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  1. Hi guys, 8043 was THE SET that ended my dark ages and, until now, I was very reluctant to make any modifications to it. But, like many of you, I’ve just received my BuWizz and decided to use 8043 to get my first impressions of BuWizz:
  2. Thanks to your feedback, I've made a new version of that LSD - check it out and please tell me what you think:
  3. Ufff, it is hard to compare performance of those two in terms of speed (they are made in different scale and use different motors). Here is more about my VW T1 in case you've missed it: http://www.eurobrick...4
  4. Yeah, I understand it now - TheMindGarage, nicjasno and Max, thank you very much for your comments! If it weren't for you, I could look at it for days and not to see the most important thing – it has to be open at the start to be LSD and to lock only if the slip occurs (great explanation, Max). I guess I was so excited with compactness of this solution that I missed the obvious - I'm sorry for that!
  5. Thank you! No, unfortunately, I haven't measured the speed. Related to that here are some additional info; Rear axle is connected to the faster output of RC 5292 motor with 1:1 gear ratio, tires are 56x28 and model weighs 450g (most of it is placed around rear axle).
  6. Thank you all for your comments! Give it some slack, it is just an old VW T1
  7. Hello everyone! This is my newest creation: It is a result of a strange process - I usually know what I want to build before I start building, but with this one it wasn't the case. I was tinkering about limited slip differentials – trying to find some compact solution, one that can fit regular LEGO differential. Then I needed some vehicle to test it… One thing led to another and I had this top fuel dragster on my desk. It is build for speed - has great power (RC 5292 motor) to weight ratio (weighs 450g). It is rather simple creation. The only function, besides motorized driving and steering (servo motor), is manually adjustable rear wing. Dimensions: 48cm long, 12 cm wide, 14.5 – 16 cm high I hope you'll like it! More photos: Please check the video to see more about its speed - after all, it is the main feature of this model (I filmed it in my building's garage - my apartment is too small for that thing ) and tell me what you think about that limited slip diff. Also, now I'm wondering, do you always know what are you going to build from the start or did you have similar experience like me with this MOC?
  8. I remember discussing with my friend numerous times how great would it be to have more powerful rechargeable battery for our LEGO models. It’s been 7 years now from the release of LEGO 8878 rechargeable battery and technology has surely improved so we were convinced it could be done… Long story short, you can imagine my excitement when I saw this yesterday! It has great potential for compact and efficient creations and that’s way, after seeing Sariel’s video last night, I decided to back it on kickstarter (as I did for SBrick).
  9. Looks very interesting and works even better - great job mate!
  10. Thank you guys so much for all your kind words! It really means a lot! For the better inside view, here are some photos of the chassis (body is easy detachable - connected to the chassis in 6 points)
  11. Thanks! Here are more detailed photos of the adjustable rear suspension mechanism that I promised to make: and the license plate mechanism:
  12. Thanks! Here is the photo of the underside: