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  1. StephanSz

    MOC SD police Patlabor

    Amazing and soooo cute!!! Very nice work :)
  2. I'd like to see a +-150 euro creator castle set, with a very realistic castle. Just like they do in the trains theme. Retail sets for the kids and creator sets for (A)FOLs. The sets can be combined, so you can use the kids sets with the creator sets. With a little effort, Lego could add flags and minifigs for two factions, so you can choose which faction the castle belongs to. Or even provide a secondary build, so you can buy two castles and make them slightly different. It would be great for everyone who doesn't like the current castle theme (which btw I really like and got all the sets from). And it would be no 1 on my wishlist!
  3. StephanSz

    REVIEW: 70806 Castle Cavalry

    I love this set, I'm a fan of the latest castle theme, so I can't wait to get it :-) The review is a bit negative in my opinion, just because the reviewer doesn't like a theme, doesn't mean it's a bad set. A flying castle is weird, so it fits great into the movie. Thanks for reviewing!
  4. StephanSz

    Duplo Trains discussion

    >I went out, spent 25.60 CHF on 10506 You are a die hard duplo train fan :) I share your conclusion, it must have been a bad mold. Lego almost got away with it unnoticed! Thanks for maintaining your very interesting webpage.
  5. StephanSz

    Duplo Trains discussion

    It's so cool to see a post on duplo trains :) I'm a big fan, as well as my son and daughters. I tested the curved track issues right away, but my track (all bought in the last 2 years) doesn't have these issues! 2 curved tracks fit nicely next to eachother on a plate. I can make a full circle fixed on plates without stress. 4 straight are just as long as 4 curved. In other words, all the issues stated on do not exist with my track. Now that's really interesting don't you think?
  6. StephanSz

    LEGO Castle 2013

    I don't understand all the negative talk about this catle line. It's great! Going to buy the whole theme for sure. I just love the castle, with the blue pieces. Brings back the memories of my first castle 6080.
  7. I'd go for the 924 space transporter because when I finally saved enough money to buy it, it was not available anymore...
  8. StephanSz

    Heroica: The Sands of Kemet

    This looks great! Can be put into stores right away :)
  9. StephanSz

    Heroica@home - R&D - WIP

    Maybe I've got some time this weekend to try these rules with my kids. Looks ok at first sight.
  10. This is a great theme! I got all sets, some twice. I love the minifigs, the colors, everything :) The jet on the HQ is my favourite. Very spacy, very high standard. The tripods are awesome too. A second wave would make my day :) It blends nicely into the city theme, aliens destroying the city, love to play with it. Anyway, 'Mars Attacks' is one of my favourite movies, maybe that explains why I like this theme so much.
  11. StephanSz

    TLG Train Sets - What Triggers 'Buy'?

    As a Lego train addict, I buy any set with trainwheels in it, or related to trains :) even Duplo! When Lego doesn't produce new sets, I just buy more of the sets I allready have. But it would be nice if they'd make at least two new sets a year. One with track for kids and one without track for AFOLs. My kids ofcourse like to play with the trains. I sometimes use this excuse to buy more :) But they'd never choose a train in the toystore by themselves... I wish more kids bought trains, so Lego would make more sets. For kids the price is too high. A 40% to 50% store margin is OK on smaller sets, but it drives up the price too much on expensive sets. Webshops usually offer them much cheaper, but that doesn't help kids in toystores.
  12. StephanSz

    Storage of Lego boxes

    Simple yet brilliant solution :) Thanks! That will shrink the pile into only the large boxes. I don't want the large boxes to be damaged (they will damage on my attick or in my garage), anyone with a good suggestion on safely storing the large boxes?
  13. StephanSz

    Storage of Lego boxes

    I have a big pile of Lego boxes that need to be stored. Most of the later boxes can be flattened, some older boxes can't without destroying them. So I was wondering, what next? Maybe the smaller ones can be sealed or put into storage boxes. But the bigger ones (like from the trainsets) offer a challenge... I need some advice on how to store all this nice looking cardboard :) How do you store it?
  14. StephanSz

    Some of My LEGO Train Collection (12V & PF)

    Interesting idea, battery powered 12v trains on PF rails... Not very fast though, maybe a 12v battery pack speeds it up. I would like to run my 7740 unmodified on PF rails and the batteries would fit into the mailcar. Nice experiment for this weekend :)
  15. StephanSz

    MOC: FbtK-es21

    Oh man this is awesome! I will probably dream about fabu wars tonight after seeing this :) Can you please make more in this theme?