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  1. Brick Hick

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Really love this, cant wait for more pics although slightly disappointed that it doesn't look it is two separate buildings like the pet shop
  2. Hi all Here's some pics of the lastest addition to my Brickston high street, a music shop an underground station like the ones seen around London. Let me know what you think Can I interest you in a guitar sir? No. How about a piano or a drum kit? Nice apartment. Must be some cash lying around.... oh no the cops are on to me!! Just chilling in my rooftop Jacuzzi Hope you enjoyed. Check out my flickr for more photos (I'll try and take some better ones in the next few days) or check out my first moc, the florist (sorry shameless plug!!)
  3. Brick Hick

    MOC - Modular Florist

    Thanks guys, glad you liked it! The flower on the floor came out of necessity as i ran out of white tiles
  4. Brick Hick

    MOC - Modular Florist

    Hi everyone This is my first time posting one of my creations on here, its a florist with a small apartment and roof terrace. Let me know what you think Enjoy! Outside Shop Apartment Terrace Check out more pics on my photostream
  5. Brick Hick

    Contest Turtle Contest - Voting Thread

    29. MNDGAM (2 votes) 32. Yatkuu (1 vote) 58. Siercon and coral (3 votes) 64. Bob De Quatre (2 votes) 180. Kritch (1 vote) Mod note - sorry, but you're not eligible to vote.
  6. Brick Hick

    Contest Turtle Contest - Entry Thread

    May I present to you.... Steve He's very shy, so he brought flowers. He hopes you like him