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  1. Can't wait for this to be delivered! I'm a backer on Kickstarter and November is too far away. :D
  2. HarmanMotor

    E motor

    Hi all, I've actually found this motor quite useful in my MOCs, particularly my fluid drive bus, as I need all the RPMs I can get from the motor (more RPMs = better fluid coupling performance). The M-motor, whilst it had more torque, could not seem to deliver the same amount of RPM and therefore this resulted in lower overall top speed of the bus, especially in high gear. With this E-motor connected to the fluid coupling, the 'stall RPM' of the motor at full throttle with the bus stopped is lower than the M-motor (due to the lower torque rating), however once the bus gets going, it is able to reach a higher speed. More info on my fluid drive bus MOC here (if you're interested): http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=98420 Cheers
  3. HarmanMotor

    [MOC] Pickup truck

    Nice truck! You don't see many MOCs with centre differentials these days either (well, at least I haven't), so kudos to you!
  4. HarmanMotor

    [MOC] Technic B-25 Mitchell WIP

    Nice work so far! Have you thought about having a bomb bay with electrically-operated bomb bay doors?
  5. HarmanMotor

    SBrick General Discussion

    My pledge is in!!!! Can't wait guys this looks great! :classic:
  6. HarmanMotor

    [MOC] Fluid Drive Bus Mk1

    Thanks for the comments. Phoxtane, I don't have a sample fluid coupling dismantled at the moment to show exactly the internal parts (the case is 'permanently sealed' once assembled and must be broken apart if it needs to be disassembled), but I have provided design/concept images below. It's very simple, basically the fluid drive case contains Technic pulleys (part 4185)...at least one each for the input and output side of the coupling. The input and output sides are not physically connected in any way, but the whole job is filled half-full with oil. I am experimenting with using different types of pumps and turbine designs, (rather than using the pulleys with circular holes) to better transmit the driving force. For the moment the pulleys perform the job well enough. In the future I may look at developing a 'lockup clutch' to physically lock the coupling input and output sides together when the vehicle is travelling at higher speeds for better 'battery economy'.
  7. HarmanMotor

    [MOC] Corvette C3 Stingray

    Wow, had to comment on this and say what a lovely vehicle, nice work! I must say you really captured the lines of this car in your LEGO design! Bravo! :classic:
  8. HarmanMotor

    [MOC] Fluid Drive Bus Mk1

    Thanks grum! Muchly appreciate the comments!! Yes I was hoping to make the operator's manual informative enough, but without getting bogged down with too much detail at the same time...although having said that, some crazy part of me wants to draft up a 'factory' or 'shop' manual for this beast, but the thought of pulling it all apart just to document it just doesn't sit well with me right now. Maybe later...heh. Glad you guys enjoyed this. I have a strange feeling of wanting to start on my next MOC asap, now that this one is 'out of the way'. I don't believe in dismantling my MOCs so this one is going onto the shelf (once I find make room for it!)... Cheers
  9. HarmanMotor

    [MOC] Fluid Drive Bus Mk1

    Haha yes unfortunately I will probably need approval from the council (my wife) before I go any further down that path, but who knows! I already have a fluid drive vehicle running successfully throughout the house. No mess as yet thankfully! :D I look forward to seeing your project...in the meantime it's Winter here (down in Australia) so I have quite a bit of time indoors to think about these things (and hopefully not lose too much of my hair in the process! lol) Cheers
  10. HarmanMotor

    [MOC] Fluid Drive Bus Mk1

    Ahh yes I get you now, hydraulic motors and the like. =) I've seen this type of transmission used on crane vehicles and railroad shunters also. I've heard that the hydrostatic transmission can also function as an effective brake when the operator wishes to slow down. It would be interesting to build a hydrostatic transmission with hydraulic motors such as these, but my mind boggles a bit if I'm going to consider using oil, as in, the process of keeping everything sealed under pressure and not cause a mess on the living room wooden floor haha. The concept you talk about using gears sounds interesting...do you have any posts on that project elsewhere? For the moment, my bus sets out to achieve its objective of having a 'simple' fluid coupling which is very similar to its real-world examples (note that this is not a torque converter, only a simple fluid flywheel). My next vehicle may be a Greyhound "Scenicruiser" bus with two motors and two fluid couplings (very similar to the real-world twin-engined prototype). That's going to be a challenge and a half... Cheers!
  11. HarmanMotor

    [MOC] Fluid Drive Bus Mk1

    Hi Gents, Thanks for the comments! Pat, thanks for the welcome. These wheels were originally light grey and I repainted them in "British Green". @TheItalianBrick Yes I will admit the bus isn't the prettiest thing around...I would have liked to have used more green bricks in its construction however and you're right, the looks weren't high on my list of priorities haha. ;) Re: the smooth driving effect, this is main benefit of using the fluid flywheel. The drive is transmitted using silicon oil and any shocks from the gear changes etc are cushioned by the fluid also - much like a real-life automatic transmission in a car. Unfortunately Lego haven't made any parts that I could use for this purpose thus far, so I've had to improvise in this area (incidentally, the contents of the fluid flywheel contains Lego parts, it's only the blue casing itself I've had to improvise and needs to be sealed as much as possible as it contains oil which is flung around pretty violently. :o Not 100% sure what you mean by "converter", however the bus can be driven forwards or backwards via the remote IR controller by issuing forward/reverse commands to the e-motor. If I had more space I could have implemented a dedicated reverse gear however it seemed a bit redundant when I can easily reverse the motor via the IR controller. Glad you guys enjoyed the vid and the manual also! Cheers
  12. Hi all, I'm new here to the forums and would like to showcase to you my latest MOC, a bus which is based loosely off the AEC Regal MkIV. This has taken me approximately six months from prototype to completion. Like the original bus, this MOC also features a fluid flywheel ("fluid drive"), which is filled with 40W silicon oil. This smoothly transmits the power from the E-motor to the gearbox. The bus is controlled via IR remote controls (for steering, throttle and gear shift). I've included some links to media below, including photos, video, a PDF manual and a link to the post I made on my own blog. Hope you enjoy!!! Link to blog post Link to PDF Operator's Manual