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  1. I feel the same about the boiler, but I had calculated the diameter based on the real one's and the scale, and the built is quite accurate. Maybe it's some optical illusion (the very long things looks thinner sometimes, and this boiler is long ;)) and regard the photos the perspective makes the 'nose' bigger. Or the later versions of the loco was built with bigger diameter boiler but it's hard to find technical infos or blueprints so I don't know :) One of the earliest version overlayed with the actual built: Don't forget to make her happy with supporting the little -almost twin- sister on ideas :D
  2. I'd like to share my latest build here. I have a plan to make some of the iconic locomotives from Hungary in large scale and this is the first of them, started from the begining the stream era. The 424 series was engineered and manufactured in Hungary. 514 units had been made between 1924 and 1958. As a multi purpose engine it was used for passenger trains and hauling and later for commuter trains. Was allowed to fly with 90 km/h what was a good number at that times but the unofficial speed record is above 120 km/h. There were several modifications as the years passed and was used till the early 80s. Two working engines remained and serve as nostalgia train sometimes. The scale 1:33 was determined by the big wheels ( And it led to 1 stud wider gauge than the standart tracks (it's almost the G gauge). Not modelled a particular one, more like my favourite mixed version from the early era. It's a 'motorized display set' so you can observe the rods' movement if lifted with some bricks under the frame. A huge thanks to @zephyr1934 here for the custom rods and valve gear bars. All the big wheels are driven by 2 power function L motors. The battery box and the IR receiver is in the tender. Theoretically it can run on G gauge straight tracks, but I haven't had any to try sadly. I've used about 3200 parts and the model's dimensions are 73*11.2*15.6 (cm, L*W*H). Some more pic (The rendered pictures are without the pneumatic tubes as I couldn't find them in Some not rendered And some from the original: (the last one is with the permission of the author of the pic) And the very last: sample from the plans: Hope You like it. There are a V1 version I have submitted on ideas, but not yet approved. This version is without the smoke deflectors as on ideas max 3000 pieces are allowed, and of course without the custom rods as only official lego parts can be used. So the V1: And if there is someone who wants more I have made a secret V3 version as well :) Have a nice day!
  3. mdbz

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Hi all, just want to show my first modding attempt. Motorized with 2 PF L motors and added a lego weight to improve the grip. The boiler radius increased by one plate to fit in the motors and the loco's height is now +2 plate as well. Also added +1 brick to the length. Digital only, but the parts are ordered. :) Inside:
  4. mdbz

    [IDEAS] Railroad Signal Box [need support]

    This is a nice one, I like it very much! Supported. Details are cool, and the complexity level is optimal for an ideas entry. Good luck!
  5. mdbz

    Simple 7 wide flatbed

    Hello The result of some Sunday afternoon designing. Just for fun and to add some cars to my rolling stock :) Tried to keep it simple and toy-like (not modelling real one). 7 wide, and exactly 500 parts.
  6. I wish everybody Merry Christmas with the final pictures of the loco.
  7. Thank You! Yes, it was built for the contest, I just need to take some better pictures to enter.
  8. Finally... the original
  9. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have done the test runs, and it was succesful. She can handle all the standart geometry tracks, but looks much better on r72 curves and r104 switches. Not a fast one, but there is room for impovement (there is enough room to change the M motors to L, more horsepower might bring higher speed) Waiting for the missing parts...
  10. Heyy, it's a good idea! I tried to redesign the buffer area, but the brick built buffers seems weird. The problem is the scale. The 2*2 round tile represents about 85 cm diameter, but the real ones are way smaller. I think that brick built buffers are seem good in 9W or bigger models.
  11. Yesss, it's a Nohab di3. These locos used to pull the holiday trains near Lake Balaton in my childhood and became an icon in Hungary. Some of them were renovated, and can be seen at Hungarian Railway Museum. There wasn't much progress (busy weekend), but the bogies are done. 199 parts each. Next step is the assembling, and doing some tests on the track.
  12. An earlier draft. The real built is at this phase...almost.
  13. Nice guess as the two locos are similar. Have You got a link to your design? Sooo, the bogies are ready (structurally, but I need to add some details later). There was some progress in the building also. Step 2: boat with some strange bogies :)
  14. :) It's funny, but that is not a boat of course. But I must admit, it's ship shape thing (at first sight). I have to add some details to prove that it's a loco :)