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  1. Cool story, bro. The two posters above my comment were concerned about if/when they'd be available at S@H. I was addressing that inquiry. If you don't care, then ignore it. /shrug
  2. All three sets were available at S@H in NZ and Australia. It looks like the Sparkle Babies set is already sold out though. The ship and the Party Crew are still up.
  3. I really like the ship too! I dunno what the general indifference to it is all about. I built up all three today, and it genuinely surprised me with how fun it was to build. It's a nice looking model on completion, with some fun little features. The mechanism that drops the Star guys one by one is cleverly executed. I was a bit surprised with how large it is. In my head it was similar in size to one of the DC Superheroes Black Manta builds, but it's much, much larger. The minifigures here were all great too! I particularly loved getting Emmett's 'Rex hair'. He looks aorable with that hair and the little half smile face. Lucy's new face prints were great too, particularly her shy face. There just aren't enough variations of her face, compared to Emmett's many iterations. Rex' defeated face and Mayhem's excited face are both fantatic as well, as well as the new Star variants. There's a lot to love with this set! All three were great though, I thought. I liked the figures with the Sparkle Babies set (a beaming happy face for Lucy was nice to get!), and the 'Everything Is Awesome' album sleeve tile. The build itself was a bit rubbish, but it has some fun parts for making new Plantimals out of, so I'm happy with it. The Systar Party Crew set is impossible not to love. I was pretty stoked to get yet another Metalbeard figure, and such a unique one at that! He's fully my favorite Lego Movie character, and the TLM2 theme introduced five (seven, if you count the alt builds for the poly) new models for him, all of them unique and interesting (as opposed to the two figures from the first film that were essentially the same model at different scales). I was hoping they'd release him in this form from the moment I saw it in a promotional image befor the film even opened. Benny's freaking perfect here too, and Unikitty's little boa and alt face were welcome additions. I put the table in the middle of one of the dance floors in the Party Bus, and the little speaker and dance floor bits with the spa.
  4. I did that too, for Unikitty. I keep meaning to make a cape for Batman, but I never remember to look for the fabric when I'm out shopping. I don't actually mind having to source othef materials for those elements. It was kind of the point that Bianca didn't limit her Lego builds to just Lego parts. It's still 'authentic' imho if you find non-system solutions. :D
  5. Really, eh? I quite enjoyed it. Even the spa, which I was indifferent to initially, surprised me with how much I liked the build after all. The effect of the layered trans panels over pastel bricks is rather striking, and the included hoard of characters was really nice to see. The Space Castle was one I'd been hoping to see from the moment I saw the film, and they did a fantastic job scaling it down for a retail set. I actually find it much nicer than the on set prop, imho. It looks smoother and more refined. It's one of my favorite sets in the theme, tbh. The Rexcelsior was surprisingly a near exact replica of what was seen on screen. It's large and bulky, but it delivers on everything you ever expected. I was stoked when they first revealed it back in February, as I never expected them to produce it as a set (I figured it would be a vignette build of a section of the bridge, at best). Of the four it was def the most fun to build! The Couch Mech is probably my least favorite of the four, but even it has it's charm. The Unikitty build was fun to see, for sure. It's still far better than some of the filler product in the first wave (70821 and 70832 are rubbish, even taking into consideration thier target age range), but not quite as impressive as stuff like Ultrakatty or the Rexplorer at the same price point in the first wave. But, yeah, this next wave is perfect. All three sets have a unique and interesting offering. I can't wait to get them! :D
  6. Oh, I hope there are several more waves, tbh. The Lego Movie sets are quite literally my favorite Lego sets, ever. They cannot possibly release enough, imho. I'm just trying to be pragmatic about it. I really don't think we'll see another wave after this. I hope I'm dead wrong though. :p
  7. This is more or less in line with normal releases. The second wave of TLM sets consisted of the Construct-o-Mech, Benny's Spaceship!, and the Super Secret Police Dropship, comparable to the four larger sets we got in May. The third and final wave was three small sets, comparable to these three coming in August. I think the release schedule has been truncated, due to the mediocre response to the film. We're getting these next sets sooner than later, as the hype from the film cools off. /shrug.
