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  1. I think the rumor is just "Mos Eisley" in general, not specifically a cantina. For $350 I think there's a chance they go the UCS Hoth route and do a kind of "best of Tatooine" grouping. A set with a Cantina, Luke's Homestead, Obi-wan's Hut, Tusken Raider camp with Bantha, and a midi-size Jawa Sandcrawler.
  2. I like them. I have a bunch and at work I put the one on my monitor that most resembles my current mood... i'd like to say i use "cheery" or "happy" the most, but yeah it's usually "sleepy" or "dessert"... because i'm hungry. Haven't had to pull out the "super angry" kitty yet... but i'm glad I have it.
  3. Sweetest Friends Ever has an alternate head too:
  4. jedge

    REVIEW: 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City

    Agreed. I'd love to see other concept designs for this set, and why they went with they layout that they did. Like if they had a 2-level design at one point? You are exactly right that the Carbon Chamber should have taken up more of that 1/4 and had a proper floor and maybe even some ceiling hanging-down elements. Imagine if the orange-black scaffolding of the chamber reached all the way to where the catwalk is now, that would have made a perfect spot for Luke and Vader's first lightsaber contact. Then the service ways and vane and catwalk could have been put in 180 degrees around and filled in the space where the useless cloud car landing pad is now. I think that would look great. The one thing I can't imagine is how they could have incorporated in the weathervane that Luke hangs off of at the end... not as a 1-story model at least. So they're off the hook for that. Agreed. 1) why are there certain parts of the walls (like the back of the dining room) left with studs on top while others are cleanly covered? Same with some areas on the other side. And I don't know why, but the 2 studs left exposed on that circular part that juts into Han/Leia's waiting room really irk me the most. In general the walls just look sloppy with gaps and inconsistent width everywhere. 2) compare that to how polished and vehicles are and it makes no sense. 3) I'm not sure it would ever look great as a display model. Sure you could cover the top with plates, but then all you've got is a big ugly grey fat saucer shape with some greebling at the top... you could never replicate the vertical dimension as it spires downwards... at least not at this scale. It wouldn't look like an elegant city impossibly floating delicately in the clouds, it'd look like a squashed mushroom. I agree. Especially when compared the modulars and amazing 2 Ninjago City sets, this looks practically deserted. On the other hand, if you go back and look at the movie, the designed actually did a very admirable job of replicating the details that are there. The sculptures. lights, chandelier, "artwork" and even the (ugh) stickers are spot-on to the movie. Fact is, Cloud City was boring. And if the designers had tried to punch it up by adding extra details they'd get sinned for that from the purists too. Here's a site that does a great job of comparing the movie to the set:
  5. Found this site does an amazing job of breaking down the lego set design compared to the movie itself. Fact is, Cloud City is kinda a boring location that didn't have a ton of detail. I think the designers did the best they could with what they had to work with.
  6. The Good: 1) The minifigures are great. Han has a printed holster on the side of his leg... 'nough said. 2) I think this set is much bigger than it appears at first glance, There's more space in each room than it looks like. 3) Slave1, I think it looks awesome and for better or worse will fill in that blank'ish entire quadrant of a landing pad when it's docked down. 4) Playset. Love playsets. Glad it wasn't just a display model. And SUPER glad it wasn't micro-fig scale. Never micro-fig scale for sw please. 5) It's definitely not an eye-feast like Ninjago City, but for a star wars set it's pretty colorful. And accurate IMO, notwithstanding the Cloud Car. 6) The microbuild "city" at the tippy-top... i like that. 7) Almost all the rooms. Other than more space for Luke-Vader duel, everything is included. Even the 3PO "oh my!" closet! The Ok: 1) Would it have been better with a smaller circumference but on 2 levels? Before seeing this I would have said yes, but now i'm not so sure. Imagine using the top 1/2 of the Death Star as a reference, there would be tons of space on the lower main floor but not much at all on the top. Would all the "white" quadrant of this set have fit on that top floor?... Probably not? Would the "dark" quadrant have looked better and fit on the lower floor?, definitely. Landing pad is a wash. Would the Carbon Freeze Chamber have looked better on the imagined lower floor?... definitely because it would have had a roof above it to add some really awesome detail. Would the duel scene have looked better?... maybe... it's hard to imagine that catwalk fitting in better but at least there would have been more room for the post-chamber-pre-catwalk fight scenes which are basically missing here. 2) Cloud Car. It's ok. 3) Catwalk right next to Freezing Chamber looks weird... but it's hard to judge height in these pics... and when it swings out I can't decide if it looks worse or better. 4) Price. It's in line with the Death Star so deal with it. 5) The bottom... what is going on underneath the floor plates... is it elevated a bit or am I seeing things? The Bad: 1) Completely missing Luke's dangling from antenna scene. Not sure how that could have been added but still. 2) Needs more space for the Vader-Luke fight before the catwalk 3) That box art style just doesn't work here like it did with the Falcon. Looks boring. 4) Missing Leia Escape outfit. 5) Missed opportunity for Lobot head piece. 6) Missed opportunity for a new 3PO that mold-thing that chewwie can carry on his back. 7) That pathetic little green stick-tree thing in the corner of the Han-Leia room... seriously? Seriously though, i'm using it to represent a lack of polish the whole set seems to have. Places with exposed studs that look bad, too many blank featureless walls, exposed technic esp on freeze chamber. 8) The name. Just call it Cloud City. 9) Overall I think the amazing modulars, the astounding Ninjago City (including the docks), and to a lesser extent the Batman/Ghostbusters sets have raised the bar on what a LARGE lego playset is capable of. Compared to those, this set is a bit underwhelming.
  7. If CC is real, and it turns out to be micro-fig size... just shoot me now.
  8. Surprisingly impressed with the Hoth Medical Chamber. It's bigger than it looks, and the detailing (without using ANY stickers) is very good. The minifigures are nice updates, though FX-7 needs more arms. These small-ish dioramas seem to be a bit of trend lately, hope they keep it up. From best to worst (IMO): Hoth Medical Chamber 75203 Yoda's Hut 75208 Carbon Freezing Chamber 75137 Hoth Attack 75138
  9. jedge

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I guess a church or cathedral would be taboo for lego to do. Something cute like a Pet Shop or another Toy Store would be good. A Country Inn would be great if they want to go big this year. I like the Ski-Lodge idea. Maybe they could make the ski slope also a train tunnel? And a ski-lodge would of course require a fireplace, and hopefully they'd bring back the used-to-be-traditional lighted brick this year. Maybe a Winter Barn with a tractor + hay-ride.
  10. Definitely passing on the Porg, I picked up the BB8 and kinda regret it. I just like mini-fig style sets better than sculptures. One thing I can't tell though: does the mouth open by rotating the wing, or by swinging it out... like a flapping motion?
  11. jedge

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Eastern US here. I ordered mine at 9am on 5/16 and it arrived THE NEXT DAY at 2:00pm. I didn't ask for any special shipping. Great surprise to see this at my door so fast.
  12. jedge

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Just went through for me. (east coast us) I'm not a big collector of city sets, nor the other fairground sets, but this build looks awesome and I love big display pieces.
  13. jedge

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Apparently the 1400 jobs they had to cut all came from IT.
  14. jedge

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Still no pics of the OT sets? Where is the skiff, speeder, and rebel base thing with Lando?