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  1. V-LC-16F This is a van with functional sliding side doors. It also has double doors at the back. Inside you can find spare tire. Factory mark for this vehicle is Citroen Jumper L3H3. It is 6 studs wide (7 studs with mudguards and side mirrors) and 20 studs long. The sticker is custom made. And the back view with opened back doors. You can find more pictures here: Citroen Jumper
  2. V-LV-48B This is a real convertible model for two minifigs to fit inside. It is only 6 studs wide (8 studs if you take into account the tires). The roof is retractable and can be put away in to the rear of the vehicle. When I started to develop a model on the front and back I had in mind Mercedes SLS. But in the end it all turned into something completely different than sports car. The result is a roadster, which I named California. Let's see some details: -front spoiler under the bumper -wipers -side mirrors are on the doors -doors can be opened -on the dashboard is a speedometer bulge -roof is stored and covered with a lid -under the rear bumper are positioned two double exhaust -wheels with aluminum rims -opening doors (side mirror moves with door) -under the steering wheel there are three pedals (clutch, brake and accelerator) -there is also a gear lever -the glove compartment is under extended part of the dashboard -steering wheel is adjustable -glove compartment has a lot of space (you can store a suitcase, camera, even a small gun) -it is also possible to add a cup holder -moving wipers -roof in action -the roof is in place Two minifigs in car, sitting side by side: That would be all of the explanation. Enjoy.
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    MOC: Dodge Charger 1970

    Sorry for so late reply. I'm not so often on this forum. I won't be making tutorial for this car.
  4. solta

    MOC: Dodge Charger 1970

    My model of the vehicle is in Lego minifig scale. It is 6 studs wide (7 with fenders) and 18 studs long (19 counting the bumpers). Unfortunately you can not put the whole minifig in it, you previously need to remove the legs. That is because the roof is very low. It can't be higher for this type of vehicle. You can put two minifigs inside sitting side by side. The idea for the wheels I got here on EB. Exhaust at the rear of the vehicle. And the last photo overlooking the front and rear of the vehicle. _______________________________________________________________ Here are additional three photos. You can make up the story yourself.
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    Celje Hall

    Fantastic design and great details on this building. Very impressive.
  6. Ferrari 308 from TV series Magnum P.I. Ferrari F40: Ferrari 308 and F40 together:
  7. Only original Lego parts are installed on all vehicles. Volkswagen Golf MK1 from the 70's: BMW 2002 from the 70's: Porsche 911 from the 70's:
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    MOC: Shelby Cobra

    Stickers on this car are custom made. Everything else is original Lego. Cobra together with Dodge Charger and Chevy Camaro.
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    MOC: Shelby Cobra

    Here are the links to those two topics: Dodge Charger 1970 Chevrolet Camaro 1970
  10. V-LV-59D This is a Ferrari formula from season 2011 with production name F150. I made this specially for all Ferrari F1 fans. It has custom made stickers. There are 88 bricks used on this vehicle (minifig excluded). For more pictures click on this link: F1 Ferrari Vehicle is 18 studs long and 8 studs wide.
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    MOC: Dodge Charger 1970

    Thanks for your comments. You may also be excited about Chevrolet Camaro.
  12. solta

    MOC: roadster California (real convertable!)

    Thanks everybody for your comments and for revitalizing this topic. It is very difficult to place engine in 6 wide car and make movable hood but still keep everything nice and solid. I made this on Dodge Charger 1970
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    MOC: Chevrolet Camaro 1970

    Not long ago I made Dodge Charger. But now it has a new companion, a Chevy Camaro from the same year. The vehicle is in Lego minifig scale. It is 6 studs wide (7 with fenders) and 18 studs long. And this is how it looks from the front, rear an from side: Two more pictures of my vehicle: And two pictures together with Charger:
  14. solta

    MOC: Chevrolet Camaro 1970

    Thanks everyone for your comments. For now I am very pleased with the look of both vehicles.
  15. solta

