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  1. archieg

    Liebherr LR 11000

    I'll need that crane to pick my jaw up off the floor. Crazy!
  2. archieg

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It fits with the 'humour' that Lego promotes. In the Assembly Square there is a dentists office right above the cake shop. Also, fake or not, I like it.
  3. archieg

    MOC - Modular Gas Station

    So simple. So nice. I may have to uh, 'borrow' the lamp post idea.
  4. archieg

    Duesenberg SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton (1:8,5)

    Normally when it comes to cars I am rather "meh". This is NOT one of those times. Absolutely Stunning.
  5. archieg

    Architecture 2017

    6195258: Flat Tile 1X2 bright green - Yes. Exclusive. 6195264 :2x2 brick Transparent - Available on Bricklink. They aren't cheap. 6195265:Flat Tile 1X3 COOL YELLOW - Available on Bricklink. It is rare though. 6195266: Plate 1X2, W/ 1 Knob COOL YELLOW - Yes. Exclusive. 6195267: Flat Tile 1X4 bright green - Available on Bricklink. 6185307: Flat Tile 1X3 BRIGHT YELLOWISH GREEN - That colour is Lime on Bricklink and available. 6172375: Flat Tile 1X1 BRIGHT GREEN - Yes. Exclusive. I know this because I either already have the parts or have recently ordered them from Bricklink to build this set.
  6. archieg

    Architecture 2017

    There are only three parts exclusive to that set. The two Bright Green tiles and the Bright Light Yellow jumper plate. There are however, a number of parts that are available but HTF on BrickLink.
  7. Excellent review, Jim. Personally, I think the gear switching is fine. The steering radius should be better, but the colour vomit just kills it for me. I can understand LEGO trying to make the build as easy as possible, but come on. What's next? Selling pre-assembled models? I await someone to build this model in a more cohesive color scheme.
  8. archieg

    [MOC] Vive la France!!! French Town Hall

    That is awesome. I especially like the tiling on the ground floor and the stairway.
  9. archieg

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Who did the Temple of Airjitzu? There are a lot of similar styles going on in this set. Also, add me to the list of non-Ninjago fans who just has to get this.
  10. archieg

    MOC-HUGE Robin Hood Diorama-Custom Lights

    It's an overused cliche, but that is epic! There is only one thing wrong with it. It's not in my living room
  11. archieg

    10255 Assembly Square

    For the plant, I think it is this piece Bar 1L with Towball
  12. archieg

    [WIP] Signalbox Lever Frame with Interlocking

    Excellent. It's nice and refreshing to see a non-vehicle Technic build.
  13. Looks good. What's next? London Eye? :-)
  14. archieg

    Question: What term do we all call ourselves?

    AFOL Adult Fan[atic] of Lego