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  1. Tremah


    I thought she could have naked metal body parts, without the skin cover. *high-fives back* You've got the feel right!
  2. Tremah


    In the year 2037, the new frontier of virtual reality was opened... Highres on my Flickr
  3. Tremah

    Titanosaurus WREX

    Thank you all! Well, that's overused already. I've seen a lot of decent creations which used trap pieces this way. Decided to try something new. Yep, you're right. Zamor is connected to the cattle horn piece. Seen this technique on some tablescrap photos on flickr. Tried to go with it. I guess you're right. Although I like fusion between G1 and CCBS, in this build G2 prevails. Won't happen next time!
  4. Tremah

    Titanosaurus WREX

    Hi there, it's my new OC I've built recently. Took me 2 days to finish. Hope you like it. Highres on my Flickr Any comment is appreciated.
  5. Tremah

    Review: 75111 Darth Vader

    Man I really want the "newa" shoulderplates in black. Pity there are only HF ones there. But overall, this year's Vader is as cool as 2002 version. Great job with the review, VBBN. Thanks!
  6. Tremah

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    This may be second wave though.
  7. Tremah

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    There is no place for him on the article list. The list goes from -00 to -10, starts with the Creatures and ends with Umarak. So there's exactly five places for the Toa in the list.
  8. Hello, guys! Just today I've got my hands on the new Bionicle summer wave polybag. I think It's going to be available worldwide soon, so get ready. So here it is, evil, villainy, skull-grindery! The front of the bag shows the set itself with this poster-like paper (I assume it's not cardboard) underlay and a cardboard stand with mask support sticking out of it. The gold Skull Grinder mask looks epic and dark. It actually seems like the mask has copper tint in it. The top left side of the bag says that it has 13 pieces inside. No set number though. Finally, the back shows us the set number. It's 5002942. So, inside the bag we have a booklet, a... poster(?) folded in triangle, three pieces of mask stand and a bag of Lego pieces (including the mask) Illuminati confirmed? The triangle thing actually unfolds into... hexagon! That's unexpected. The "bottom" shows MoCr with Grindy eyes on the back. Nothing new. On the upper side we can clearly see the place where the stand should be. The booklet contains the instructions to both stand and mask support. The paper of the stand is soft to the touch, but sturdy. The green highlights on the long piece is slightly metallic. A bag of parts. I don't see anything new except for the mask. As I've said the mask looks epic and dark. The support looks exactly like the support fo MoCr. Thе mask doesn't hold well on the stand. It's a bit wobbly, but... ...if you force the mask a bit more into the support, it'll fix well. This is how you suppose to keep the stand on your shelf. It's a bit weird to me. I hope you enjoyed the review! Bye!
  9. My entry: Roodaka the Queen of Skullspiders. I'd like to leave the story to our brave storyteam, but to mention that she is the queen of Skullspiders as a reference to the Visorak hordes. I've decided to recreate one of the most charismatic female villains of the old Bionicle story. She bears her traditional staff / scepter that we've already seen in "Web of Shadows" but with more spidery look. Her hair is also remininiscent of the one seen in the movie, it is flexible and somewhat poseable. As for the construction, I'd like to mention that I tried to combine the old Bionicle Pieces, Technic and CCBS, though the shades of silver have been changing from year to year and it was sometimes difficult to put the old and the new ones together due to their color differences. I also used a lot of flexible parts to preserve the smooth outline of the model without the lack of poseability. Although It's quite reckless of me to hope for the grand prize posting such a character, I'm looking forward to see more feminine characters in my favorite Lego series. Entry pic: [Flickr Gallery]
  10. Wow! A very interesting model! I'm watching the video over and over again, it's so cool. I recognize his guitar though
  11. Tremah

    Greatest Action Figure Combiner?

    My favourite is Makuta-nui, 2003 combiner of Makuta, Takua, Pewku, Jaller and Gukko. Its color scheme is cool (there's a lot of lovely dark orange) Also I like its feet and claws
  12. Tremah

    Lewa: Taster of Jungle!

    Wow, that's great! It seems like Lewa has a new power - jungle barf.
  13. Not bad for the first time! Well done! The build looks nice and his poseability is good, I think. But, alas, there are some cons. The color scheme might be better. I don't really like the red pieces, and combination of all of the possible metallic colors. Try to use only one of them, i.e, gunmetal gray. Also, tan Pohatu Mata boots look a little awkward for a weapon.
  14. Thank you guys! Haha, yeah, kind of. Are you going to finish it? That's a cool idea, do you have any WIP photos? Actually, I'm working on a bunch of musical instruments made out of Lego. And I'm thinking of submitting them to Lego Ideas. So, is it reasonable to do that, what do you think guys?
  15. Tried to find any MOCs related to guitars made of technic, but found nothing decent. Then tried to make it myself. Here is the picture for inspiration: Yamaha TRBX174 Pic Made a special stand for the guitar. Stand with guitar The stand is pretty simple. Stand Technic flexible axles give it a smooth silhouette Pic Tremolo pedal on a bass... yeah, weird. Pedal Together with my previous model - Natasha Breez. Pic 1 Pic 2 Hope you've enjoyed that. Final