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  1. The larger wheel size will become too expensive I am afraid to 3D print. Probably 15-20 EUR per tire, no rim. This would need to be cast. I think the standard 62mm lego tire is pretty good actually, but perhaps a new rim would be valuable? I will mock one up when I get a moment today.
  2. I wanted to share some minor progress on the custom tires. I have modeled up some off road tire tread, let me know what you think. I will order a set to be printed this week of the on road tires, so I will update everyone interested once the results come in.
  3. Hi Jameson,

    How is the status with your designed wheels?

    Kind regards,


    1. jamesonk83



      I have made 2 types of tread, I will likely contract the 3D printing and prototype the tire and rim soon to check for fitment.  I will post more in the next week or so!

    2. Richard L aka Scooby

      Richard L aka Scooby

      Ok....i'm looking forward to it.

    3. Richard L aka Scooby

      Richard L aka Scooby

      Hi Jameson,

      Is there any progress on the tyres and rims?

      Hope to hear from you soon.

      Kind regards,


  4. I think 8-9 Euro each for the 40.5mm (rim and tire set of 1) would be a realistic price for very low quantity production. I will price them out and see where we go!
  5. To answer everyones questions, a rim and tire set for the 62mm wheel scale is equally feasible, however the cost will about double. It seams like there is great interest in this size, I should have some time next week to mock something up! With that said, what is a price point bracket you would be willing to pay for the 40mm wheels and 62mm wheels? Assume a set of 4 (4 tires, 4 rims)
  6. I have composited the wheels onto a truck of appropriate scale to give an idea of the imporvement the wheels can make! I have borrowed an image from the woderful Renault Magnum MOC found here (http://www.doublebrick.ru/forums/viewtopic.php?t=19021) Note, this is not my MOC.
  7. The pictures seem to be back up now! I am not sure what the issue was with MOC Pages.
  8. Alternate tread patterns would be fairly easy to produce, yes. I could have 2-3 options ranging from street tires to construction type heavy machinery tires.
  9. Hello, I have created a better scale tire & rim for trucks and light industry vehicles with a proper rim offset. The proportions allow for dual tire mounting and single. Is there any intrest within the community to have something like this produced? (in low volumes) I would look forward to hearing any insight/ feedback - purists need not respond! :) The tire would be a flexible rubber like material, rim would be SLS printed or ABS.
  10. Hi, sorry to bump an old thread but I finally have gotten around to some progress on the articulated hauler and thought I would share. I started an Ldraw file for the chassis. I have made the dump bucket but not in 3D. Perhaps someone more talented than me would like to finish the files! LDRAW file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-fhTOaeLf7wYjZFTTFHOGxlTmc https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-fhTOaeLf7wa0gzdnRaa3c1YW8
  11. I would love to, but I think the creator posts to another forum. I was hoping the answer was something easy I was jut not seeing.
  12. Hi, My name is Jameson, I am new to this fourm but I have been following the threads here for a long time. I really liked Pipasseyoyo's 6X6 articulated hauler, and he was nice enough to post many detailed photos on his brickshelf page so I thought I would try my hand at reverse engineering. There were no instructions, so it sounded like a good challenge! I have the chassis mostly complete, but unfortunately have gotten stumped on how the gear train will work once passed through the turn table. there is a 90deg turn with knob wheels, but they are in the way of the input axle and I can't seem to figure out how he has done it! I need to offset the input axle 1 stud higher to pass over the knob wheels. I was hoping someone here could help shed some light on it and any help would be appreciated. I have created a crude 3D model of the problem area to share in case it helps. Thanks in advance! https://drive.google...YW8&usp=sharing