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  1. As titled, an authentic DeadPool from set #6866, complete with double-katanas in the proper back-sheath, and with his pistol, bought by me personally when released, for - both the Alfred and Penguin (w/ umbrella) from #70909... PM me if interested, I can send it out right away
  2. Have an Iron Fist from (6873), and Tie Bomber Pilot from (75008), both in NEW condition. Needing the two different Soldiers of the Dead, not the King, from (79008), with their appropriate capes and in likewise condition. LMK ~ Edward.
  3. notaromantic

    Official Eurobricks Straightshooters List

    +1 to WhiteFang. Thank you, my kind sir.
  4. notaromantic

    MOC: Bank/Library/Museum Facade - Unfinished Modular

    Very profound words. I think the facade is very worthy of keeping, and I especially like the accent you gave to the arch. I think where it begins to go wrong is at the jumper and tooth trim at the top. That area does not seem to be in the rhythm with the rest of the build. And, I suspect, that's about where the build started to lose its self, and its interest for you. My own builds are often in stages of assessment. I stare at them, and eventually, identify the things that are bothering me, and then go back and deconstruct in order to try again. I think that this is part of the natural process of building - it just cannot be perfect first go around; not all the time. And to think it should be is a malady of modern culture - but I digress there, that's getting too philosophical again. Simply put: Doesn't mean you should scrap it. Just means its time to take another step backward. And, really, that would be my own advice to myself. I just happened to say it out loud. Revisit the top trim. Perhaps, bulk it out a little, and detail it more - and let it slope out a stud or two wider at the sides, adding that extra width to the left front in the form of another layer of brick jutting out from the current edge, and then the extra window/ door to the right front. Something like that... The meat and potatoes of it is there. Just dessert it up a little.
  5. notaromantic

    [MOC] Palace of Culture and Science

    Lovely. Bookmarked your blog...
  6. notaromantic

    Using Minifig Cake Mold for giant bar of bodywash soap?

    You should build tiny LEGO fish, colorful of course, insert them randomly, and then fill the rest of the mould with a clear epoxy...
  7. notaromantic

    New Bricklink Format

    The Gods seem to have favored some people in the transition, and they weren't too affected by it. Life goes on, uninterrupted. But for many, many others, it was as if someone came into their home and turned everything upside down - they are legitimate people with legitimate concerns, whose livelihood and sanity depends upon the BrickLink market, and they have a right to feel frustrated, angry, and resentful of the disarray they are experiencing, and of which they had no voice whatsoever. But the saddest thing here - is to see the BrickLink Community, and thus a large, large percentage of the LEGO AFOL community, at odds. There are some very mean, ignorant, and unsympathetic things being said in those forums between these two populations... Its dark, dark days for the LEGO community. Everything is far from awesome right now.
  8. notaromantic

    New Bricklink Format

    Yea, I can't use it either... And I'm in the middle of an inspiring build and also starting a new minifig collection after I swore I was done with minifigs, and the GF is going on a trip this weekend, so my plans were to bury myself in BrickLink looking for parts, some HTF figs, seeing if the inventories for the new City sets had hit yet, and in placing some of those orders I've procrastinated on placing for a few weeks. Looks real doubtful, now. Just when a man is trying to stay out of trouble...
  9. notaromantic

    Brick Name Plates

    How about My only concern would be - printing an excess (at least 250, you say...) of very individual or one-off pieces/ parts seems like it could quickly become expensive. Have you thought about making your own decals to then attach to a tile? I understand if your OCD might forbid you from doing so, but way cheaper, and at least, in the end, the parts are still salvageable should you part with any of your figs....
  10. notaromantic

    Looking for a Spooky Girl...

    Colorado. (USA)
  11. From #9489 and #10236, Dotted Mouth Pattern - sw366: Looking for a 1) Batman #76035 or #76046, just for his Dark Bluish Gray Legs w/ Boots, or for a 2) Cuusoo Pete, for the Green Classic Space Suit, or for a 3) Queasy Man from #10244 just for his fantastic face... Ok, got to go watch Fantasy Island, now. PM me if your interested.
  12. If so, I have... - a Batman, Black Suit, with the Gold Printing from 2006's 7781/7783/7785. Mint, w/ batarang. - or a Tie Bomber Pilot, from #75008 ... wth, I'll throw in both if you want 'em. LMK.
  13. notaromantic

    My Deadpool for your Joker...

    I also have an Iron Fist, like new, taken directly from #6873 when that was released in 2012. Same asking...
  14. I have a Deadpool taken MINT from Set# 6866 in 2012, with sheath and both swords, and its been stored away since. I'm not particularly fond of it, as I'm "thinning the small herd", so to speak, and most of these casualties are superhero figs, not enough to want to keep in my displayed or stored collection anyway - And, I've been eyeing the Dark Pink joker from #76502... If you'd like to swap, LMK. I have great Bay and BL feedback, and wouldn't mind sending it out right away. Peace.