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  1. Lord_Tyrannus

    [MOC] Forum of Augustus - Roman Imperial Fora

    This is EPIC, excellent job!! And I loved the minifigures, how did you managed to do them? Are they hand painted? Where are those red/flesh arms and legs from? Congratulations, everything is perfect!
  2. Lord_Tyrannus

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    He said that people would be more insterested in characters that haven't been made (like Faramir, Eowyn, Sauron, etc) than updating existing ones. But I agree with you, it would be nice to have a thead that assembles both options: purists improvements on existing characters and purists creations of new characters, like one Denethor we've seen using sith black robe and the grandma (collection minifigs) gray hair..
  3. Lord_Tyrannus

    Latest CMF series impact on Historic themes

    I have mixed feelings here: (1) as a person who likes light flesh characters, I'm unable to mix those with my LOTR dwarfs/elves; (2) I always hoped for elven nobility, something that doesn't look like wooden elf and looks more like high elves.
  4. Lord_Tyrannus

    Fantasy Figbarf! (Good & Evil)

    Fantastic work! My favorite is the wizard.
  5. Lord_Tyrannus

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Loved your Dol Amroth army, and the Gondor torsos availabre in this store are great too!! I hope they made some Rohan torsos though..
  6. Lord_Tyrannus

    Latest CMF series impact on Historic themes

    I would love more elves! Especially nobility or some heavy armored soldiers. In the last years we only got some elven rangers, good to make ambushs, but couldn't fight in an open field. Besides that, I would like a monk (as "samtung" said above) and more peasants (especially it it is a female character).
  7. Lord_Tyrannus

    [MOC] Lord of the Rings- Chasing Merry and Pippin

    Awesome!!! Represents perfectly the movie scene (I love this scene, by the way).
  8. Lord_Tyrannus

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Jacked Lego Maniac, we've discussed this before =) The original idea was to make only 2 Hobbit movies (perhaps using only the book material). With this in mind, LEGO purchased the license and the plan probably was: 1st LOTR wave, 1st Hobbit wave, 2nd LOTR wave, 2nd Hobbit wave and a 3rd LOTR wave. That's why we got the odd set choices, including some irrelevant locations (they expected to have more waves and probably Gondor would be in the 3rd wave). Off course some choices are inexplicable (the Corsair shipp was expected to attract children's attention, but we can't understand other choices). In the middle of this, Peter Jackson decided to make 3 Hobbit movies, instead of 2. Probably LEGO had already started planing the LOTR sets, so they could't invert the wave order. So we got a fantastic LOTR wave and a very good Hobbit one. After that, as you can see in the movies, Peter Jackson had to put a lot of things that were not in the book, invent a little, etc. The movies didn't do so well (compared with LOTR), and LEGO couldn't attract children attention (as much as they expected). So we got a not so good 2nd LOTR wave and, with bad sales, they just did a not so good 2nd Hobbit wave (with a few new molds and poor set choices, in opinion of some). With bad sales, we never got the 3rd LOTR wave. Off course they could use the 2nd LOTR wave to add Gondor, but PEHAPS at this time things were going OK and a 3rd wave was still in the game.. Probably things started to go down hill with the 2nd LOTR wave, destroyng the chances of future waves (and Gondor sets). I hope you could understand (english is not my native language), but overall it's more or less what probably happened.
  9. Lord_Tyrannus

    [MOC] Byblios

    Amazing creation! I just don't get tired of admiring it..
  10. Lord_Tyrannus

    [MOC] Marketplace in the Desert

    It's perfect! I really liked the scene, but I really loved your custom minifigs.
  11. Lord_Tyrannus

    Figbarfs for the win!

    Wow,loved your custom minifigs, especially tilda, Sigrid and the lake town soldiers!
  12. Lord_Tyrannus

    Some Recent Middle East style builds

    All of them are nice, but I loved the last one! Great build, nice technics, good choice of colours.. Keep up the goog work! And I must say, it's so nice to see some middle east architeture, I think LEGO should explore it more.
  13. Lord_Tyrannus

    ["MOC"]- Lord of the Rings- Riders of Rohan

    Lovely scene, good photography, loved it! How many rohan soldiers are there?
  14. Lord_Tyrannus

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Gondor was not as strong as it used do be, but still was one of the strongest human forces.. If it fell, Rohan would follow a little after, and Dale and Laketown wouldn't have a chance... Actually, in the time of the battle of the ring Dale and Laketown were fighting the Easterlings (and losing).. I never understood why Dol Amroth was completely forgotten in the movies..
  15. Lord_Tyrannus

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Preuss, your army is impressive, I loved your custom elves. What was your main source, bricklink, ebay? Angeli, how many soldiers do you have? It's awesome!!