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  1. Something like this maybe? Has always been my favorite type of crane as a kid. :)
  2. That car you posted looks great, rm8. Any more pictures to be found of that? I've search vk.com/technic_club but couldn't find it there.
  3. zenzic

    [MOC] Lancia Stratos

    Looks very nice! Good looking angles on the nose and trunk. Are those copper rims lego parts? Liked your Pajero as well. :)
  4. 3: 10 11: 6 6: 4 2: 3 5: 2 10: 1
  5. That's a good way to start off, but for me tire size dictates scale. I've only got unimog, grand prix and custom tires for example.
  6. Yep, the front axle is where it gets problematic for me as well if I want to strictly respect the scale. :D I deviate, but not to the point where it gets obvious visually that the scale is off.
  7. More details of that gearbox can be found here: http://sariel.pl/2009/01/direction-sensitive-gearbox/#more-239
  8. Very nice construction! That's unexpected, no? Is this machine that hard on the PF motors?
  9. zenzic

    MOC Land Rover Discovery 3

    Awesome moc! I envy the amount of tiles you own. Has it been a costly project? How much pieces in total? Does the bike actually fit on the tow hook carrier?
  10. Thanks for the tips, guys! Wouldn't using the F1 hubs lead to having the pivot point out of line with the pivot points of the hub? With the portal hubs you can actually use an U-joint inside the hubs. With the F1 hubs you're restricted to using the CV joints, which seem weaker and have less turning radius. I tried them previously, but some pointed out issues with the U-joint being a weak spot here:
  11. I've created a live axle with portal hubs, but I'm not quite happy with the result. As you can this axle is meant to have both drive and steering motors on the main chassis, not on the axle. This means there's a need to have two axles connected to the main body, the joint at the bottom and the smaller one right above. I expect this will lead to problems when compressing the springs, since the axle will pivot around the joint and the steering axle will consequently restrict this movement significantly. Are there any better way to transfer both steering and drive from the body to the live axle?
  12. Very impressive and amazing detail. Seems like there is not much more info to be found about this moc. Would have loved some pictures with objects for scale. :)
  13. Great tip! With price drops like that you can drive for quite a few km's and still save some serious money. I'm 80 km off, but have to skip this unfortunately. :)
  14. Doesn't the same apply to Zblj's design above then? Or is the U-joint issue mitigated somehow by the gear reduction in the portal hubs?