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  1. m0dulo

    Light scout mech (Mk8)

    Great work! I'd love to buy an entire theme.
  2. I bought two and I'm very happy. I was more interested in the B model but I always have to build the A model and I don't like to disassemble right away. When I was done with both, I enjoyed building each but I wish the B model had more detail and functionality. I will probably start modifying the B model with parts from the A model. JT
  3. m0dulo

    2015 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I wanted the 60080. $119+ for 586 pieces? Um.... no.
  4. m0dulo


    This is wonderful, a great tribute to the orangutan. Maybe this can somehow raise awareness about their habitat and extinction concerns.
  5. m0dulo

    [MOC] Harimau - WipEout HD version

    I love all versions of wipeout! This is great.
  6. Registrant Country: China Admin Country: China Tech Country: China Any questions? Seriously though, they have only registered this domain for one year, which probably cost as much as your lunch. That is perfectly allowable but it is the absolute minimum and strange for a business. Creation Date: 2014-12-26T05:48:51Z Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2015-12-26T05:48:51Z I'm not sure how the UK or Europe is relevant. traceroute ends with an IP address within a block for a networking company in China. address: Hai Nan Nice Win networking Ltd address: 268 Rom HaiNeng building # 36 DaTong road address: HaiKou city HaiNan Province address: CN
  7. m0dulo

    Lego Ideas reject Sci Fi

    I understand that but I don't understand why they would already provide a URL and then return 404. It seems like if it isn't accepted yet, it should say "under review" or not even generate a URL yet. It isn't a big concern - I just wonder why things work the way they do sometimes. :)
  8. m0dulo

    Lego Ideas reject Sci Fi

    The server returns a 404 error for that URL. I also tried searching for "martian tripod", "martian", "mars", etc. and couldn't find anything. Is there another name or link I can try?
  9. m0dulo

    What the color change in the Green baseplates?

    Oops, I read that late that night and wrote my comment incorrectly. It sounded to me like he was saying the green color AND the lack of being able to connect on the bottom were new changes — that the previous baseplate was able to attach pieces to the bottom. I have the previous green and blue baseplates and they are the same way. ;) I understand what he meant now.
  10. m0dulo

    What the color change in the Green baseplates?

    I'm confused. That reviewer writes, "and non connectable bottomed plate." Seriously? You can't attach anything to the bottom?
  11. m0dulo

    Technic Pub

    Just a LEGO joke.
  12. m0dulo

    Who Designed the Space Container Ship?

    Did you ask the person who posted that picture on flickr?
  13. m0dulo

    Technic Pub

    Too many decals, especially the headlamps! ;)
  14. m0dulo

    [HELP] Stud Dimensions

    number of studs * width of one stud - 0.2mm for example, with p = the width of one stud = 8mm : 10 * p - 0.2mm = 79.8mm 20 * p - 0.2mm = 159.8mm 30 * p - 0.2mm = 239.8mm
  15. m0dulo

    LEGO Ideas WALL-E

    I think the designer of that Jurassic Park set called it Jurassic Park at first, then it was rejected due to licensing (neither confirmed nor denied any relationship at the time), so he had to resubmit it as "Dinosaurs" or something like that. :)