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  1. SkyKnight

    Posting in the Bazaar?

    how can i create a new tropic in Buy Sell Trade i was looking for something to buy thank
  2. SkyKnight

    [MOC]Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    really cool :D
  3. SkyKnight

    can anyone tell me please?

    thank i think is a Arealight custom but is old i still find it
  4. SkyKnight

    can anyone tell me please?

    i try to find this custom hair and tail can anyone tell me where can i get this? please please i really want this so much
  5. SkyKnight

    LEGO Dimensions Physical Brick Discussion

    it look like we can add a minifigure to the game
  6. SkyKnight

    MOC: Hall of Justice

    very cute
  7. SkyKnight

    [moc] The Bat Cave

    I'm made my own sticker :)
  8. SkyKnight

    [moc] The Bat Cave

    Hi My name is Jerry, lego collector from thailand This is my first show of my MOC, hope you all like it moment please
  9. SkyKnight

    [MOC] Undermining

    very nice :)
  10. SkyKnight

    About Christo Custom brick and Minifigure?

    Um.. I'm should waiting there will took a mouth I'm on thailand thank captain nemo :)
  11. SkyKnight

    SDCC 1966 Batomobile model (LDD MOD)

    thank ;D
  12. SkyKnight

    DC Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussions

    Finally he come!!
  13. Hi All I'm Just Bought Some of CustomMinifigure from Christo On Email. How long He Will send It to me? I'm waiting For a Week This is his website ? Thank you :)