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  1. Stanley KuBRICK

    MOC: R.S. Neptune

    Great improve! She looks less bulky. Keep that way! Think to string rigging too, it add a lot (in my opinion)
  2. Stanley KuBRICK

    [MOC] HMS Elisa

    Brickshelf is down for maintenance. Anybody knows more?
  3. Stanley KuBRICK

    [MOC] HMS Elisa

    Thank you your all your congratulation. It's great to see that his creation is appreciated No need to feel sorry. Cirticism are welcome and help to progress. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to lower this ship. It will a too difficult change to the structure. Too much to dismantle to worth it. But I keep the advice in mind for a next model. I don't see my photos anymore? Why is that?
  4. Stanley KuBRICK

    HMS Gallant

    She looks great! A double gundecked is something you don't find so much. I would like to see more photos!
  5. Stanley KuBRICK

    English warship "Revenge" from 1577 in minifigscale 1:50

    Astonishing! I can only join myself to all the compliments that have already been made! I've a question though! I've seen the gray tower in your WIP photos that acts as conterweight for the curved structure. But how did you achieve this goal in the finished ship? Is the tower hide inside the aftcastle? And if not how do you proceed?
  6. Stanley KuBRICK

    [MOC] HMS Elisa

    Thanks! Well seen about the boy, I didn't notice that when I choosed a torso. I should have pick something else. Thank you for your praise and your explanation. I completely agree about realism being not compulsory. My aim wasn't to be 100% realistic but to include all kind of details I liked and being playable (even if I do not actually play with the ship). Like improving the ship I would have done when I was a kid. On the other way I didn't want to be completely fanciful. It's a mix of both aspect. Thank you! I suppose you see that there's 3 golden figure-heads on HMS Elisa!
  7. Stanley KuBRICK


    She's beautiful as all your ship. I must say your creations were among my greatest sources of inspiration!
  8. Stanley KuBRICK

    Colonial Harbor Scene

    Awesome! So alive!
  9. Stanley KuBRICK

    [MOC] HMS Elisa

    165C After discovering eurobricks and all the great lego ships that are here, I decided to build my own one. Indeed I 've keep my lego collection from my childhood, so I had a good basis to start. For that reason I wanted to use the classic lego hulls and masts. I wanted my ship to had several decks & masts, to be fully rigged, to have a interior and a few others features you will discover. After 1,5 years I have finish, and I proudly introduce you the HMS Elisa: Specification: Masts: 3 Decks: 2 Guns: 2x8 heavy guns and 4 Swivel guns Crew: 22 souls Figure head: 3 Dimension (without masts): 74 cm (Length) x 15 (height, main deck; 21 for the quarter deck) x 14 (width, main deck level; 18 at the broadest level) Dimension (with) mast: 96 cm (L) x 84 cm (h) Deck removable to access inside Functional capstan and wheel-rudder A lot of bricks but don't ask how many, I don't have any idea! I didn't have any specific real inspiration model, I got ideas from others ship on eurobricks, mocpages, etc and a few painting/pics on internet and in comic books. A consequence is that I do not really know what type or class of vessels she belongs to. Maybe you can help me with this? Enought talk, let see some others pictures: The captain's cabin (under the bridge): The galley (under the captain's cabin) and the aftermost part of the gun deck: The front part of the gun deck (under the deck with the capstan): Middle part of the hold: The ship with all removable parts gone: All the removable parts: I made two little mistakes in the arrangement: the third part of the middle line (the hole with the scale) should be the second of the right line (gun deck). And the actual second of the right line sould be between the big one and the one with a wall (that's the wall between the galley and the gun deck). Aniway,... Please see my mocpage for more photos and the video of the wheel-rudder! Now I really want your comments and critics. If you have any suggestion to improve her, don't hesitate! Thank you for your interest!
  10. Stanley KuBRICK

    HSS Belynia: Blacksmith

    Not a big fan of the colours but it works! I like the general shape, particulary the roof, of course, but also the timber framing: nothing seems really straight and everything is a little curvy. And the armor wall is very original. Never seen that!
  11. Stanley KuBRICK

    [MOC] My Black Pearl

    Amazing work! She looks beautiful. she seems very realistic, I like that. The rigging and sails are great. Considering the black colour of your ship, A little bit more light would have been useful to better see the details. But I know it's difficult. The "Petersson" seems to be a interesting textbook, thank you for sharing.
  12. Stanley KuBRICK

    Hello everybodies

    Hello, I'm from Belgium and in my thirties. I've leave my dark age 2 or 3 years ago mostly after discovering classic-pirates. My biggest lego interests consist in ships and castles. I've browse a lot of topics and MOC's here, finding inspiration for my own's one. Now it's finish and it's time to join your community to share my first creation as a AFOL.