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  1. How about dust? I used to have my old 8855 Prop Plane hanging from the ceiling, the one thing that struck me when I took it down after a few years was the thick layer of dust. No damaged bricks, luckily. Ever since I've thought, but never tried, to hanging in a way that would allow it to swing back and forth, to move a bit, to diminish the accumulation of dust. Has anyone tried that? Did it work?
  2. Very nicely done, and it looks like tons of fun. This car is one of those I dream of making a LEGO version of, but thanks to your instructions I think I'll enjoy this one first
  3. I wanna build this! But it's a hassle to go through all the parts lists, will you add it to Rebrickable? I'd be up for the TT version, just because I don't have the tires for the normal version.
  4. Also, can you motorize this pump? Like in the walking castle that made it to the front page some time ago (can't find it now).
  5. Tire tread and traction: how do these tires perform in real-life surfaces (dirt, rock, sand, unvarnished wood, etc.) compared to 94.8 mm (4x4 Crawler), 94.3 mm (Unimog), 62.4 mm and (if you have them) Power Puller tires? In other words, which order would you prefer them for an outdoors truck trial competition? Thanks! Looking forward to that review :)
  6. Nice C model, I think it's the first time ever I see 42048 look good
  7. ACK. Thanks for the prompt answer, I was already going to tinker with this... for nothing.
  8. AWESOME! I already have a bluetooth dongle on my Linux PC: Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode) How can I check whether this one will suffice? (while I do have all the other ingredients, I'd appreciate it if there's a quick way to check before spending time on a setup that won't work)
  9. Great job! Impressive how you crammed so many motors and functions in a model so small, and it was all worth it, for the headlights and scanner are by far the best parts. The body work looks very good too, and very clever how changing only part of it lets you transform Karr into Kitt And the music was a great idea, my compliments to your friend.
  10. Or even stay in the finished model for months, while it's tweaked and test-driving occasionally, until it's ready for "filming day" (or days, or weekend, etc.) I like the idea of burying the brick deep inside the model, but I'd still keep it relatively easy to reach for recharging, or easy to remove for recharging. In any case, the BLE-on-stand-by option is an interesting one to have for filming days, when you may need to go around with the model and most of the time it won't be working, so the best option I see is to be able to tell the BuWizz to go into that mode, e.g. by a long press on the button, and then turn it completely off from the app once you're done.
  11. We like it shady and dark... well, we do, and we thought we'd be filming under harsh sunlight in the open, but then got lazy and did it just around the corner without risking it much out of the shade.
  12. Hi there, I’ve had a harder time MOC’ing this year, so I only managed this little something. Actually, I just put it together in a couple of evenings, then spent several weeks trying, in vain, to come up with a better front, and eventually decided to let it be. I decided, it’s OK if it looks flat-faced, as if it crashed face first on a wall, which indeed it did quite a few times. Functions Drive: 2x 12799 Pullback Motor. Steering: locked with links. Front suspension: independent, soft, long travel. Rear suspension: solid axle, dragged, soft, long travel. Front protection: extended bumper to avoid further face flattening. Photos from level angles, sorry about the lack of belly shot, but I’ll make up for that below. You might wonder, why not use the lime rims from 42047. I thought of that, tried them on, then decided against it. The original truck’s rims are relatively small and the tyres are big, so I think black rims with lime pulleys look better: And since I had a 42047, if only for the rims I didn’t use, here’s how they look together: I settled for this small build partly because most of the free time I got was not suitable for building with bricks: in the dark, save for the screen, with only one hand free and with a baby conditionally sleeping. That is, sleeping under the condition that she stayed in my arms Much of this time went into reading, so eventually I made it through the MLCad tutorials (Digital building with MLCad and running LSynth through MLCad). Easily the best investment in on-line reading this year, and here’s the MLCad model :) I also managed 2 passable renders from the MLCad file, although I’d be pressed to remember how I made them… there was some batch/shell scripting involved. I'll link them rather than embed them, they are 360 views so quite heavy: 1, 2. I did try LDD but honestly it soon turned out very frustrating, having so little control over parts positioning along the 3 dimensions, turning/articulating parts around my (not LDD’s) desired axis and the embarrassing lack of pullback motors. Last but not least, we had some fun throwing it around with my friend Sir Wolf: Also submitted to Rebrickable: http://rebrickable.c...ullback-edition
  13. I think there's enough agreement on demand for a hardware controller, that I feel this question should be answer too: What are the plans for BuWizz to offer an API that other developers case use to build things like this. Also, please do everything you can to reduce latency, specially for Servo motors. Lagging steering totally ruins the fun of driving a fast vehicle!
  14. Thanks all for your kind words. I personally find it "so ugly it's cute" on the front part It was definitely a lot of fun, even though we didn't throw it down the stairs. And the faces of all serious grown ups around looking at us... priceless
  15. I'm not 100% sure what I'll do with it, or 100% confident I'll like their Android app, but Sariel's video shows fairly impressive performance so I'm getting one.
  16. With a Feiyu G3 Ultra 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer tied to the end of a 3-Way - GoPro Camera Mount, in a rather shaky fashion, but steady enough
  17. I don't know, I just used MLCad all the time. I took a brief look at LPub but didn't think it'd be worth for this model, so I just took care of having parts in the right order.
  18. I don't remember seeing any out of a screen, but yours captures very well the essence of all I've seen. As if you've distilled them into one pure form of janitorness :D
  19. Nicely done, I particularly like the shapes in the white flex axles.
  20. Looks great! I don't know much about (the spirit of) Baja but your model certainly conveys a very lively spirit
  21. Thanks! I can't believe I had forgotten about that devil's face, one of my favorites
  22. I'm sorry I forgot about this topic for a while. Meanwhile, a great new topic came up well worth linking from here: Household items collection (so far none of them is a vehicle :).
  23. Yeah, I like red as a color in general, but I agree that it doesn't go well here. Blue or green are indeed best.