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  1. zanna

    De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Zblj! The water is done in Blender, but I must admit there is a lot of post-production...
  2. zanna

    [MOC] LEGO Factory playset

    I've been very glad to render those images It's a very nice idea!
  3. That's incredible virtualrepublic Your 3D skills are without limits! Keeping in theme, here is my last render: AT-AT built by dinankou (in Mecabricks)
  4. zanna

    M. C. Escher

    As I promised... Drawing Hands (1948) by M.C. Escher
  5. zanna

    eschers lego

    Thank you guys! This time I re-built something easier, Drawing Hands (1948) by M.C. Escher
  6. zanna

    M. C. Escher

    Thanks for your kind words TheLET :) Now I'm working on something easier, Drawing hands! Stay tuned!
  7. zanna

    M. C. Escher

    Fantastic henrysunset, your project it's so clean!
  8. zanna

    M. C. Escher

    Thank you papacharly :) This is the workflow: 1) I built the model with Mecabricks, 2) I rendered the sphere in Blender, with a super-fish eye lens, 3) I rendered the hand (because minifig's arm it's so short! ahah), 4) in Photoshop I merge the images, than I turned the result in BW and I add some grain. Thank you too Borex and Pate-keetongu! Yes, I think I'll re-make some other Escher's models!
  9. zanna

    eschers lego

    Hi guys, I'm happy to show you my last render of my re-creation: Hand With Reflecting Sphere (by M.C. Escher) (1935). Hope you'll like it!
  10. zanna

    M. C. Escher

    Hi guys, I'm happy to show you my last render of my re-creation: Hand With Reflecting Sphere (by M.C. Escher) (1935). Hope you'll like it!
  11. Problem solved! This morning I finished this fantastic model by Alex Sonny: Alfa Romeo Montreal
  12. Maybe you changed the name of some folder, or you didn't group parts with the Empty Object called Model... there should be other reasons... did you follow correctly tutorial?
  13. Thanks 6ix! I agree with you, in fact the last 3 models are only still-life When I have more time I try to make lively renders! Phoxtane, I suggest you to use Scrubs's template, he found an option to bevel bricks. CM4Sci, yes, Mecabricks is a very powerful tool. When I started using it for the first time I thought «Naa... LDD is easier». Now I can build complex models very fast! You only have to understand how to use it. There is the "drag and rotate" tool. When you select the piece you should press M. You'll change "Translation mode" to "Rotation mode". To rotate multiple bricks you should group them or make a multiple selection. There is no way to add custom decals on Mecabricks, you can only redraw official Lego® textures and send them to Scrubs But if you want to render your model with your custom decoration, just replace it after you've downloaded the model If you have any doubt or suggestion you can write here
  14. Have you seen my LEGO® renders? ;-)