and so can Jang. Apologies for dragging this out more than it deserves I just wanted to make sure I am not appearing as some 'stress feeling' nazi.
  7. That might help to sell that set a bit better haha! Seriously well done, (beware, deep philosophical thoughts are about to come...) such creativity truly captures the essence of what LEGO is all about! :D
  8. krisandkris12

    [MOC] Droid tri-fighter (XL size or "UCS" size)

    EP III stuff, yay!! You'd get my appreciation no matter how well the model was executed just for that haha. But this IS well executed. I like the bulk in the fins or whatever one should call them. Certainly way better looking than the few lego sets which weren't bad to begin with, and the best MOC of this fighter done to date that I know of!
  9. krisandkris12

    A-Wing of my childhood... with instructions!

    Even if I had some pieces of my early lego history like this, I am certain it wouldn't be worth sharing :D This is pretty cool. I have never done a hand drawn instruction or schematics to any of my designs and now I regret it :D Its surely a cool thing to get nostalgic about!
  10. krisandkris12

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    I wish that I had logged all my builds (I talk like there are dozens while there are just a few lol) like that! It was really entertaining to read through the story and I sincerely thank you for sharing it in such thorough manner. The model, obviously, is fantastic! But the concept of WIP being shown in one comprehensive post is the star of your work for me :D May all of us be inspired by this!
  11. krisandkris12

    REVIEW: 71043 Hogwarts™ Castle

    I don't have the set and I still haven't find the time or enthusiasm to build it digitally to make sure Jang's 'prop' he used to demonstrate the issue really corresponds to the layout in the build, but I have to say that I have little to no doubt that he made sure he was correct. And if his prop is correct, then sure enough, there is misalignment, as Jang clearly shows in the second video and as you can see on my picture. The difference is small and given there is longer reach of the parts that get connected by the bridge (hence the distance between the rigid wall and the part where the bridge spans) than on the prop, I can imagine the natural tolerance and flex in part connections allow to insert the bridge smoothly. In fact I am myself surprised that Jang noticed the issue. Nonetheless, I stay positive it is in there. And there is no way he was forcing it straight... did you watch the videos? Such assumptions of someone's repeated big mistake which he even films and shares on video sounds odd to me.
  12. krisandkris12

    MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand and Venator

    While waiting for an update of the, I am fidgetting around with the stand. I went through a progression of first wanting to make something real fancypants that will ultimately put every other stand in the world in shame, but then I realized it might not be the best for people, making them buy more special parts just for stand... aaaand I also didn't have good luck bringing up any reasonable design whatsoever :D Nonetheless, I decided to go from the other side and design the stand to be mainly as practical as possible and to look respectable as for a supporting structure, not to necessarily attract more attention than the model itself. In the end the best stand would be some diorama like the recent jewel by @onecase! I think I managed to develop a connection (though there are no studs actually connected, its more of a clutch/keyed fit) that I can put my name on and live with and also the angle looks about right. Needs better base and some polish here and there. The ship by the way is still the semi-old version waiting for the facelift part haul delivery, though the internals are already improved and up to date.
  13. ^ For me personally, it was never about the importance of protecting the label (gosh I don't even have any UCS set myself ), but rather about the not so great feeling that Lego is trying to artificially improve the appearance of some set by labeling it UCS, which historically mostly suited the afol oriented display sets. And as much as I agree that label shouldn't be the important thing about the set, I appreciate that collecting is a thing and I can imagine that people who like collecting UCS sets might scratch their head over these big playsets.
  14. Besides the fact that I think labeling big playsets a 'Master Builder ...' is wasting a very special name on something not so special, I am ok with it. At least they won't put UCS label on sets that doesn't seem to match the line. All I hope for is that they will focus on crafting these big pricey sets well. I feel like they have gone worse with the last releases (Hoth Insult and CC), whereas the previous were ranging from pretty good to excellent (Dollhouse Star, Ewok village, Sandcrawler). So if I take into account these good ones, I am supportive of this MBS line.
  15. ^ The tables look like IKEA stuff to me if I am not mistaken. That's a big Swedish furniture supplier, quite common in Europe :)