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  1. Bought one in the middle of the night. Got a mail in the morning saying it was out of stock. Retried, (ordered another one), suddenly got (and paid for) 2 41999's delivered. Built one, the other one is on a shelf. Maybe I'll put it up for sale in about a year. I don't feel guilty because if LEGO had their order-and-supply chain up to par, this wouldn't have happened. Also, my first time ever I "hoard" a set (had plenty of chances in the past but didn't do it).
  2. Arfman

    Ultimate 42009 RC-Mobile Crane

    This is an awesome mod. I put together the partlist with BrickLink and am missing about €250 in parts, unless I part some of my vehicles (the 2007 Bulldozer for instance), I then get it down to about €150. Sigh .. what to do, what to do :)
  3. I agree. I bought the set mainly because it was "exclusive", a limited, numberen, one-time only run. That is 99% of the appeal to me as a Technic collector. If they make another run because demand is high, they will ruin their brand. I don't think they will do it. Look at how many people have requested reruns of Café Corner, Market Street and Green Grocer. LEGO has not done that despite the fact they could sell thousands of those sets in a heartbeat. I know I would buy them, because I'm missing these from my Modular Street (as are many AFOLS).
  4. Arfman

    Licensed Technic Sets.

    Well, I would never buy such a Technic set because, frankly, I don't like the Simpsons very much and I don't think the "toy" Technic will look pretty next to my yellow/red Technic collection. I think I'm not the only one.
  5. Guess what was just delivered to my house? The 41999! Beautiful box, high quality packaging, this thing just screams "Exclusive". Awesome!
  6. Well, I placed a second order this morning for a friend, and got a mail it was out of stock. So I guess you ran out of luck SheepEater ...
  7. Yeah, see it now too in NL! Ordered one! Woohoo :-)
  8. What?! Where?! Don't see it in The Netherlands!
  9. I'm gonna wait at least until 01:00, don't wanna miss this set.
  10. I'm expecting them to open orders at 0:00 local time. No other option makes sense to me.
  11. I want one. Maybe I'll buy 2, one for me and one for a good friend and AFOL. Not buying this for resale, I never do that. Buy LEGO -> build A model -> play/tinker -> build B model -> play/tinker -> decide if A or B model is nicer -> put it on shelf and admire it. That's what I do with all my Technic lego :D