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  1. mdbz

    [IDEAS] Railroad Signal Box [need support]

    This is a nice one, I like it very much! Supported. Details are cool, and the complexity level is optimal for an ideas entry. Good luck!
  2. mdbz

    Simple 7 wide flatbed

    Hello The result of some Sunday afternoon designing. Just for fun and to add some cars to my rolling stock :) Tried to keep it simple and toy-like (not modelling real one). 7 wide, and exactly 500 parts.
  3. I wish everybody Merry Christmas with the final pictures of the loco.
  4. Thank You! Yes, it was built for the contest, I just need to take some better pictures to enter.
  5. Finally... the original
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have done the test runs, and it was succesful. She can handle all the standart geometry tracks, but looks much better on r72 curves and r104 switches. Not a fast one, but there is room for impovement (there is enough room to change the M motors to L, more horsepower might bring higher speed) Waiting for the missing parts...
  7. Heyy, it's a good idea! I tried to redesign the buffer area, but the brick built buffers seems weird. The problem is the scale. The 2*2 round tile represents about 85 cm diameter, but the real ones are way smaller. I think that brick built buffers are seem good in 9W or bigger models.
  8. Yesss, it's a Nohab di3. These locos used to pull the holiday trains near Lake Balaton in my childhood and became an icon in Hungary. Some of them were renovated, and can be seen at Hungarian Railway Museum. There wasn't much progress (busy weekend), but the bogies are done. 199 parts each. Next step is the assembling, and doing some tests on the track.
  9. An earlier draft. The real built is at this phase...almost.
  10. Nice guess as the two locos are similar. Have You got a link to your design? Sooo, the bogies are ready (structurally, but I need to add some details later). There was some progress in the building also. Step 2: boat with some strange bogies :)
  11. :) It's funny, but that is not a boat of course. But I must admit, it's ship shape thing (at first sight). I have to add some details to prove that it's a loco :)
  12. Hello! This is my first design which modelling a real one. (to have some fun: free to guess, what was the original) Width: 7 studs and 1 plate, Length : 50 studs Drive: 2 PF m motor. (3 axle bogies, 2 driven) First step: final version (?) of the base with some details:
  13. mdbz

    (MOC){WIP} Station

    Hello I like to share some pictures of my new station. Still a WIP, but shaping good. Based on 80*96 studs (without the main stairs). Modular built: Consumes about 5-6000 pieces, but I am working on the inner things, so it will be more. Tomorrow I am going to take better pics in better light conditions. Till then here are some more pics in twilight mood.
  14. I'm really happy, You (and your son, of course) like my terminal crane. It was a brick by brick built, sadly there is no any digital asset for it. I planned to make LDD file, and - it seems the time has come - I will do it. But at first I have to finish my current work: