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    Peel P50

    Some say it's the smallest car in the world.... All we know is, it's called the P50.
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    Tiny MOC Collection

    I would like an RC version.
  3. At the bottom of the page you can see gerger made a variant of it that uses the big PF battery box - of course you loose the seat to have it fit, but it works fine. His also has different size wheels, different ride height and so one. Not sure about the parts, but you can use the rebrickable website to check the part list, I think there are some tools to compare them too and see what's missing. For example Madoca's also uses the link/rod Technic Link 1 x 9 that only appears in few sets, and only a single one in each, except for the 42000 that has 7. So you won't really find any sets that have all the parts for this - you either order the missing ones from bricklink or other sites or adapt the design to what you have.
  4. If you want a nice RC car, I recommend Madoca's Buggy 2 as inspiration at least. It's good because It has a small part count, light, good ground clearance and speed, uses the more common (cheaper) battery box, and the L motors drive the wheels directly - gears and diffs can skip and break and just loose speed. I also found XL motors to be too heavy, need to be geared up to get speed, at which point you can end up with broken gears... It should be easy to find a set that contains most of the parts you need. The really good RC cars use the buggy motors, but those are long discontinued and can be hard to find and expensive. There are 2 issues with the Buggy 2 - the springs and the wheel hubs it uses are not very common in current sets, but they can be modded to use the smaller springs and the new hub that results in 5 stud height of the suspension arms. [MOC] PF Buggy 2 Yes, the SBrick can drive 2 separate motors (on 2 separate connectors), and even drive one inverted, from the same control slider - so you don't need the PF switch. Also, there was a major overhaul to the Android app for Sbrick a few weeks ago, and it's finally very good and stable, the range is fixed too. There are some efforts to make an app that can use an android compatible physical controller, but I didn't get around to testing it yet.
  5. Just to clarify a few things about the speed remote: The dials work much like a computer mouse's scroll wheel - there is no center, and if you rotate too much at a time, it will skip - it will only step one even if you rotated 3 steps. So you can't really use it for steering/accelerating a car, because the response is pretty slow and unreliable. They are intended for trains. The regular IR remote can only control full forward / stop / full back. This works pretty well for a car for drive and steering, but it's pretty limited, not like the more sophisticated analog RC cars you would find, it's more like the cheap ones. The problem I ran into is that I couldn't make a fast car, because the high gearing resulted in too much torque at start (from zero to full speed) and the gears would slip - they could very well break if pushed. The SBrick (see below) should allow for gradual acceleration. The servo is very good for steering, it turns 90 left, center or 90 right. So you don't have to have a return-to-center mechanism for your steering. With the speed remote you could control it step-by step, 7 steps to in each direction (the speed remote problems do apply). Also, the IR system does not work well outside, it will not be reliable over a few meters due to sunlight. Also there is a problem of line-of-sight. Indoors it works, because the walls reflect enough so you don't have to point the remote directly at the sensor, but it's still not perfect - you can't drive under a table or put something on your MOC that covers the sensor. And as someone mentioned, the SBrick. I was in the first 500 for it, and expecting to get it within the month. It should allow us to control the motors in an analog way (1000 something steps), without lag or the sequential nature of the speed remote. Also, one SBrick control 4 functions, compared to the 2 of a PF receiver. And the remote is any modern iOS/Android tablet or phone. I don't have first hand experience with it yet, but the videos that the beta testers put up are very impressive. I have previously set up my phone with a PS3 Sixaxis bluetooth gamepad for games and such, I hope to use the joysticks and buttons on that to control my MOC. I recommend you not invest in the IR system and go for one or more SBricks - you can find videos on their site and youtube of it in action.
  6. Having the same problem with the shock absorbers.