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  1. MAB is right, clone brands are fine so long as they follow the rules required of them in their marketplace. Mega Bloks for example is a completely legitimate competitor and a clone brand. personally they don't have anything of interest for me but I won't bad mouth them just on the basis that they are not the Lego Company. there are of course other brands that don't follow the rules, copy designs, trade marks, and any other intellectual property they can get away with. in those cases I don't count them as mere clones, but counterfeit as they are breaching laws, and other moral lines. to those companies I wish only the hottest flames for them to choke on the fumes of their demise. (no mercy here for those who profit from another's labors)

  2. 5 hours ago, Choops said:

    The 2X2 plate with chamfer on the walker looks new?


    it is new for 2017, but out in a few sets a large number of the star wars summer sets include a few (arrowhead, and republic tank) along with blue, white, red, and light grey versions too.

  3. 15 hours ago, Henchmen4Hire said:

    Who's fender do I gotta polish to get some remarks around here :tongue:

    you can start with mine, but only if you want to, I keep my car clean anyway ;)  you'll find cars in this forum don't generate a whole lot of attention even the spectacular ones only get a fraction of a comparable modular MOC.

    your Superbird though is quite amazing, I love the tilt steering, and the exhaust that was a great use of both types of binoculars. the hidden engine is a neat touch too though an opening hood would have made it more appealing. the only real flaw I can see is the wing, that 6W to 1W is a bit jarring and impractical for a brick build. overall though this is an excellent build, well done.

  4. yes, lets kill this fire before it burns the thread up. this is a Fake, openly announced by it's maker to prove a point as to how easy a fake is to make. (you should see some of the other versions with more explosions! hilarious) so until something official is posted by Lego I recommend every image be treated as Fake until proven true.

  5. original posts from the fan sites (brickset, brothers brick, ect) said June 1st. but I've not seen anything about it yet either, and even shop at home doesn't list it even as "coming soon" soon as it is available though I'm getting at least 2 (one to leave as is the other for parts, lots of nice orange bits, along with the "90s star hubs")

  6. 21 hours ago, letsbuild said:

    I reverse-engineered your Pagani. I was missing the black piece right behind the windshield, so I replaced it by a red one.



    It looks realy nice!

    Nice Pagani, if you are curious my MOCpages has an LDD file you can compare your build to. and I am honored you took the time to build your own. :)

    13 hours ago, Aventador2004 said:

    It's name is the valkyrie.



    Valkyrie, I wanted to call it Valliant, though in my mind RB-001 sounds more fitting of a car of that caliber. you can see my Aston Martin Valkyrie Here (made before the official name was announced) or my modified Porsche 917k from the SC set Here, though that is now out of date as more mods have happened.

  7. 6 hours ago, vectormatic said:

    I love the pagani and maser, both are easily up to SC standard, especially the pagani's front end design is straight up set worthy


    Any chance of doing your namesake, the gallardo, or another lambo?

    oh wow, forgot about this thread. I've some new ones I should add to my index post some time. there is now a Vector W8, and a BAC Mono, An Aston martin RB-001 (forgot it's official name) all of which need added here.


    as to the Lamborghini Gallardo, I've contemplated that several times, in fact almost all of the Lambo cars I want to build but I am very picky with cars I am passionate about so until I get one "perfect" you guys wont see it. but yes I do want to build one, (and maybe a Miura too)