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  1. Renamed99

    Need help with LPE

    Will do :) but do you have any idea how much do they cost? ( I will have to get anyway, but just curious). I thought the same thing but the thing is I won't have to run it work a long time, It's just a device to prove that it's possible in theory to run engine on dry ice. Also there is some heat that is generated by engine so it might even out... Did you have to mod it anyhow?
  2. Renamed99

    Need help with LPE

    Well, I saw some videos on youtube that it's possible.
  3. ******* Some back story, don't read it if don't want to****** It's been a while since last I was here, but it seems I need your help once again. Every year our students who are in 11 grade have to do project that would take whole school year. It can be anything from making some sports competition, painting something or writing something to proving something why some things in life are the way they just are. I decided to prove that it's possible to use dry ice as source of energy and reuse CO2 gas. When dry ice melts it never becomes liquid form, because of that we can use pressure from melting dry ice to power some sort of engine, in my case I am going to prove it with LPE. ********************************************************************** You could help me, by answering these questions. *I need to make 2 or 1 cylinder LPE. Size of engine doesn't matter It has to be strong as possible I need tutorial for it :D *Does anybody have any experience using dry ice to power LPE, what would you do or recommend to me when I am going to do it? *What width are lego pneumatic hoes (I am going to buy them from 3rd party site, because original lego ones are expensive) Thanks anyway!
  4. Renamed99

    Wheels with correct pivot point

    Yes, rim holds tire very well. You should try it yourself. I used that hub ,cause I just wanned to show how I used this rim. Well, that wheel allows to create almost correct pivot point because there's a lot of space inside of this wheel .I admit that my example by using that hub was bad, but I really didn't have much time to create a better one,I just wanned to share this wheel concept. Thank you for your support.
  5. Hey, so I was building my new chassis and accidentally created wheels with correct pivot point, so i figured it out it would be cool to share it with you. So I took these 3
  6. Renamed99

    4x4 offroader

    Thanks, sorry but I deleted all footage after editing this video and i took car apart long time ago
  7. Renamed99

    4x4 offroader

    Hello, I had this video footage sitting for quite a while so I decided to finally upload it. This was my second attempt at making 4x4 offroader. I am quite happy with the result, this build gave me a lot of bodywork experience Please , tell me how to embed youtube videos :D
  8. Hey. After summer i got some extra money and i decided to buy buggy motor. I seen videos on youtube of what it can do , so now i want to add it to my builds. I checked bricklink there are many of them and price range is huge. which one, from what seller should I get it so it could be in best possible condition and run with no problems. I would like to keep price around 40 euro Or maybe 2 L motors would do same too?
  9. Renamed99

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X 1:8

    What tires are that?
  10. Parts needed to build Instructions Now start rolling it on track by skipping 3 tracks pieces
  11. It is not hard actually , i will post tutorial soon
  12. My new mini creation to help improve new MOCs Sorry for bad picture quality (my camera is broken :/, had to take pictures with my phone ) The rim I used this to test steering
  13. Hey This project was made a while ago, currently working on a new version, so i thought it would be good to share the old one. There isn't any advanced mechanisms, only few simple lift arm. The new one will have some PF so it will be easier to use. P.S. It might take me a while to build new one, because i have like 15 other projects to finish.
  14. Renamed99

    Lego motors replacement

    What about lego buggy motor's inside motor, from pictures i can see that it's familiar size to medium motor's
  15. Hey I started looking for ways to make my lego creations faster. so i thought about replacing medium motors inside motor. I started looking for 9v motors. The thing is i am not the electrician guy and I don't understand what work with what. I found: On that site i found some 7,5v , 6v , 3v motors So the question is: Would they actually run with regular lego battery box, would it increse speed and torque and is it worth it?