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  1. [MOC] Amtrak P42DC

    Well, you could try to do an articulated version of the locomotive for Octrainber... with a proper background story to go with it ;). Very attractive locomotive!
  2. Well... I think the UK in particular has quite a few models to work with. A to-scale Flying Scotsman with double tenders (semi-permanently coupled) comed to mind. I can name more examples, but I would be giving my own ideas away. Russia also has very large articulated locomotives.
  3. [MOC] Edificio Metropolis Madrid

    Very impressive! You could show off the details a bit more if you play with light for the pictures. With shadows, there is a greater sense of depth.
  4. 7777 memories

    I do remember having the yellow and red train doors as a kid, without having a clue what they made or that my family even had that train...
  5. BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    I think putting the same product on the market as ME models is hard. Why would a LEGO builder pledge an amount of money rather than ordering from ME models at their website? OOf course you could, but you'd have to bring something to the table that ME doesnt. With the switches, however, you could be first to market and your switches look very good. If you can get the pricing right, could this be a more interesting project for the customers?
  6. So what Locomotive is the Maersk Train?

    Well, a mix of all of the above I suppose. I dont think Lego is trying to replicate a model perfectly. You'll likely find similar imperfections in the other creator trains. Feel free to modify them,i its Lego after all!
  7. The fastest Lego Lok of the World

    True, but the train has a motor adding to its speed. And I just want to know the speed rather than calculate it ;)
  8. The fastest Lego Lok of the World

    I have to say the execution is impressive :). I guess you could build a speed trap at the bottom of the loop and time how long the train is actually in the loop itself? That should give you an average speed for the fastest section of the "railway".
  9. The fastest Lego Lok of the World

    Don't forget to factor in wind resistance which will get serious by 70 kph... lets go find the tallest building!
  10. [MOC] Red 0-4-0 Saddle Tank Steam Locomotive

    Now that will go very well with the 60098 coal crane!
  11. I suppose you get what you pay for? I'm not impressed by the clone brand designs, although they can be an inspiration to MOC something.
  12. 4 Train Motors on SBrick

    D_spocks answer seems much more likely. If you dont have an overcurrent protection for two hours, then thats not your problem. I would expect an overcurrent error to show itself after a minute. Two hours is a time limit.
  13. 4 Train Motors on SBrick

    Sounds like an overheating protection in the battery. It might be the S-brick overheating as well. Can you use the AA battery box as a test?
  14. Super capacitor circuit prototype

    Capacitors like these tend to fail when you reverse the voltage on them. (On polarized capacitors that it). If you do, they fail spectacularly! I have seen much bigger ones than these blow up as a result by fellow students... LiPO batteries can catch fire when overheating while Li-Ion batteries can explode.
  15. Electrosteam's Bag of Ideas

    Thats the one :)