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  1. Morphy

    MOC: The Milkmaid

    Thank you for the comments. I've developed my own unique method which I'm continuing to improve. One of the things I'd like to do is offer an image-to-mosaic service. Using a familiar painting helps to demonstrate the fidelity of my method. With original art, there would be nothing to compare to. Here's one my designs next to one generated with Floyd-Steinberg pattern dithering (an algorithm found in many image editing programs). The original image is on the left, my design is on the far right. These orange images use digital bricks.
  2. Morphy

    MOC: The Milkmaid

    These are pictures of real bricks. I used 24 different LEGO colors: black, white, very light gray, light bluish gray, dark gray, dark bluish gray, blue, dark blue, maersk blue, purple, dark green, lime green, olive green, sand green, orange, bright light yellow, light aqua, tan, dark tan, red, dark red, reddish brown, brown, and bright pink.
  3. Morphy

    MOC: The Milkmaid

    My recreation of Vermeer's famous painting, c&c appreciated. It helps to step back to see the colors blend. This is my second attempt at a Vermeer LEGO mosaic.
  4. Coral inspired LEGO mosaic using a combination of different tile shapes. It's 64x64 studs & five colors.
  5. Morphy

    Hello! My name is Morphy.

    I can guess you don't mean a Linux users group, but otherwise no, I'm not :)
  6. The website also has a nice collection of LEGO "Girl with a Pearl Earring" renditions including ones by Arthur Gugick and Nathan Sawaya.
  7. Thank you eurotrash, I read that thread. For comparison, my mosaic is half the size of that one.
  8. Uncropped LEGO mosaic of Vermeer's The Girl with the Pearl Earring, 64 x 96 studs. Please let me know what you think. My goal is to be the best in high-fidelity LEGO image recreation.
  9. I'm Morphy. I live in San Antonio Texas and I like to build mosaics, especially out of Lego.