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  1. AwesomeBantha

    LDD Rendering request

    A belated thank you! Those renders look awesome!
  2. Hi all, My friend recently designed a model on LDD and asked me, with my not-so-vast technological knowledge to render the images for him. Sadly, I am currently using a shared computer and the admin has disabled any downloads. Thus, it is impossible for me to install POV-Ray and render the file. I was wondering if there's anyone online who could help me; I only need three simple POV-Ray renders (front, side, and back), nothing too fancy. This is my first post in this forum; Mods, if this isn't allowed, please delete this post! Thanks so much for your help! -AwesomeBantha Camera LDD.lxf
  3. I don't know the actual value of the figures, but you could probably part out each individual figure and pay for the set itself. There are plenty of people on eBay who do this, so it seems feasible! Good luck!
  4. AwesomeBantha

    [MOC] 75055 interior redesign

    Amazing MOD! I wish TLG had done this-yours is so much better than the original! Also, nice job on the purist bounty hunters!
  5. AwesomeBantha

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Whoops. For whatever reason I thought that you were in the US
  6. AwesomeBantha

    EPIV ...become a Jedi like my father... - IDSMO - Round2

    Sandcrawler is amazing! It's great how you didn't cheap out and use TLG's set. The MOC now has something even more awesome!
  7. AwesomeBantha

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    Exactly; there just aren't enough P2 clones. The only "movie" ones we got were the Kashyyyk ones and the lone one in the Turbo Tank. Plus, the dark orange is very nice !
  8. AwesomeBantha

    [MOC] Thunderbird

    Yes, there is space for a regular minifig. However, I don't have any suitable one so I left it blank for the time being . Do you have any suggestions ?
  9. AwesomeBantha

    Suspicious Ebay selling x18 Ewok villages

    "If something's too good to be true, it probably is."
  10. AwesomeBantha

    LEGO Star Wars 2015 Pictures and Rumors

    But her "main weapons", at least from my understanding, are spray paint cans.... I'm pretty worried about how Rebels is going to turn out. BTW, I noticed that Arealight made a "Sabine" helmet. What do you think-worth it or not? Will TLG's be better?
  11. AwesomeBantha

    [MOC] Thunderbird

    Hi EB, This is my first MOC, and my first time in the Sci-Fi forum! Yay! I built this mainly out of spare parts I got at Brickfair VA. Story coming soon! Meanwhile, what do you think? C+C are always welcome!
  12. AwesomeBantha

    [HELP] Lego Rubik's Cube

    Oh no! Unleash the Kragle !
  13. AwesomeBantha

    T-47 Snowspeeder

    Good job, BHs! The T-47 seems a bit big in comparison with the AT-AT !
  14. AwesomeBantha

    Review: Lego 10244 Fairground Mixer - Creator Series

    Nice review so far. However, the background is a bit distracting, is there any way you could make it plain white?