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    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    I am even more surprised by your response!
  2. Bulga

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    I'm surprised that nobody mentioned this video: Does this tip solve the problem for those who have a stubborn gearbox?
  3. After closer inspection of the "Pimp up my Porsche" instructions, it appears that this MOD is totally incompatible with this version. I was misled by the post from jb70 quoted above, saying the opposite. But obviously, the images posted by DayWalker have nothing to do with the "Pimp up my Porsche" instructions: second picture third picture That's very confusing… I am not a MOCer, and my pleasure with Lego is to follow the instructions to build great models designed by others. So, unless someone brings clarifications on this reverse gear blocker, I think I will drop this system.
  4. @Aventador2004 : now I understand. Thank you !
  5. Hello, I plan to build the "pimp up my Porsche" version. Before ordering the required parts, I would like to add some parts for the reverse gear blocker designed by DayWalker. Unfortunately, I fail to understand which parts are used to build this improvement. I'm unable to reproduce this with my spare parts. Could someone tell me which parts are used to build this system?
  6. Bulga

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    117 pictures here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/brickfinder/sets/72157683593238765 This set is gorgeous!
  7. Not a review, but a very nice speed build: And TechnicBricks review:
  8. Thank you very much Gabi_BC for your explanations, because they help me to understand how this strange thing works. (And welcome to Eurobricks! ). I have some questions about the secondary machine. If I understand correctly, this is is nothing more than a mobile conveyor belt. Why this secondary machine is present in some cases, and not in other cases? Also, the Lego set suggests that after the discharge conveyor, the coal falls directly into the truck. Is it a realistic functioning?
  9. I'm frequently reading this forum, but generally I prefer to remain in silent mode. Today I've decided to write a short introduction. My name is Jean-Charles, and I'm 47. Without surprise, when I was young I played a lot with Lego. It was the epoch of the very first Technic models, and I had the tractor #851, which I liked very much. A few years ago, I had the curiosity to search on the web what were the current Lego models, and it was a great surprise for me to discover all these modern technic sets. Some of them were so beautiful! I left my dark ages with the front loader 8265, which impressed me a lot. Since then, each year I buy one or two models, mainly the flagship Technic sets, and sometimes other themes too (Creator or Star Wars), if I like them. It's always a great pleasure to build and admire these sets.
  10. Bulga

    8043 - The Bucket that Never Was

    Hey! What's this thing? Nice Bucket! Let me inspect the tracks… This thing seems rather inoffensive. I like it! Thank you so much for this bucket LennyRhys!
  11. Bulga

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to Eurobricks.
  12. Bulga

    Hello from Lorraine

    Bienvenue sur Eurobricks !
  13. Bulga

    Hello from France

    Bienvenue sur Eurobricks! I'm not an adult myself, and I have no children that could justify my Lego hobby.
  14. I've found this video of the 42042. It's not a review, but a very nice "speed build":
  15. Here is my choice for the Boss Crawler: RC4WD Tomahawk 1.9" http://www.ebay.fr/i...e-/110954128084 104 mm diameter 36 mm width With a little care, the tires fit perfectly the Lego rims. The reinforcements in the new rims cause no problem at all. I like the look and scale of these tires on the crawler. Of course, they perform much better than the original Lego tires.
  16. I ordered mine at 4:00 CEST, and only the mini-mech was shipped. The crawler will be shipped later, according to an email TLG sent me twice. In my country, several people that placed their order later than me in the morning will receive the crawler very soon. It seems a bit unfair for me. Now, I have to be patient.
  17. Rm8 : thank you for this review and the numerous pictures. It gives an excellent description of this set. I have some comments and questions. I find strange that on one side of the box there is a huge inscription in French: "édition limitée", and the logo "gagnant, tu l'imagines, nous le créons", given the fact that this contest was not presented in the French Lego site. Perhaps it is to add a "luxury" touch to the product? I find this crawler even nicer without stickers, which is quite an achievement. The combination of black, white and dark blue is simple and elegant. Congratulations to you and Lego for the choice of colors. I know you can't be totally objective, but do you think that the building experience is a lot better than the 9398? With 258 more parts, I suppose the body is more interesting to build. What is the off-road performance of this set compared to the 9398? Have you compared both sets in overcoming obstacles? Have you tried the Ansmann tires (Absima 2500030)? It would be fine to see some videos about this set Thank you again for your work!
  18. Bulga

    Inside the new LA

    Thanks. I think I will try the olive oil.
  19. Bulga

    Inside the new LA

    So, how do the LA's perform after a few days of use ? I plan to soak my old LA's in olive oil for my 8265, and I would like to know if you still recommend this tip.
  20. Bulga

    8043 Excavator - Lego update

    Good point. I’ve discovered that my 8265 has the same problem, but on the other side : the 16 tooth gear is pushing the friction pin. If the 16 tooth gear is pushed back in the right position, it slides again slowly when the arm is moved. I wonder if the new LAs will solve this issue. My 8265 is unpleasant to use, because the movement is rather stiff.