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  1. Hello all, I would like to present here my latest creation - the historic Czechoslovak tractor Zetor 25K. Series K is derived from original model 25 which was manufactured in many modifications in years 1946 to 1961. Features: 2 cylinder fake engine drag link steering towing joint three-point-hitch operated from the cockpit rear PTO connected with gearbox to drive train, switchable by lever from the cockpit I also want to build some attachments to make model more playable.
  2. wow that some interesting fact I didn't knew. video is up.
  3. Thank you. Yes, ABS plastic has the good feature that it does not smell at all :D But I am afraid that the real thing does not smell good as it has diesel engine Well I did not consider theese fenders as I do not own it. Maybe I should give it a try. Thank you very much! The real thing has the same steering mechanism as your tractor. It is easy to reproduce it in lego but the play in the steering wheel is nearly 180 degrees. I have built the mechanism you can see on the photo. There is steering wheel on the end of the 7L axle and the opposite axle rotate the arm. The gear is 12:28 which behave like classic rack and pinion solution. There is no play at the steering wheel at all. Picture below shows the connection of the lever and gearbox
  4. Hello, I'm back in business after some years of dark age and I want to present you my new MOC, which is actualy a facelifted version of my older rat rod presented here years earlier. The model is build from scratch using current pieces and building techniques, sharing the main concept with its predecessor. Model features drag link steering operated steering wheel in cockpit, openable doors, detailed fake engine and fuel tank. I hope you will like it!
  5. Thanks, I was quite surprised how well the mechanism works. Thank you! I'm afraid that usage of 3/3/3 tiles are impossible, 2x1 tiles are the only solution because they have no studs on bottom side.
  6. Hello, let me present you my latest MOC, it is Model Team version of the "Baja-Boot" desert racer. The original car was built by Vic Hickey in 1967 for the race Mexican 1000 which came to be known as the Baja 1000. The car was driven by Steve McQueen and Bud Ekin. In the first appearance the car unfortunately retired, but it has long racing history with the victory in 1969. Now the Baja-Boot is owned by petrolhead James Glickenhaus the owner of many interesting pieces. The lego version features HOG steering with the spare tyre, fake engine with exhaust pipework and some characteristic details of body and interior. PS: thank to member erix for posting his technic version of Baja-Boot which compelled me to finish this MOC after almost a half year of catching dust. Edit: few pictures of real car
  7. thanks for your comments I added some reference pictures in the first post
  8. beautiful baja buggy , I have the WIP project of the same car in model team style but in smaller scale I hope to make some time to finish it during christmas
  9. 15. Ancient Greek Crane Functions: - two simple winches, each powered by 1 PF M motor - efficient pulleys set up link for discussion topic: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=116040
  10. Great entry! I like the whole "steel" structure and the movement mechanism of the arm. Very original creation :)
  11. Hello, my entry for the latest contest will be ancient greek crane like this one. And here are some photos of my current progress. The design is very simple but it is how it should be... it's a bit rainbow now because I don't own much technic pieces but the order is placed and I hope that new parts will arrive soon. I decided to motorize it with Lego PF instead of original human power - motors and battery box will act as counterweight. And yes, that red tile with flame on it is PF receiver dummy :D
  12. I made progress with appropriate color scheme and made both remote control and manual versions manual crane works well, but the tail is too light and it tilts under load... I tried to build some counterweight with bricks but it is still too light. So the motorized version is the final one.
  13. Thanks for advices, I think can make a manual version too with no problem The main advantages why I choose motorized version was the significant weight of batteries and motors which is good for stability and the possibility to lock the winches with worm gear but these problems are easy to solve
  14. great compact crane, I can't wait to see more pictures and it looks like my favourite good old 8460
  15. Thanks for the kind words I was thinking about one of these beasts, but as I am limited on parts I decided the older version , good thing is that the principle is pretty much the same Go for it JJ2! lets make our own category Thanks Moz, I hope it will be quite efficient too. I am planning lifting capacity test as the model will be complete.
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    Can you help em find a topic

    I saw that ship today on brickshelf. it's great http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=519649
  17. great model and the presentation is A++ if this if was in the competition it would win the podium
  18. 6. 1930s Ford Rat Rod This little car features: - steering via steering wheel in the cabin - openable door on driver's side - V8 show engine Discussion topic can be found HERE and more photos in my Brickshelf folder right HERE
  19. as I came back from my dark ages I still wonder what's new in world of lego... for instance LDD, so I tried to draw my little rat rod and HERE it is. The only parts which are missing are two 2719 1x10 technic plates replaced by 3460 1x8 plates
  20. Hello, let me present to you my entry to Model Team contest. It is a rat rod derived from 1930 something Ford. Size of the model is 14 x 27 studs (edit: including wheels), it has functional hot rod drag-link steering connected with steering wheel, openable doors on driver's side (I have not enough hinges to make it on both sides :) and V8 show engine. pirate theme on passenger doors :) spartan interior, fire extinguisher is a must in such cars... this was the biggest challenge and my main motivation for this MOC. To make a compact and most realistic steering system and fit it into small car. It is quite steep but otherwise it works very well. Thanks for watching, and feel free to put some comments below!
  21. the teaser looks great, you are getting my vote but I want to see more this beauty