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  1. actionman

    [MOC] 3-2-XR repulsorlift sled

    thanks... is difficult to work out the details in construction in small structures. lego to know that, one example is the ATRT. normal: lego
  2. actionman

    Sandcrawler in Microfighters scale

    I prefer military themes, but it has a cool look!
  3. actionman

    [MOC] 3-2-XR repulsorlift sled

    I like to build small mocs. thanks!
  4. actionman

    [MOC] - "duel of the titans"

    I appreciate the comments !!, ships appeared in "dark empire", the Ewing has the color palette of the xwing, and the interceptor has the colors of imperial ties, the ship is white, but I decided to leave him with a visual "aggressive ". by caparica, thanks!
  5. actionman

    [MOC] Boba Fett's Deluxe Rocket Pack

    good work!!
  6. actionman

    [MOC] 3-2-XR repulsorlift sled

    hello, I built this new moc inspired vehicle in the expanded universe called 3-2 repulsorlift-XR sled. released by Kenner named "desert sport skiff." I hope you enjoy
  7. actionman

    [MOC] - "duel of the titans"

  8. actionman

    POTF2 Speederbike - Expanded Universe

    very nice!
  9. actionman

    [MOC] - "duel of the titans"

    sorry, my english is not good ... hello members! this project, I set up two ships, with parts I had left, the two ships appeared in the expanded universe. rebel "e-wing escort starfighter" ("jek-14 stealth starfighter"?) imperial "A-9 Vigilance interceptor"
  10. actionman

    [MOC] T-wing interceptor

    the cockpit is a "technic miracle"! thanks!
  11. actionman

    MOC: Lancer Bike - Star Wars "Clone Wars"

    thanks guys!
  12. actionman

    MOC: Lancer Bike - Star Wars "Clone Wars"

    Thank you! I was worried the speeder be great for the clone, but the intention was to leave it detailed.
  13. actionman

    [MOC] T-wing interceptor

    thanks for the comments!
  14. actionman

    MOC: Lancer Bike - Star Wars "Clone Wars"

    Thank you! you would like to build it?
  15. actionman

    [MOC] Yoda's Jedi Gundam

    very cool. almost believed it would turn into a jedi starfighter, because of the wings. i love master yoda!