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  1. Watch till the end! )))
  2. Hi Friends, I created Lego Racing Wheel, that looks like Formula 1 cars wheel. Now it is much more convinient and easy to play racing games on my iPhone. Enjoy.
  3. alexsplanet

    Lego Halloween Nightmare

    Hi Firends, Here is a short brickfilm for Halloween. I think a lot of you have a horror dream with falling down while sleeping?
  4. Hi Friends, I created an animated stop motion speed build for those who would like to see in 4 minutes the process of building the new Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Enjoy.
  5. Hi Friends, Here is a new funny movie about Homer Simpsons. The most difficult from technical point of view. Fishing rod and rope is very difficult to animate to get the smooth result. Enjoy and the funniest moment is in the end of the video.
  6. Hi, friends. Here is my new short funny movie specially for all office workers :)
  7. Hi friends, here is my new brick film ala James Bond or Hitman :). Enjoy.
  8. Hi Friends, here is Homer Simpson's Nightmare. Enjoy.
  9. Hi Friends. Merry Christmas and New Year are comming and here is my new Lego Brickfilm that I specially create for these #holidays. This is a funny Lego Movie about Homer Simpson who tries to catch Santa Claus. Enjoy.