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  1. MSc Shobaki

    [MOC] Race Truck MkII

    Beautiful work! Really like the modular approach :)
  2. MSc Shobaki

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I don’t think TLG would release it as so. Simply because that would make the hub + the rim unique to the Chiron. If I’m right, TLG would make only one part unique to a licenced set. That is a new set of rims for Porsche, new set of rims for Chiron. They would introduce a 6x6 flat disc with holes, but it wouldn’t be unique to Chiron. Same as with the steering hub for Porsche which is also a part of the Claas Tractor. However, other parts that are unique could of course be the imprinted tile in the Porsche. The part itself isn’t new, but the print itself is. Now I believe they will introduce the disc with Chiron, and then for the next motorcycle set use it as a disc brake as well :)
  3. MSc Shobaki

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    If you look at the first teaser picture of the rims, you can see halfpins integrated in the design, as well as half stud deep holes. Thats why I think the disc would be half stud thick. I just hope it will have minimum slack altogether :)
  4. MSc Shobaki

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    That is exactly what I mean. So a half stud thick 6x6 disc, mounted in-between the rim and wheel hub :) Using the same wheel hub as we already have, it would be a legal connection. My only concern is that the setup will have quite some slack. First off, the small slack from the Porsche wheel hubs, plus the additional from the half stud disc. Of course! There will be nothing more to it than just a flat half stud disc that is 6x6 :)
  5. MSc Shobaki

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Here are my speculations: The rims will be new and unique to this set, same idea as the rims for the Porsche GT3. However, these rims will feature 3 integrated halfpins as well as 3 half stud holes. To this, a new molded part will come: a 5x5x0,5 or 6x6x0,5 disc, with 6-hole pattern, and some brake sticker applied to it. This part will be mounted on the rim, fitted with intergrated halfpins, and then the hole subassy will be mounted on the same steering hub as the one we already got from the Porsche and Claas set. Sorry, I don’t believe we’re getting new hubs.
  6. MSc Shobaki

    [WIP] chassis teaser

    I have built the left hub based off of your images and can tell you now that it’s very weak. You need to stiffen it verticaly for it not to snap apart
  7. MSc Shobaki


    Nice :)
  8. MSc Shobaki

    Wheel hub holder slack (Steering)

    Hahaha initially I started to build the front suspension after the Porsche instructions (downloaded from Lego). I thought it was not realistic as the real 911 features. So I looked in the MOD thread to see if anyone had made a McPherson suspension for it. Well sure, both MaxSupercars and Tommy had built some using LDD, yet the real one ended being very unstable. So I studied the images and built own and the end result: Fenomenal! All the parts in my solution are stiffly braced with each other, no weak points what so ever. The only weak part is within the shock absorbers themselves (rod inside the housing. What I'm trying to implement now is Ackermann steering, which should not be difficult. I'll give you a little clue of an added/changed part (riddle): Red shock absorber.
  9. MSc Shobaki

    Wheel hub holder slack (Steering)

    I already own 4 of Nicjasno's turntable wheel hubs, and I'm planning to modify the Porsches' front suspension with them. The plan is to make a real McPherson strut suspension. I have a very nice solution for it as of now.
  10. Hello to you all. My question is to you who bought either the Claas Xerion or the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Have you noticed any difference between the new wheel hub holder (Porsche) and the old one (appearing in 42000, 42039)? I remember the old one was featuring a lot of slack, yet I was hoping that TLG would solve that problem with the release of the new one. I haven't bought neither set and I'm planning to buy the Porsche for Christmas.
  11. MSc Shobaki

    [MOC] Dump Truck 8x8

    Dude... That has got to be my favorite Lego video of all times. The truck looks so sick!! Gotta build this for sure. Instructions NOW!! :)
  12. MSc Shobaki

    LEGO 42043 LED Lighting Kit

    I'd buy it. How much would sell it for?
  13. MSc Shobaki

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    What are you talking about now? What I mean is that I can either build Crowkillers version for $370 or buy the new TLG Porsche for $300. Both looks good, both lack PF.
  14. MSc Shobaki

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    Is it? Of course it is cheaper to buy a whole set rather than piece by piece, but the way I see it is simple. Let's say I don't own any Lego and I want to buy pieces from scratch for the Porsche from Crowkillers, isn't bricklink the cheapest way to collect all pieces from? Still $370 is what it costs. Besides, Porsche is a high performance car so for me the price is okay!
  15. MSc Shobaki

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    I don't know why people here complain about the price. Let me give you an example: Crowkillers Porsche 997 GT3 is built of 1841 pcs and features: -6 speed transmission "Hand of God" steering system with functional Dash Steering Wheel Flat 6 Rear mounted Engine Full Independent Suspension Opening Hood, Doors and Trunk Bricklinking the parts (93% of the required=1728 pcs), they cost roughly $330. To build it you need to buy all the parts plus the instructions. So by assuming you need roughly $370. And on top of that, you won't get a box or stickers. The Porsche from TLG comes with minimum of 2700 pcs which is ~870 more than Crowkillers. None of them has PF or RC. Tell me what you think!