  8. Well, there are still four unallocated set numbers between the Triple Decker Couch Mech and the Sparkle Babies... so perhaps? I kinda equally hope that you're right and that you're wrong, hahaha. While looking at the numbers for my previous post I did some quick calculations, and this theme has already set me back over 2500$ (already considerably more than I spent on the entire TLM theme). I'm still missing two polybags and these last three sets at this point. I think my bank account is ready for the theme to end more than anything. :p Regardless of the timing though, this really does feel like a 'final wave', no? Just the contents of these sets feel like the equivalent of the "Double Decker Couch" or "Justice League Party": some desired minifigs and some homeless setting pieces. I dunno. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  9. Nope. It'll be a boxed set, like 'Benny's Space Squad' or 'Unikitty's Sweetest Friends'. The accessory packs are numbered differently.
  10. She's already released. Celeste is her name, and she was included with the Space Palace. We are still missing the other guy though. He wasn't physically present in the display at Lego House though, so I've a hunch he was never actually made. I don't think we'll see any more TLM2 sets though, tbh. Three waves is kind of the standard for movie themes. I'd surely welcome more sets, as there were tonnes of interesting builds that haven't seen commercial release. As it stands there are 28 sets, 20 CMFs, the Sewer Babies pack, 2 pods, and 6 polybags. The theme is already gigantic. While more sets would def be welcome, at this point I think they'd just cannibalize sales of the already released product.
  11. I woud totally buy those in a heartbeat. There was a tonne of cool stuff at the Lego House exhibit, eh? I don't think any of it will ever see prouction though. It was all concept and maquette work. The first one there was produced as smaller builds in the Movie Maker and Rexcelsior sets. I think that was the only one of the three that actually showed up on screen? I can see why they never did it though. Every set in the theme includes at least one core character. You'd have to include another build in the set to house someone other than a raptor to hit that marketing baseline. Anything larger than the (rubbish) spaceship in 70821 as a side build would render the price point too high to reasonably offer for a generic enemy centered set. There was just no way to package these for retail shelves.
  12. Just fyi: The ship is built up a lot around a dense technic frame. So, while it's quite large, there's not nearly as much interior space as I think you're imagining. The only substantial interior is the rear portion. The front is mostly just the technic frame. The interiors there are five stud wide sub-builds, attached to the frame. I'm not sure how advanced your skills are, but you'll need to rehaul the entire build to use most of the ship for anything else but nano figs. The navigation room at the back (the largest space) has a low ceiling clearance, again due to the frame. You can't pass an upright minifig under the beams in the middle, much less the Off-Roader. If you figure out how to sort that (removing the trigger mechanism and displacing the central beams up through the skate park might be a start), you'll need to sort how to fit the Off-Roader in lengthwise. It would just fit inside the doors sideways if you removed the turret mount section at the back. Skipping the handle sub-build (and opting for a ramp in it's place) might sort that problem though. I'm not trying to dissuade you here (buy the Rexplorer, yo! :p). Maybe check out the instructions before you buy, so you know what you're getting into! :D
  13. Don't overlook the Rexplorer! Of the three Rex-centric sets it's actually my favorite. The ship itself is beautiful, with all kinds of compartments and features. The accessories are fun (several comically huge guns, a skateboard for the raptors, and Rex' "Unusual Activity Tracker"), some Rex-branded printed soda cans; and the character selection is fantastic with two raptors (one with a unique green stripe), Rex, Emmett, and two unique Plantimals. It has a large, roomy interior and the previously mentioned detachable raptor ship. There's just a tonne of stuff to do with it! The off-roader is an okay set, but it's just another car (albeit with an interesting sloped construction). The alt-build for the wheeled raptor cyborg is really the hilight here, imho. The Rexcelsior is gorgeous and full of fun details, but it's obnoxiously large (I shared a side by side of it with Benny's Spaceship! from the first Lego Movie theme on the Brickset forums if you're curious about it's relative size). While it has a rapid fire action feature, it's really just a display model. There's not much to do with it once you've built it up, outside of opening the various panels and admiring the (admittedly numerous and charming) little interior details. It does have a fantastic set of figures though! The best Emmett minifig, ever, the second best Rex in the theme, a handful of micro raptors, and the (amazing!) nano Emmett and Rex figurines. Seriously, of the three, the Rexplorer is my personal favorite. If you're not planning to get them all, I would strongly suggest taking another look at making it the one set thaf you do get! :D
  14. There were two included with the Rexcelsior and one in the Movie Maker. :p But, seriously, as far as 'play value', this little detachable one-dino craft included with the Rexplorer more than fills the bill, no? I'm pretty sure that was the intention behind including it.
  15. Is there a reason why so many people say these sets are coming out this summer? I didn't exect to see them until December/January, but the catalog the leaks were taken from is for fall sets (including the advent calendars). What am I missing? I mean, I hope they're coming this summer, I just don't understand why people assume that they are?