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  1. V2 looks better :) I'm no good at this, but was curious what would turn up if I give it a try... Because I can't do graphic design, I just re-used the design from this one. I'm not convinced by the red color, maybe orange is better, maybe blue. The point of coloring the model is that white text (w/ black border) can overlap with it without becoming unreadable. I'm also tempted to make the model bigger, even if it doesn't fit into the label, e.g. leaving part of the crane arm out.
  2. They look nice! I can't help to compare them with Star Wars UCS stickers, like http://i.imgur.com/PHM7HE5.jpg and notice some details that could improve yours: Technic logo on top, maybe not that big. Color the model, maybe some shade between red and orange, taken from the PowerFunctions logo[1]. Coloring the model would allow to overlap white text (with black border) on it, no? As for the list of features, are they based on the original boxes? That could be a nice touch :) What I'd certainly change is how lowercase and uppercase are mixed, the one for 9398 looks odd to me, with features in all lower-case. Specially "2 l motors" (instead of "2 L motors") stuck out and caught my eye. [1] http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/lego/images/3/3d/PowerFunctions_Logo.png/revision/latest?cb=20130915202307
  3. Hi, I'm new here, 33yo AFOL and looking for feedback on my very first MOC. It's finally at the point where I'm not considering adding much more :) The motorbike has hopefully realistic frame no rear suspension, straight drive shaft (no chain) instead, the seat is suspended (I'm looking for smaller springs) PF lights only work with the battery pack in the side car front mudguard allows wheel to rotate with shock absorbers fully compressed 2 pistons per side to mimic R12's really big pistons, couldn't find a way to make a single piston the right size (~3x3.5 studs) hopefully discrete knob wheel you haven't yet noticed, for the motorized sidecar to input drive kickstarter lever and some stuff to fill in the and lacks speed-o-meter, couldn't find a way to fit it in, even without the PF light license plates what else? The sidecar has 2 PF XL motors for drive 1 servo motor for steering 1 IR receiver AAA battery box openable trunk with spare wheel several pieces in the wrong color (i.e. not black) or with stickers (I'll get clean ones from BL or just remove the stickers) several pins that go into the motorbike frame, plus the steering link and a couple more points to secure it, all easy to detach and lacks mudguard, I'm not sure it'd improve appearance enough to be worth the extra weight (already funded 1) SBrick so that the spare wheel doesn't make me lose control of the thing so easily More photos in BS. Apologies for their poor quality, I only get to my MOC/s late in the night and don't even have a proper white backdrop yet. Thanks!
  4. What a wonderful gift... and family! Best of all :thumbup:
  5. Canton Zurich, I'd expect about the same Sales over there in Migros, Coop and Toys'R'us.
  6. Can't wait to see more :) While not vehicles by themselves, I have the impression that parts of vehicles can be similarly unappealing to kids who are not into vehicles. I think they'd be more likely captivated by something "complete", rather than a part of something bigger. Added. Thanks!
  7. WOW, just WOW. This is colossal! Can't wait for the video... only to get my jaw dropped on the floor :D
  8. Thanks! Added some of these. I'd rather let kids develop their own feelings towards Jar Jar Thanks! Found and added them. Thanks, added. I was close to adding your Dalek, but as much as I love it I'm afraid it would qualify as vehicle.
  9. They are great, but from the a kid's perspective I'm not sure they'd click. Apart from being big, expensive and hard to build (need to modify parts), they are essentially bigger motors for bigger vehicles. I love them, but I'd expect a kid who is bored by vehicles to be rather quickly bored about these too Thanks for the suggestion. I've added a few photos, in the order they are mentioned in the list, in case that helps.
  10. miguev