    MOC: Iveco Eurocargo + PF

    UPDATE: see below... _____________________________ I do not know exactly where to put this truck, or in the City or in Technic. Given that, it looks like Lego City vehicle and is in minifig scale, will probably be alright here. As the title says, this is Iveco Eurocargo truck. You can see the original on this link: For this MOC I was inspired by M_longer with his Mini PF truck: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=33204 And what is so interesting on my truck? In particular, that the dimensions are in minifig scale, however it contains a Power Functions components for moving and turning. Here are some photos without PF components: Truck has a cabin 6 studs wide and cargo compartment 7 studs wide. Overall length is 21 studs (6 cabin + 15 cargo compartment). Spacing between front wheels is 5 studs (because each wheel is 1 stud thick), but back wheels have a spacing of only 3 studs (because each wheel is 2 studs thick). On the front wheels there is one tire plugged on each one, on the rear wheels there are two tires on each one. So the rear side of the vehicle looks very realistic. Here is visible the entire length of the truck: Front view: Detail view on the rear wheels: And here are some photos with PF components installed: At the top of the cargo compartment there is visible PF receiver. Maybe a little disturbing, but I had to install it somewhere. The vehicle also has some Technic bricks that are used for more strength. Under the cargo compartment cover there are hiding PF components. You can find there the BB with 6 AAA batteries, receiver and two M motors. Lower motor drives the rear axle to drive the truck forward/backward, upper motor is responsible for turning the front wheels (drive left/right). Above the motors there is the receiver that goes through the cargo compartment cover. On the BB there is a spacer installed, which is also used as an on/off button for BB. Here is a movie: Enjoy. ____________________________ UPDATE The cargo compartment cover is placed on the vehicle and is constructed so that it is consistent with the elevation and longitudinal spacers. Spacers prevent movement of the cargo compartment cover forward/backward and downward. For disclosure of cargo compartment you just lift up the cover. It's that easy. The most disturbing part on a truck are cables. And I do not mean aesthetically, but also spatially. It is difficult to find a suitable place for their implementation. Compared with the vehicle from M_longer: mine has the same basic drive, but turning is resolved differently. I also installed two M motors so that's why there is less space.
  16. solta

    MOC: Iveco Eurocargo + PF

    Sorry, I wasn't on this page for a while. @Beck Yes, you are right. You did your research well. The actual tires, that I put on my rims are 7th item from the top. And again thanks to all for your comments.
  17. To build my locomotive, I was inspired by sets 10133 (Santa Fe BNSF) and 10219 (Maersk Train). I picked up some solutions from these two locomotives and some solutions are mine. The locomotive is constructed on the RC platform, which already has built-in battery box and IR receiver. This is the main reason why the lower part of the locomotive is in black color. Locomotive is a replica of General Motors EMD mark GP9. It is 36 studs long and almost 8 studs wide over all. It has air vents for cooling air and air intake for engine. There are two exhausts on top. A few more photos here: GM locomotive EMD GP9 And the photo from behind:
  18. solta

    Auto Transporter

    Nice transporter. Very useful for transporting three vehicles. Great job.
  19. solta

    MOC: Sugar & Spice (Modular Building)

    Really amazing. I just love all the details in the house. Well done.
  20. solta

    MOC: Dodge Charger 1970

    Orange with 01 on doors. I don't understand what you mean. Do you have an example? Compared to 5 wide porsche 911 this one has to be 6 studs wide.
  21. solta

    MOC - TAM 170 T14 - Fire Engine

    Oh yes, this brings back memories from my youth. You did it very well. Congrats. I love it.
  22. solta

    Tow truck with lift-sliding platform

    Very functional. Great design and great idea.
  23. solta

    MOC: Checker New York Taxi Cab (Slot Car)

    This is great. Very well done. I like that you made it for slot car system. Brick on EROL.
  24. solta

    MOC: Dodge Charger 1970

    Lego pneumatic hose. I think it was 4mm thick. I cut up two pieces for those two levers.
  25. solta

    MOC: Dodge Charger 1970

    Is it OK now?