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  1. Dutchiedoughnut

    Custom train set

    Oops! Of course, you're absolutely right! I have reworked the bogies to allow them to pass over switches and curves. In turn, I've had to raise the M motors by one plate, and then adjust the roof as well! First, the bogies needed to be changed so they don't catch on points and curves. I felt the old structure wouldn't be strong enough as the lower plate is now missing. The old 1x8 Technic beams were replaced by 4x4 Technic frames. The two short 2-long axles were replaced by a single, longer axle. This forced the drive shaft to the motor to be shorter, and I've changed it to an axle with end stop. The end stop will help keep the bogie attached to the locomotive when I pick it up. The M motor is a weak link, but I think it will be easy enough to re-attach the bogies to the M motor if needed. Re-attaching the gear would be much harder. In turn the M-motor mount has been pushed up: And then, the motor was interfering with the roof so that had to change. It worked out in the end though :).
  2. Dutchiedoughnut

    [MOC] Central Pacific 4-8-0 "Mastodon"

    I really like a lot about this model. The use of colors is very nice and it feels like a fun model to build and play. It's certainly different than most models posted here
  3. Dutchiedoughnut

    Custom train set

    I will have a look into creating the Brickshelf account. Meanwhile; bogies! No modern train should be without them... There isn't too much exciting about the 47's bogies; on the outside they use the standard Lego pieces to detail the outside. On the inside however, things are a bit different. All wheels on the 47 are powered, and the bogies should allow for a crazy amount of turning. This allows for tighter turns or longer locomotives. Above is the outside of the bogies. It's a bit plane Jane with Lego's standard magnet coupling and bogie sides. Only the drive shaft sticks out to reveal something unusual is going on. I've also added a bit of detail to represent the springs that hold up the locomotive in real life. There are also a few black plates added to help spread the weight; probably not entirely required. On the inside, things get a bit more interesting. Rather than the same old train engine, the drive shaft connects to a set of gears to drive both wheels. The bogies are constructed so that the gears have the minimum amount of play. I am not too sure about how much torque the bogies will handle (i.e. how many cars the locomotive can pull). I guess that is trial and error. Edit: Oops, forgot to mention the motor mount. Here is the bogie attached to the motor: And finally, the motor mount itself. The M motor is supported by 8 points on its bottom and 3 points on the front. This should be enough to hold the motor.
  4. Dutchiedoughnut

    Custom train set

    Hi everyone, Do you know those Russian dolls? The ones that you open up and there's a smaller doll inside? And so on, and so on... That's been the inspiration for this particular trainset. I will get back to that in later posts. I am going to start off with a 6-wide Class 47. A while back, I've posted something about a wider and longer 47. I've scaled it down for this set so it would run better on standard Lego tracks. In fact, it is just about the same size as Lego's own train sets. (Note: Where can I share the LXF file?) I've tried to make the model stand out a bit from the standard Lego locomotive setup (which typically uses a train motor as one bogie). Here it is, undressed: I did build the mechanics in part, and they come together quite nicely. I've modified the LDD file to fix the errors that did exist in the model. The engine is in Dutch livery. A quick look at my username explains why It's also meant to be build in modules: I will make you wait for the other bits of the trainset
  5. Dutchiedoughnut

    Fixing ME Models Curved Metal Rails with LEGO

    Oh wow - it is deeply disappointing to hear about the quality of metal rails after this long a wait for many of you. I personally did not buy any ME Models tracks though. However! The concept of using code 100 tracks in LEGO adapters is very promising! It allows for DIY tracks, curves, switches and crossings. I am rather keen on the thought of using PF and a DCC decoder to eliminate the drawbacks of PF. But that's a bit off-topic.
  6. Dutchiedoughnut

    [MOC] MOONEYES headquarters

    Very impressive! However a question. Would it be possible to incorporate the Shelby link into the build? Maybe build an AC Cobra they are building or a sign on the wall?
  7. Dutchiedoughnut

    [MOC] Art D├ęco Gas Station

    Gasps. Very beautiful! I love the 1950's feeling it conveys and all of the little details. Could you now please fix my Ford roadster?
  8. Dutchiedoughnut

    Apartment Block "Blue Whale"

    I love in a similar apartment building (its even blue, too!) so I enjoy seeing this build. I would put the blind wall next to the other modulars. In my apartment building, both end walls are blind and 6 of these buildings are linked. Modular indeed!
  9. Dutchiedoughnut

    [MOC] - 4-wide FYRA

    I dont think your build does the train justice. It is, in fact, far better. I bet it even runs really well and has no bits falling off when there is snow outside? Edit: yes, you got most of that right. Research well done! The FYRA trains were parked at Watergraafsmeer but are now sent back to Italy, I believe. I don't know about the Intercity Direct service... we have the Traxx locomotives running to Eindhoven while the Fyra never did. The new train acquisitions are for the replacement of general intercity services. Not (only) to replace the FYRA fleet.
  10. Dutchiedoughnut

    [MOC] Amtrak P42DC

    Well, you could try to do an articulated version of the locomotive for Octrainber... with a proper background story to go with it ;). Very attractive locomotive!
  11. Well... I think the UK in particular has quite a few models to work with. A to-scale Flying Scotsman with double tenders (semi-permanently coupled) comed to mind. I can name more examples, but I would be giving my own ideas away. Russia also has very large articulated locomotives.
  12. Dutchiedoughnut

    [MOC] Edificio Metropolis Madrid

    Very impressive! You could show off the details a bit more if you play with light for the pictures. With shadows, there is a greater sense of depth.
  13. Dutchiedoughnut

    7777 memories

    I do remember having the yellow and red train doors as a kid, without having a clue what they made or that my family even had that train...
  14. Dutchiedoughnut

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    I think putting the same product on the market as ME models is hard. Why would a LEGO builder pledge an amount of money rather than ordering from ME models at their website? OOf course you could, but you'd have to bring something to the table that ME doesnt. With the switches, however, you could be first to market and your switches look very good. If you can get the pricing right, could this be a more interesting project for the customers?
  15. Dutchiedoughnut

    So what Locomotive is the Maersk Train?

    Well, a mix of all of the above I suppose. I dont think Lego is trying to replicate a model perfectly. You'll likely find similar imperfections in the other creator trains. Feel free to modify them,i its Lego after all!