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    MOC Inn

    I always want to build a medieval inn, your MOC give me some inspiration. Thanx turambar; it's a great MOC
  2. Mizzle

    Gothic Chapel MOC

    That stainglass design is just fantastic; if only you could make it for minifig scale building, it will be nice
  3. Mizzle

    MOC: Lion Knights Guard House

    Wow ;I like this!This is a very nice Guard House.
  4. Mizzle

    LEGO Prince of Persia MOC - Alamut Gate

    wow, that's very beautiful for landmark
  5. Hello my name is Mishael, i'm from Indonesia . i've been a lego fan since 1 years ago. My favourites theme is Castle and City ; but i like other themes as well. I hope i can join this forum to expand my knowledge about Lego. Sorry if I was late to introduce myself in this forum. Thanks.
  6. Mizzle

    Custom The Last Airbender Minifigs

    for a moment, i think it's official, great job and excellent work