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  1. I recently bought the 21050 Architecture Studio set and I am hooked! I try to build a small piece every evening, take a picture, and then take it apart. That means only smaller houses, facades, details, etc, so far. Most of the time I build from pictures I find on Instagram, where I also post my photos (username is askansbricks if someone wants to pay a visit). Here is some of the work. Please feel free to comment, I am thankful to any advice or tricks I can get. Torres Blancas, Madrid, by Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza Arne Jacobsen’s petrol station in Skovshoved, Denmark Bernat Klein Studio by Peter Womersley Justice Building, Albany, NY by Wallace Harrison Facade, Slovenia, architect unknown to me Building, country and architect unknown to me Skyscraper, Manchester, UK, architect unknown to me Building, Cardiff, Wales, architect unknown to me School Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan by Arata Endo Balcony, Hamburg, Germany, architect unknown to me Just a pic to show how I take the photo. Any advice for improvement is appreciated. I try to take the picture to make it look like the picture I am working from.
  2. Askan

    Jack Sparrow and a bottle of rum

    Thank you! Thanks!! Yes I have heard about it, it is coming next year :) Dead Man's Raft. Inspired by the Walt Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean MPC model from 1972. Dead Man's Raft by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr Dead Man's Raft by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr Dead Man's Raft by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr A
  3. My first Pirates of the Caribbean vignette. Wanted to keep the size 8x8 including a water line, so in reality I had 6x6 to play with.That was a big, but fun, challenge for me. An early evening somewhere around Barbados... Jack Sparrow and a bottle of rum by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr Jack Sparrow and a bottle of rum by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr Later that evening... Jack Sparrow and a bottle of rum by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr
  4. Askan

    Jack Sparrow and a bottle of rum

    Thank you! Thank you for the feedback. Yes, the water is as little detailed as it gets... Actually I don't have any blue bricks, those in the picture were stolen from my kids :) But I am about to order some different blue bricks for a larger MOC I have in mind. Maybe I should go back to this and improve it a little.
  5. Askan

    MOC - Harry Potter part 7: Courtyard battle

    Wow, great work!
  6. Askan

    Afol's Basement

    Very cool and a lot of awesome small details! And of course really innovative with the lights! Great work!
  7. Askan

    REVIEW: 21029 Buckingham Palace

    Great review, Thank you!
  8. Askan

    [MOC] Small Architecture creations

    Thanks! Yes try to find renders, it is great for scale, details, etc but you will need original photos as well as renders are never 100% with the details :) Thank you :)
  9. Askan

    [MOC] Small Architecture creations

    My Lego version of Gropius House in Lincoln, MA, USA, by Bauhaus founder and architect Walter Gropius. This was Gropius home from it was built 1939 until he died 1969. It grew bigger than planned and I ran out of bricks, therefore it is not fully up to scale and I have removed one part. Gropius House by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr Gropius House by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr Gropius House by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr Gropius House by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr Gropius House by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr The roof is built in another direction and I just put it as a lid on top of the house. This was the only way I could figure out how to make thin lamellar sun screen. Gropius House by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr I always feel extra satisfaction when I get to use my white technic axles in architecture builds. Gropius House by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr I often build with renders as inspiration as they are more clean than photos (no bushes, tress, cars, curtains, etc) and it is often impossible to find photos where you can see roof details. Gropius House by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr
  10. Wow, this is fantastic! Great work!
  11. Great work! I can see it must have been tricky. I love the rebel wrecker, one of the best sets of all time.
  12. Askan

    MOC - The Isle of Man

    Great idea and great built! Somehow I think you should make the island more lively, maybe as you mentioned with topography but you could also add microscale buildings or figures plus some water animals and a boat in the water.
  13. Askan

    [MOC] Fabuland Office (Redux)

    I think you have captured a lot of the playfulness of Fabuland in this build. Maybe move out the furniture a little so it is easier to see? I really like the vacuum cleaner, I will look for that part :)
  14. I actually have some furniture, but I decided to not make any interiour. I will check out the belville, it is new to me :) And I will check your office!
  15. This is my first MOC with colours, normally I build with white Lego but i got inspired from Carebear's Kitty Kat House. I wanted to combine the playfulness of Fabuland with some of the elegance from the modular houses and make a little scene. It was so much fun to build. I am happy for tips and critique. More pics on flickr: Edward Elephant’s House and the Car accident It was a beautiful day in Fabuland! Edward Elephant was working in the garden and his wife Lisa Lamb was hanging out the laundry. Lisa's old friend Boris Bulldog was trying to catch the rare Red spider that had been seen in the area for the first time in fifty years. The sun was shining and they were all happy as Edward's twin brother, Edward Fisherman, was going to visit them this afternoon. Suddendly, everybody heard a crash and a scream! Edward Fisherman: No, officer, I wasn't speeding! I was drivng slowly and then, BAAAM, this guy came out of nowhere. I had no chance to stop. Police officer: Inspector Dogge, did you find anything? Inspector Dogge: Yes, I have clear evidence that this is no random cosplayer. The shield is made of a Vibranium iron alloy and it can only be Captain America himself under that car. Police officer: Then I will not even file a report, nobody will come looking for him. Inspector Dogge: Are you crazy? They will send Black Widow and she's going to turn Fabuland upside down looking for Captain! Police officer: Haven't you heard? He's been a Hydra agent all the time! Nobody will miss him. Inspector Dogge: No, no, that was a joke! He is not Hydra and he is still everybody's hero. Police officer: A joke? But that is not fun at all! Inspector Dogge: No, I know, but those guys seem to like those kind of jokes. Later on Captain woke up and everybody continued their day in a happy mood. It’s Fabuland after all. One last pic from a bird’s perspective
  16. Glad you like it and thanks for the inspiration! Yes, Captain thought it would have a nice day in Fabuland but forgot to look left when he crossed the street...
  17. Thanks, Lazer! I wanted to build interiour, but I didn't have the bricks for it. My Lego is mainly white or technic. Actually I had to build one side of the house one stud shorter because I ran out of bricks and as you can see in the attached photo, there is no backside. Now I have ordered some parts so maybe next house :)
  18. Thanks, that is very kind :) The Glass office is brilliant! Great work!
  19. I think a potential problem with selling instructions is that you are kind of responsible for all you have sold. If there are errors in the parts list people will be angry, error in instructions, etc and a lot of people probably think they deserve 24/7 help desk because they paid 20 euro for instructions. I just think there will be a lot of extra unpaid work around it, and it seems like selling BI also is some kind of magnet attracting a lot of rude people. My negative input... On the other hand it must be a great boost to see photos from happy people who built one's design.
  20. Really like it, especially the last one. It is so great how many possibilities one gets from the limited pieces in the Studio set. One suggestion, sometimes it looks better if you can hide the white studs going in to the transparent bricks (hide with tiles). I am often too lazy myself to do that, because it often gets much more complicated with plates instead of bricks and you need other anchoring points. Also in your first pic it will be too thick maybe.
  21. Askan

    Fabuland Kitty Kat House MOC

    A little late to the show, but just wanted to say that I really love this creation. Fantastic! And it looks so good together with the modulars. I am myself collecting Fabuland bricks and pieces to do something similar, and to see this gave me so much inspiration!
  22. Askan

    Architecture 2017

    Could be a cool set if they went for the new modern buildings in London like the Gherkin, the walkie talkie, the shard, london eye...