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  1. beeman101

    MOC - Bridgestone Tyre Service Centre

    Its the small significant things that make this work so well. Love the way you have used the pcs to make the counter wall/divider ! Brick on mate
  2. beeman101

    New to modular.

    In personally think the Ps is a great first build. It was mine. You get 2 different buildings to build. They can be seperated in your Lego city layout so you'll feel like you get 2 modulars ! My favourite till now is still the GE though !
  3. beeman101

    Lego Modular City Square

    What the...........Thats a brilliant square........... True Car Freezone .............But for Holland .....less bicycles in your square eh !
  4. beeman101

    Is LEGO dying?

    With more and more Afol's,,different theme's,, people from many countries getting more and more into lego....... Hell no its "ALIVE & KICKING"
  5. beeman101

    Are mocs worth it?

    For sure....just email me your address.....let me see if we could help each other out......just too lazy for LDD :-(
  6. beeman101

    MOC: Having fun

    Just one word WOW
  7. beeman101

    Are mocs worth it?

    Im based in india. Have BL'ed, not the easiest but managable.......Also, lots of lego now available. Just have to llok out for those deals on many online webstores ! Maybe i should start a BL store ;-)
  8. beeman101

    MOC: Office Modular

    Now that is phenomenal !!! Beautifull realistic looking modular building.......Can't wait for what you have planned for the insides...
  9. beeman101

    MOC: Police Station

    REally nice. A very rural small town feel to this moc.... love it love it love it
  10. beeman101

    City Layout - Inspired by Los Angeles, California

    Your is one of my favourite city builds. Have seen and enjoyed your videos on youtube !! Love these new additions and a new video !!! Brick on In addition:- Your skyscraper designs and fusion into your city are simply put...............priceless
  11. beeman101

    Main Street 2015

    This is such unique work mate ! Love the whole concept....Can't wait to see more builds from you
  12. beeman101

    Drive-Thru McDonalds Modular [MOC]

    Love it. Love the Red street lamps too !!! Don't believe i have seen those before? Brick on
  13. beeman101

    Review: 10246 Detective's Office

    Firstly, Great Review ++++++ I was really on the fence on this one. This review has greatly changed my view on this modular. A definite buy for me. Love the interiors and the whole concept. The more i see it the more i see the little features which put this set apart or at least slightly different from the others. Of course great playability for the younger lot and i think a nice building to give any Lego City more character and colour...
  14. beeman101

    What environment should LEGO City Police patrol next?

    Jungle !!! Would love to see how this force could shape up. Part Police/Part paramilitary.
  15. beeman101

    STATMEDICS Emergency Medical Services

    I looks huge. No interior shots... Nicely done mate !!