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    So here's more! Today we're celebrating stuff, long long awaited stuff...
  11. I'm impressed, by your creation (functional, compact, pretty, clean) as well as your video editing :)
  12. Looking at the ones I own, the 42021 Snowmobile is my favorite among the small ones. I got 2 of them, just for their suspension arms and portals (which then failed to use when I should have :) Looking at the last few years, sometimes I think I should get 42032, just because it's brilliant. If "small" includes it, I also like very much the 42007: Moto Cross Bike
  13. He looks like a very serious builder!
  14. Absolutely love it! Can't wait for instructions Is it at all feasible to use only 1 SBrick, maybe at the cost of less power for drive? Great video too, I particularly enjoyed the outside and inside views of both cars driving at the same time!
  15. I like them a lot, but only ever got one. Now I've got two, because I bought one specifically for my BJ Baldwin Trophy Truck. Now I'm looking forward to making more TF-scale MOCs :)
  16. miguev

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    It's just a silly phone pic, but I thought I'd share this piece of fun... credit goes to JANGBRiCKS for the trick and SirWolf for the inspiration :)
  17. I personally love these from Stanley: There is also a version with 30 drawers (5 rows of 6) which I also love. They have very LEGO suitable sizes, mostly multiple of 8 mm. That is: 9 drawers (€15): 17 studs deep, 13 wide, 7 tall 30 drawers (€16): 17 studs deep, 6 wide, 4 tall There's also a combo of 9+30 but they sell for €50 which I don't get. But some things don't seem to go best in drawers. Pins of which I have too many hundreds go into 500 ml or 750 ml food containers. The smallest pieces (1x1 plates and tiles, etc.) go into a much smaller, cheaper (€7) variant of Sortimo sorting bins.
  18. miguev

    The history of used sets

    There's the best argument ever against buying used LEGO I only got used LEGO, from eBay, right after coming out my dark ages, before I knew about Bricklink or Eurobricks. Didn't think much about those questions, but will probably remember for some time that the 8855 was sold by a Dutch fellow whose first hobby was football (a.k.a. soccer, on the other side ;) until he injured his knee.
  19. Oh, I think I realized now why all in one comment is better: you can't insert comments between comments... dummy me :/ I was thinking, I'd know which model I wanted by having done the browsing first, another day, and then I wanted to go directly to a specific one. But then, if one wants to see all C-models for a given set, you need them all in one comment, so you can add more later along them.
  20. I guess it depends on how long each C-model takes. If it's just 1 line of text, with one link, 1 photo and no video, then it should be OK to do it as you say. However, i like very much the idea of clicking a link in the description and getting directly to the one C-model I'm looking for, without scrolling. I'm lazy 0:) BTW, there are a few nice C-models for 42010 in Rebrickable: http://rebrickable.com/sets/42010-1/off-road-racer-technic-2013 The tractor is great, it's so tall it doesn't fit under the sofa :)
  21. Great idea! I'm really looking forward to using this index. I've been searching for them in Rebrickable, by check what can I build, but found it a bit hard to find the C models among the many A and B models. There were also size limitations that'd rule out many (maybe most) of the great C models we've seen here. I didn't buy 42039 but got the green panels separately to build it :) Hey, here's an idea: I don't like scrolling down pages and pages to skip all the C models for 42009 (don't have the parts) to get to the ones I want to see. I'd like it better if it had a structure like the Hall of Fame topic, that is: - the topic description lists all models, grouped by set number, with a brief description and a link to - each C model is a comment, with all the details, photos and link to its EB thread and other relevant URLs (rebrickable, mocpages, blogs, etc.) This make it much easier and quicker to navigate, and you needn't worry about the order in which you add models, just like you needn't post all motorcycles in the HoF in consecutive comments.
  22. I use my 23" PC screen, because it's a permanent resident on my desk, the only one I have and the only place where I build, so it doesn't take any extra space :)
  23. I just built this and loved it, thank you for the free instructions!
  24. Any chance to watch it elsewhere than on American TV at some point? And if you like, I'd love to see more animatronic busts! That was supercool, and here's an idea for a cute one: Wall·E ;) Yeah, or at least pretend that it is. Your models certainly belong more in an automotive show, or a transport museum, and I mean it with the best of intentions :)