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  1. Highonbricks

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone, it's me Chris, aka Highonbricks. Most of you probably know me on flickr, but it thought it was about time I expanded to eurobricks. I hope to meet many new people in the future! I'll probably post drawings on here like I do with flickr, so stay tuned!
  2. Highonbricks

    Best/Worst designed licenced minifigure ever?

    Juno eclipse was definitely one of the most poorly made figures. But battles damaged Darth Vader made up for that! :)
  3. Highonbricks

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    This theme is alright, but not the best I've seen
  4. I love all of the new attachment pieces. The wings are especially detailed and nice Definitely worth the money
  5. Highonbricks

    BrickArms July 2014: AK Variants

    Saw these at brickfair and fell in love. Especially with the gold versions! Excellent quality and excellent design
  6. Loving the new items. Definitely going to pick some of these up as soon as possible
  7. I prefer brickwarriors due to their massive variety
  8. Highonbricks

    Colonial Harbor Scene

    These look super epic!