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  1. "The knight-errant wearily plods on, in search of more desperate souls in need of his aid." Link to Instagram gallery of breakdown shots: This MOC was my entry to Round 1 of the BioCup and, while worthy of an honourable mention by the judges, sadly did not progress on to Round 2. Being thematically compatible with the BBC #81 I've decided to enter it here for a chance at redemption perhaps? Let me know what you think!
  2. Mohamed Marei

    Tachyon Thrasher [BioCup 2023]

    Tachyon Thrasher "An alien robot bounty hunter from deep space. Executing his mission with ruthless precision, only for those deemed worthy of his service." My entry to the 2023 BioCup preliminary round!
  3. Mohamed Marei

    [MOC] Dystopea Wolff

    Dystopea Wolff - Main by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr "A bounty huntress from the distant future, tasked with fixing the timeline by the Galactic Order." Been wanting to build this MOC for a very long time, and had a very rough draft of the aesthetics built a few months ago before I left for holiday. Managed to crank the finished version out over the Easter break. A total departure from my regular style, this build was epic fun to make! Let me know what you think!
  4. King Mathias and His Royal Guard by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr "At long last, His Majesty is crowned! Long may He reign!" Initially built as a spiritual continuation of the Knights Kingdom 2018 collab, this build has now been assimilated into my UK 2022 convention lineup. My display was called: CCBS Kingdom Figures. The build started off with a janky looking prototype of King Mathias, where the challenge was to sort out the appearance of the shoulders. Once I had the concept figured out, I trialled several iterations before I was happy with the end result. The throne draft came together thanks to a spontaneous handful of visits to my local PAB wall and some yet-to-be-sorted BL orders. It was left at 70% done in early 2021, when I first posted an earlier version of this design. Then in 2022, in the week before my first UK Brick Festival (May 2022), I hashed out the Royal Guards, which I aimed to keep simple yet detailed. Finally, the base, initially coming together during one of the slower events I was displaying at, was used to incorporate the entire build. Again, another spontaneous PAB wall visit was the source of all the white tiles I came to possess. Overall I am quite happy with the end result, and will be taking this along to some more 2023 shows before retiring it for next year, but not before I've changed things up a bit with my new display (currently in the works). I would send it along to the US convention circuit but I don't think it's too feasible for me right now. Here's a link to an Instagram Reel to show you a full 360 view!
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    [LNY] Commander Jax Petaflop

    Commander Jax Petaflop by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr "Let's get this show on the road, folks!" Originally started in August, held out for a while until the fortuitously timely occasion arrived (lol). Happy Lunar New Year!
  6. The Great Shogun (Samurai MOC 2022) by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr Progress Shots Well, it's been a helluva journey with this #MOC, which I consider to be my magnum opus. Head on over to the link above to see how it all started! I've started this MOC over two years ago, and had made substantial progress towards this current version all the way back in Jan 2021, when it was about 75% done. Then life got in the way, and I had to prioritise other things, namely finishing my PhD, moving house, getting married, and a whole lot more. Since January I've been slowly reclaiming back some time for my #LEGO #hobby and I've been really enjoying it as of late. I plan to bring you guys a whole lot more in the coming weeks and months. For now, enjoy this MOC and please let me know what you think! I'll also take this moment to thank my MasterPiece friends for their constant encouragement and support throughout this journey, without whom I'm not sure this would have turned out nearly as good.
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    [MOC] The Great Shogun (Samurai MOC 2022)

    Thank you! Thanks! Those took some trial and error to get right, so I'm pleased you like the end result! Thank you! Yes, a lot of people don't know this but this MOC uses a frame very similar to the Bignicle frame by Souji Gakari. In fact it's an adapted version of that frame, which affords it a great range of poseability (on paper). However, due to the nature of the armor which is quite cumbersome to re-orient while maintaining the intended appearance, the poseability is somewhat restricted. Nevertheless, it's got jointed articulation in the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist (twist only), fingers, hips, knees, ankles and toes! I dare say it does lend itself well to some basic poses (see some further examples on my Flickr), but I wouldn't push my luck with it XD
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    [MOC] The Great Shogun (Samurai MOC 2022)

