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  1. Thanks for the kind words, I am so happy, as all my concepts came back as comment. @LEGO Train 12 Volts yes I tried, but the rotation transfered to the other side of the cane (and the winch) by technic axles, and the longest is 32 stud. Using more axles results in a bigger center (winch) section, but I wanted to remain in city scale, so rejected this. Other option was to skip the lifting potential from the road or the green cargo area, but I wanted all two :) @Vilhelm22Sorry, it's built brick by brick, so no LDD was made. Technical details: There are 3 m motors, conected to 2 pf ir receiver (one receiver out isn't used). Each motor drive one function directly. Motor A: Moving the superstructure. After a clutch, there is a worm gear-24 tooth downgearing. It's provides enough torque to move the heavy structure, with proper slow speed. The real driver is a 8 tooth little gear conected to the long rack. The problem was the size. Driving the thing's one side was not sufficient, the driven side 'overtaken' the other, and the crane was falling... So, it was necessary to bring the driving to the other side, with one of the long axles. The two sides must be synchronous, for that the better solution was to bring the rotation with high rpm, and downgearing it on the other side too. Motor B: Moving the center section. The clutch gear drives two 24 tooth gears (1:1), so the rotation's direction and speed is the same. The two lower axles with many-many worm gears moves the center section with the help of two little racks. Motor C: After a 12:24(clutch) downgearing rotates the 4th long axle. In the center section there is an other downgearing to slower the winch's speed. It's a 8:24. Essential to use here the red 8 tooth gear, because of the sliding ability.
  2. Hi! When I saw the 60052 set first time, I knew that must build a bigger, motorized version. Hopefully it will be part of a bigger cargo area in my (planned) layout. Operates with IR remotes and 3 m motors. All motors are protected by clutch gears. Easy battery access: Loading small cargo: ...and handling heavy: Pallet area: And a little office: Working hard: And some detalis: Made a little video to see it in work:
  3. SPARK Industries

    I enjoy much better to create fictional models (lego - infinite imaginations may comes real) than modelling real ones, and I really glad You like it. I found one more image to share, which shows almost all model created in the first year of my train journey: Hope the next year will be as good as the first was :)
  4. SPARK Industries

    Hello! Firstly, thanks for the kind words, I didn't want to thumb up the topic with this. After months of work, we finished the new Spark Industries engine.That was the most time and money consuming project so far. Named: Moonlight DEN36 A robust diesel engine to pull heavy cargo trains. She rolls on 6 axles: 2 free and 4 driven. Working headlights, and ventilating on the top. Basic build info: - 7 wide, and 50 long - about 1300 pieces, 1190g (with batteries) - rigid chassis, built with technic parts - one motor for driving, in the middle of the loco - detailed cabin - two 3 axle bogies (2-2 driven) Electric side: - 1 battery box (AAA) (located at the tail) - 1 V2 PF infra receiver - 1 RC Buggy motor for driving (using the faster 'output') - downgeared (20/12) - infra 'A' port - 1 PF m motor for driving the two vents (on the top of the engine) - operated with the 'B' out of the infra - 2 PF led - headlight - works together with the m motor - 1 PF extension cable (20cm) Some pictures: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope You like it !
  5. SPARK Industries

    New double hopper car from Spark Industries. Named Moonlight CAH-36. Contains about 900 parts. With working function: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can open and close the cargo doors with this technic gear-wheel : And the first tests: Hope you like it!
  6. SPARK Industries

    Hi New refrigator car from Spark Industries. Maersk line addition :)
  7. SPARK Industries

    Hi, dear lego train fans! We are working hard at Spark Industries, so I want to show the new engine's (almost finished) plans: Powered by 1 rc buggy motor. Working head and tail light. The real built is in 'chassis only' stage, but ready for the first test runs. Wish her good luck ! :)
  8. SPARK Industries

    After the holiday, the Starlight PA48 passenger car's prototype is finished at Spark Industries. Some basic info: - 6 studs wide and 86 long - 3 segment - 4 bogie: 2 articulated and 2 standart - it can roll on all real lego tracks - 2 openable door (middle segment) - 6 passengers - 1250 parts In action with Starlight ENE24 (hunltc layout): Hope You like! You can support it on ideas :)
  9. SPARK Industries

    Still missing some parts (difficult to buy in Hungary) from the passenger car, so I built a tanker car till the finishing. So: Spark Industries presents: Moonlight CAF24 heavy tanker. The goal was to build a relative simple, big tanker, with classic Lego lines. Achieved? Let's see: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Info: - 320 parts - 6w, 28 long - two different color scheme planned - uploaded to 'ideas' like the othetr products
  10. SPARK Industries

    Thank You the comments ! Currently I'm working on a matching passenger car. The design is almost ready (ldd and the real build too), major missing thing is the interior, but the easiest way to describe it, to show a pic: It's heavy a bit (1200 parts), so the loco will pull only 2 cars. Needs some ordering to finish, but I'm on it :)
  11. SPARK Industries

    Starlight ENE24 The first MOC is a Locomotive of course. She is a powerful electric loco, with ability to run very fast with passenger cars, pull heavy cargo or just work in a big station. Loaded with PF: 2 RC train motors 2 IR receiver 4 LED 1 polarity switch And battery box (AAA) The two motors gives enough power to pull very long trains or climb up inclined tracks. (But empty the battery box faster) It was necessary to build in a polarity switch to reverse the 2nd motor's rotation direction. Placed to the only remaining room, below the train baseplate: There are 2 light chanels. One contains 2 Pf LEDs, one headlight, and at the opposite end, one taillight. The chanel selection is made by the remote unit, depending on the moving direction. The biggest challenge was to place and hide the PF cables (almost 2 meters) such a small place. Inside the loco, wasn't remains a cubic centimetre of free space. More pics: Hope You like It! If so, you can support it on ideas:
  12. SPARK Industries

    Hello ! Some words about me: my main Lego theme is technic, but I like trains and city also. I decided to make some train releated MOC under the aegis of Spark Industries. There are many plans, but one came true, and another one is almost finished. So I'd like to show the products (and plans) in this topic. The goal: Build not too complex (meaning: not display only), fresh and recognizable MOCs with good functionality for the existing Lego train world. Please comment, advice... (I'm from Hungary, sorry for my bad English)
  13. 16 : 10 10 : 6 12 : 4 1 : 3 14 : 2 18 : 1
  14. Thanks for the feedback! It was a very very busy week, and I barely manage to make the video for the contest. (there was a system crash yesterday on my PC, then a full re-install ) So, here is the amateur video, I hope you like it. It was nice to work on it, but now I go back to my big project (12*12*12 mobil crane)