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    Hi from NorCal

    Thanks unclejeffie. I definitely have realized some people just want to get rid of stuff. I got some of my S2 that way too. Glad you found some good ones :)
  2. dctocali

    Hi from NorCal

    Yep. Have to start somewhere. And mostly focusing on the newer ones though and getting ones that are cheap. Also doing a lot of trading. My series 2 and 5 are almost complete from trading alone. Series 1 however, I am holding off. And S2-5 there are ones that go for like 10, but I have found like $2-3 for some of them.
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    Hi from NorCal

    Hi all! My name is Amanda and I, like many others, just got back into LEGO. Was a huge fan as a little kid, and the LEGO movie got me back into it. Started my reobsession of LEGO with the movie CMF's, then got the Simpsons and some series 11 CMF's and now going back and filling in series 1-11. Even trying to create some sigs. I didn't realize that there are so many AFOL, and it was pretty cool to recently discover that. Just looking for a place to talk about LEGO since my boyfriend never had LEGO as a kid and doesn't really get my obsession. Thanks for listening!