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  1. Since when is xsilentcommando AKA Taylor Stevenson (who is notorious for fake info and because of that banned from EB) a reliable source?
  2. Ah... that's a photo from a week ago. That's Tallie Lintra from TLJ.
  3. Why? I'm sure every AFOL and kid had a mold like this on top of their wishlist.
  4. Total waste of a new mold. Instead of creating new alien heads we get helmets....more helmets.....and hairpieces with hats. Molded Porg? No, let's use bricks with a printing! Part of the thing that makes SW great are the fantastic alien races.... and I'm also sure kids prefer a cool looking alien over a Rose with hair/hat as one piece.
  5. Oooo. Clever. Did I Red it the correct way?
  6. Yeah, no need for new molds of alien heads we haven't had.... we just want MORE new helmet molds!
  7. There are 3 pix of new (?) minifigs in the Facebook group "Lego Star Wars Collectors" -TLJ Rey with a different hairpiece than the one in the Walker set -A pilot; blue suit, red X-Wing helmet -another pilot; red/white A-Wing helmet They were posted there, could be customs, could be leaks.
  8. I was thinking about this yesterday. There have been only 12 Rebels sets + 1 battlepack (ok, and some polybags). 7 of the sets and the battlepack were released before Force Friday 2015 (which was in september, so exactly 2 years ago) In the last 2 years we got just 5 sets. In 2017 we got 0 sets (the Phantom 2.0 was released in some countries in 2016, so I don't count it as a 2017 set). The leaked winter 2017/18 sets didn't include a Rebels set, so I think that theme is doomed. Sad, because I would have loved to have figs of Bendu, Cikatro etc etc. LEGO handled Rebels in a terrible way (although the start was great with the Phantom, TIE Advanced, Ghost etc)
  9. A couple of months after the black/orange X-Wing from TFA.....we got THE EXACT SAME X-Wing....but now in grey and blue.
  10. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Several sets popped up on a Dutch auction site today. (stupid) People are paying up to € 1100 for a set. What's not funny is that both the scalpers AND the folks who pay these prices are destroying the market.
  11. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Nominated for post of the month year! +1 Exactly. 800 for a LEGO set... bargain. Lookng at the price/piece ration the price is 'normal' but come on: 800 for a toy? Yeah, that's expensive, no matter how great/big/detailed it is.
  12. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    But it will be released in december 2017 if I'm correct.