    Thank you! It was a real challenge working out these textures and details, and making something that ultimately looked cohesive while remaining true to the source materials I was working with. I found the lower legs particularly hard to get right.
  9. Mohamed Marei

    [MOC] The Great Shogun (Samurai MOC 2022)

    Thanks everyone! To answer your questions regarding the height, this figure currently stands at just over 40 cm tall (to about top of the head level, excluding the crest/kabuto). As for the stand, the MOC technically can stand without it, but I've incorporated it for additional stability, since the baseplate is rather soft and fails to support the MOC on top if it is used to lift it up.
  10. A shapeshifting bounty hunter who only has one purpose: to destroy. Full gallery on Instagram here Started work on this early last year but managed to find the time to finish it a couple weeks ago. It absolutely blew up on Instagram, so I thought I'd show it to you guys over here! Please feel free to share your thoughts on this MOC, and more importantly: Stay cool, BBC!
  11. Mohamed Marei

    [MOC] Nightfang - Shapeshifting Bounty Hunter

    Which part? The av-toran limbs (Photok iirc) are used as the upper legs with a bit of System to bulk it up. The knee is a 3m CCBS armor piece. Otherwise, the rest is pretty straightforward technic/CCBS if you zoom in on the final pic :)
  12. Well here we are, ladies and gentlemen. **Entry Photo** Artakha - The Forge Lord by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr Artakha has always been one of my favourite canon characters. Whenever I used to imagine him, the main characteristics that would resonate in my head would be his aura of elegance. My portrayal sought to depict that element and bring it to focus. Artakha - The Forge Lord by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr He also wields a Warhammer, which I wanted to keep as simple as I could without losing on that unique touch. A side view: Artakha - The Forge Lord (side) by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr Back view: Artakha - The Forge Lord (back) by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr And here's the deconstructed view. Tried to dismantle the bigger parts while leaving the sub-elements intact. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this MOC as much as I have enjoyed building it! Link to the contest post:
  13. Thanks! Bionicle is actually an original LEGO IP, like Ninjago etc., not a licensed theme.
  14. Mohamed Marei

    [MOC-REVAMP] Admiral Jaldamir

    Admiral Jaldamir Admiral Jaldamir by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr "A noble and valiant commander whose sole purpose is to bring to justice anyone who dares to stand against the crown. Has a long-standing enmity towards criminals who fare the seas, especially Pirate Lord Dreadwind and his band of miscreants". Admiral Jaldamir by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr A reimagining of an old character I had built way back in 2015. Since the moment I lay eyes on the kanohi Iden I've always pictured it belonging to an elegant, gentlemanly-looking character. wanted to make this redcoat aesthetic work. Safe to say I managed to pull this off? I'll let you all be the judge of that!
  15. Mohamed Marei

    [MOC] Pirate Lord Dreadwind

    Pirate Lord Dreadwind by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr "Prepare for the plundering of yer lifetime, ye wee scallywags!" <Additional Photo> This is sort of a wrap up of a WIP that I had started 4 years prior, when I set out to build a crazy pirate skeleton dude incorporating this head design3. However, I never managed to finish that design and had to put this on the backburner indefinitely. And here we are, a whole four years (and an entire LEGO collection rebuilt from scratch) later. Hope you guys enjoy it and I look forward to showcasing some more MOCs on here! It's been years since I posted something here XD
  16. Mohamed Marei

    [MOC] Pirate Lord Dreadwind

    Thanks! Glad you liked it :D Would be sharing my other stuff here too, if I weren't so busy over the last few years XD
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    Late to join the party I guess

    Hey. Title says it all. I've known about this place for a while now but it only just struck me that I should join here. Weird, huh? No not really. Okay, so some of you might know me from another similar website (am I allowed to say where from? :P) and on MOCpages, since I like to keep my username the same everywhere. I'm Mohamed Marei, but you can call me Moe. Or Mo. Or Mohamed, or dude, or bro or whatever other cool name you could think of. But seriously, just Moe is fine. So I guess I'll be seeing more of you guys here. Enjoy my company XD
  18. Helloooooooooooooo!!! Nice to be here. So I'll be dropping this off for your viewing pleasure, or displeasure, depending on what you're into :P Enjoy :) or not. I'm not telling you what to do. :P