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    [HELP] Video Editing

    Blender, with a good tutorial :) Result: First time you look at Blender, it looks like you need a dozen PhDs before you can even find where is the video editing part of it. But with a good tutorial, it all becomes surprisingly easy and convenient, so here' the one I used to learn: .Previous I was using OpenShot; very easy to use but slow-mo was a pain in the neck, and once the video got to a certain ( ) size, it'd crash after every single operation. Very frustrating, so I'd recommend it only for small videos. Once thing that is easier with OpenShot than with others I tried: reverse video (for " " ;)
  2. I read a few threads here about cleaning LEGO parts, but the challenge I have now is tougher than usual: glue residue! When removing custom stickers from my last MOC, most of them left quite a bit of glue residue on the panels and liftarms. I eventually figured I could avoid that by heating the sticker with a small halogen lamp, but too late. Rubbing the glue residue with my finger (tip or nail) only seems to make it worse. Looking around for ABS chemical resistance (e.g. here), it seems ABS doesn't get on well with many solvents. Only found these ones won't damage ABS: Fruit Juices Glycerine Hydrobromic Acid (Aqueous Solution) Potassium Chloride (Aqueous Solution) Vinegar Water Anyone knows of a better (safe) trick to get this glue residue off my parts? Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys! I think I can get my hands on Cif cream, an aerosol or duct tape easily, not so sure about Benzin (don't have a car, never walk near a gas station). How abrasive is this? I can think of 3 kind of abrasive in these pads - traditional will-ruin-teflon - not-so-old won't-ruin-teflon - Non-scratch fibers I'm inclined to use the last one, which is anyway what I use every day and works great with dishes, pans, etc.
  4. Great little movie! I love how you went out to the great outdoors around to you film this, can't get enough of it :) On the topic of instructions, did you already / will you publish details for the improved front axle in the blue one (at 1:58)?
  5. They did the same last year, is this something we can expect to happen every year in late October? Migros around me don't have much, so I'm hoping to get my 42043 30% off from Toys'R'us in their Thanks Giving sale, since it looks like they are into that :) I got my 9398 cheap (35% off) from Coop right after Xmas, fount it as a lonely leftover in the local InterDiscount. Saw it and decided it had my name on it :D
  6. Exactly, I used a Gimbal. The on-board camera footage is from the same day that I did not use the Gimbal, because I didn't yet know how to attach it to the extension pole. The footage from that unstabilized pole was mostly useless, so what you see was recorded with a Feiyu G3 Ultra 3-Axis Gimbal attached to a GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod. Attachment was made in a pretty ugly "Apollo 13 mailbox" approach, in lack of proper accessories.
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    The Librarian

    Oook! Oook! Eeeeeek!!!
  8. Finally, I’m done. It took a while, that’s what “soon” means when you’ve got small children 0:) I’ve updated the initial post with the final video and a few notes. Can a moderator please replace [WIP] with [MOC] in this thread’s title? I hope you don’t mind the bump here, I don’t see how this update would deserve a new topic. I intend to record a Jedi Build of this too, and post it on rebrickable.com ... eventually, hopefully this year :)
  9. Thanks (Milan & Erik) for clarifying, I was confused.
  10. Sariel's "LEGO method" holds the camera surprisingly well, even on fairly bumpy rides. I used this recently on my trophy truck and it only fell once: when the whole car drop off a 50 cm. cliff. Even held strong after hitting a tree or light post
  11. I don't have experience with many-axles steering, but I can't help thinking your setup will make up for a larger turning radius than if you'd leave the 5th axle fixed and made the 6th axle steerin the same angle as the 4rd, but in the opposite direction. Wouldn't that give you a smaller turning radius for better maneuverability?
  12. Great improvement! Any chance of seeing this in action? While you're at it, do you thinking suspension could be made softer?
  13. I'd worry a bit that there are no rubber pieces anywhere, i.e. vibrations could ruin the video easier than if you'd use 2L rubber liftarms or tyres or something else rubbery and soft.
  14. What happens if you put hard spring shocks in the 4rd axle? With and without the bed full of heavy stuff :)
  15. I just hope we'll see more 2H flagships that are not construction machinery, we've got plenty of that in the last few years, no? 42009, 42030, 42043, ... not sure 8110 and 8258 count as "construction", but to me they kinda-nearly are. I'm hoping for more groundbreaking things like 9398 :)
  16. I'd super-love to see LEGO making a torsen or limited-slip diff.
  17. I just an interesting compromise could be to have soft spring on axles 1 & 3 and hard spring on 2 & 4. The idea is that load capacity is more even along the truck, but when hitting bumps the softer springs would make for a more comfortable ride. That is, for a little GoPro riding the truck. Any one up for trying this out? I won't get my truck until January...
  18. Probably none. Toys'R'us has 15% off but that's still more expensive than online shops liked hawk.ch or galaxus.ch
  19. Even a bit more expensive in Switzerland, with 15% off: CHF 229 == EUR 216. Anyway prices in Toys'R'us in Switzerland seem a bit random, a few weeks ago 42009 was a good deal more expensive than 42030. Other shops have slightly better prices: hawk.ch and galaxus.ch are generally good.
  20. Congrats on this epic build, truly impressive. Looking forward to your next WIP thread!
  21. Absolutely brilliant! All realistic functions in such a small scale, and all of the implemented in surprising ways. At least I was surprised, specially with the tail rotor variable pitch mechanism.
  22. Great model, seems pretty fast for the size and weight. Would you explain why this drive train? It's already a bit complex to see how it works, but what really puzzles me is why it works! Good photography as well, I like this one in particular But above all, how comes it didn't seem to suffer from driving through water?
  23. How about some night street photography for the Dark Ride?
  24. Impressive model! I was puzzled about the back until I realized it's one huge STAMP As for the dimensions, I think the model is quite fair. The arm is short and the bucket... I guess it's the only LEGO bucket for this scale. Now, if only you'd shoot your models outside... like this, or this, or this... and your truck would look great like this too
  25. Maybe. Photography is a very important part of cinematography. But I reckon it'd be great if we have a "Technic Cinematography" or "Filming Technic" thread where people can show off their best pieces of footage and share their tips and experiences, or generally discuss filming beyond its photography aspect. I don't think I have any footage worthy of that, but a few builders around here could get such a thread started. I can't help thinking of Mahj and his