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  1. dolittle

    Tachikoma! (Ghost in the Shell)

    I have put support for it I also put a 100$ on it, I believe this will be a collector item, rather than a what pieces can I get from it So I am willing to pay 100$ for this How much did you guys put?
  2. dolittle

    How long a set is kept alive?

    I actually envy you, unlike you, you have a LEGO shop, where I live there isn't a virtual or a real one :] Also you can, in an hour+- jump the border and go buy it in the USA, and probably you can also quite cheaply order it from the USA to Canada (via regular post), unlike me that needs to airmail everything. Lastly, I was looking for 8258 for 2 years now, with last year desperately tried to buy it in the UK, I was fortunate to find in Denmark, and when I saw it, I said I wasn't planning on passing the opportunity.| BTW Is it true that Denmark has the most expensive lego cost in the whole EU - for no reason beside the fact that their currency is strong?
  3. dolittle

    How long a set is kept alive?

    Hi, I am not sure that the 2 year policy sticks to "everything", I was recently able to buy from a LEGO shop this set: It came out in 2009, and was considered rare for the past year. Then suddenly last Christmas it made a comeback in the UK I bought mine 2 weeks ago in Denmark When I asked the guy at the store why is this set back, he says it is a popular set, doesn't have unique parts that requires LEGO to keep special molds for it, and its price is attractive to people BTW: They had in the store the Unimog as well, but this set was costing 15% less Go figure... I guess what sells they keep, what doesn't sell they move on If the Unimog will continue selling even after the new flagship comes on, they will keep it
  4. dolittle

    Hate this time of year for technic!

    I agree I have from Christmas to August to save money for the flag ship :) or even buy the small low-cost models I try my best to not buy all the sets as they come out, but rather 1 a month, so I keep occupied...
  5. dolittle

    why no ships from lego technic

    Hi, I think LEGO is missing out on its audience, I don't agree about realistic being a ship that would float in the tub - this isn't the aim of LEGO - like they discourage you from Sand testing your Caterpillar diggers in a real sand scenario. LEGO Technic is about: 1) Good looking sets - i.e. they look more realistic than LEGO City and similar 2) About inner mechanics - wheels that move, parts that do stuff etc A ship with a Crane on it, would be still a nice thing to do have Same as a Space Shuttle or even the ISS Space Station, either would be a very nice model to have (I know that the Space Shuttle had a Technic model.. :)) So I would welcome a mookup that might not float in the water, but still look like a real ship. Same with hovercrafts, tanks (yes they won't make them), cannons (they won't make these too), etc...
  6. dolittle

    Should I bow Down to the 8653 Enzo?

    Brought some topic from 2005 back to the front line :)
  7. dolittle

    Mindstorms Competitions

    I think the FLL and JRFLL like event are the best method of comparing the abilities of Mindstorm builders. Though they require quite a lot of effort. Therefore a simpler course could be a solution. Thanks, Noam
  8. dolittle

    a display for my stuff...

    I prefer to use this No intention on giving Ikea ad space :) u can find similar things from other vendors.
  9. dolittle


    Thank you all for the replies Beside selling off my wife, which I won't do Or the fact that I hid it from her (actually it was in the living room on bookshelf, no idea how she missed it :D ) I will give the 8 wheel truck a chance.
  10. dolittle


    Hi, My problem is not really a bad one, it is a great one, I got from my wife a Unimog set, as a birthday present. Great!, but unfortunately I already have one. I cannot change it as where I live there is no official LEGO store, and this is where she bought it. I would need to "fly" somewhere where there is a LEGO store to get it replaced. So I decided to keep it. Any of you guys have an idea of what I can do with the second set? any cool C-models (unlike A-Model and B-Model that are official LEGO instructions) out there for this set? Thanks, Noam
  11. dolittle

    Speculations about 2h 2012 sets

    1h/2h means 1half/2half Probably been a shorter explanation and probably make more sense.
  12. Hi, I don't know where else to complain, so I am putting it here, the doesn't work under [Google] Chrome, as this has become the 1st most popular browser, I think it is about time LEGO fixes their issues. What doesn't work: 1) You cannot filter (the right side selector doesn't change anything) 2) You cannot push View All/20/60/etc or Next/Prev in the list view As I cannot do any of the above, I cannot tell you if there are other issues. Thanks, Noam
  13. dolittle

    1h 2012 models

    Hi, Nothing new in this post, beside my opinion that none of these 2012 models makes me want to go out and buy them. Beside being cute, small, not expensive, they are much of the same we had previously with little to nothing new in them. Not sure why 1st half of 2012 looks so ... boring ... is it a cycle? :) Thanks, Noam
  14. dolittle

    The Four Hour Build

    The images don't show up.
  15. Hi, Yes you are right, the scale eluded me, nice collection you got there :)