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  1. Thanks. I hope that one of the displays will have that cool sticker of the desert like the UCS.
  2. Thanks! I wonder if the cockpit also opens and has seats for the Jawas.
  3. Jedi-Bendu

    Star Wars

    Lucasfilm confirmed last week (on Twitter) the movie takes place 10 years before ANH, so it lines up pretty well.
  4. Have we seen any interior pics of the new Sandcrawler?
  5. Jedi-Bendu

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Solo: A Star Wars Story My review (in Dutch): My verdict: Don't expect a new Star Wars classic, but a fun and light summer movie which sticks more close to the swashbuckling SW origins than the other Disney movies. Still, it's a movie of wasted opportunities, lacks impressive sets but has 3 good actors (Woody, Glover, Clarke).
  6. Star Wars Insider is the official magazine....
  7. Guess Enfys is a man after all.
  8. what a sad company LEGO has become..... a C&D because of an obvious april fools joke.
  9. Yup. That's the one.... :P
  10. Just saw the prelim pic of Snoke's Throne Room. Basically a brickbuilt red wall with figs
  11. Thanks. I bought it on day 1 (along with the Phantom).
  12. This is a FAN video... NOT an official statement. Where did he get that info? As said, Bettany plays Vos.... and that's it. The character in the trailer could be anyone. Having a fanvideo claim it's him doesn't mean it is. Remember when the characternames leaked and sites reported Thandie Newton was playing the alien Quay Tolsite? Well, turns out she isn't as she's Val. Suppose he said that Boba Fett is in the movie, would that make it real and official? Or what if he said there will be a UCS Geonosis set with 541 minifigs? :P Maybe his guess is a lucky one and turns out to be correct, but right now it's not. ;)
  13. They only said he was playing Vos. It was never confirmed Vos is the dude with ihe helmet in the trailer.
  14. Are you sure? This article says Yodas Hut will be out in august.