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  1. dj_jynx

    Lego UCS Dropship

    Awesome build man. Thanks for sharing!
  2. dj_jynx

    LEGO as a therapeutic hobby?

    I find it hugely relaxing and therapeutic. I'm prone to overthinking quite a lot and find that sitting there building just helps me to reign it all back in again and focus on one single thing, forgetting everything around me. Ive found recently, since building MOC's, even if its just for a few hours every other week or so, has made me overall far more relaxed. I guess, its the feeling of control for me that helps.
  3. dj_jynx

    Icy blast from the past

    Sweet...They were one of my favourite sets, especially the ship (#6973) as a fact i re-bought it and it should arrive today as well...hopefully soon..
  4. dj_jynx

    Stay away from THIS!

    WOW. really creepy, love the way the tentacles are coming out from the base. Great job.
  5. dj_jynx

    New Lighting accessories for Lego Buildings and MOC

    Great find there. Think once i got some MOC's done ill get those ordered for some extra details Cheers
  6. dj_jynx

    [MOC] Space Police II Planetary Protector

    Awesome build man, im curious, how does the head part function - would love to see a little video of the transformation
  7. dj_jynx

    What's your workspace like

    Lol, do it. Post some Exactly, no one needs those but we all need a man cave / lego construction area - the bigger the better!
  8. dj_jynx

    Blacktron Arcturus

    Another amazing build CP! Agreed, with Zblj, the lighting effects really make it come alive
  9. dj_jynx

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    I think anything thats not based on a movie etc. Personally i find these remove the fun imagination aspect Lego, well compared to what i used to have as a kid. Original space themes, i always liked the Ice Planet, M:Tron, Blacktron, Space police etc Knights / Medieval Western
  10. dj_jynx

    eBay purchases - built or unbuilt

    All of the recent ebay purchases i have made have all come prebuilt, but pretty well packaged so nothing was damaged. its a bit of a pain, but at least i can see fairly quickly how many, if any, pieces are missing. Which then break down and rebuild myself.
  11. dj_jynx

    What's your workspace like

    That is a great, very organised looking workspace. your castle across the top shell pretty sweet. The bed system, cant say i have tried that one, always worried id lose a piece and end up waking up middle of the night with random pieces of lego stuck to me :p ah nice to see im not the only one, most of my old lego sets are just in a big box, all mixed together - thankfully the dual towel on floor, tip box out system works for me./
  12. So, as i recently got back into Lego, my current workspace is my lounge floor, what setups do you guys have? Feel free to post pics as well :D
  13. dj_jynx

    Lego Monorail

  14. dj_jynx

    Mountain Monorail AWD

    Very cool, but how did you get the track to curve?