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    Guess that movie!

    which is which is why I moved to posting them renamed to my flickr account, instead of links to other sites. that way no matter what there is no info except what is in the image to go on.
  2. GallardoLU

    Speed Champions Alternates

    Looks good, much better with the SC hubs on it as well. the only thing I personally am not a fan of is the gap below the windshield on the sides. the 1 plate hole feels unfinished, I don't really have a suggestion on how to over come it as the side body line looks good, just wish there were something closing the gaps.
  3. GallardoLU

    Lego lightning bolts

    here ya go :)
  4. GallardoLU

    [HELP] What plates will fit in 28x28

    28x28 what? studs I would guess, but it could be millimeters, or inches too. that said if you know how large the area is, why do you need help with the plates? quick math says a 16 and a 12 plate would cross that opening but not be supported or connect. I think we need more info
  5. GallardoLU

    LEGO Mighty Max

    yeah you're probably right Glyn. I thought I was being cute with it but I can see how from your side it's a bit obnoxious. (I removed the image but left the text so as to not confuse things further)
  6. GallardoLU

    Spam Poetry

    new one for ya: K.i.t.c.h.e.n.s.F.o.r.S.a.l.e.Hemel Hempstead.U.K.(.3.0.).T.h.i.r.t.y.E.x.D.i.s.p.l.a.y.K.i.t.c.h.e.n.s.T.o.C.l.e.a.r.•.(LINK) .£.5.9.5.E.a.c.h.w.i.t.h.4.p.p.l.i.a.n.c.e.s.T.e.l. *55555555*
  7. GallardoLU

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I think the main problem is that while people want to be able to chose sets to get important but non-core characters they also still want May 4th promo to be something that wouldn't have possibly shown up in a set otherwise. Revan although an EU/Legends character was a huge hit over all, as many knew there was no way to get him otherwise and probably never will be. while this trooper is so very close to the ones available already that it feels like Lego said "hey we have way too many troopers lying around lets use that one with the extra pocket and give that out" its because of that vibe people are unhappy. the quality of the figure looks great, just I don't think he should be the years big promo.
  8. GallardoLU

    LEGO Mighty Max

    Why we need commas: Because “I like cooking, dogs, and kids,” Is not the same as “I like cooking dogs and kids”
  9. GallardoLU

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    No joke, its in the calendar and all I think I'll run over to Wal-Mart tonight and pick up my nearly exclusive trooper and his friends (battle pack) on the plus side I can now happily spend my saved points on more speed champion stuff
  10. GallardoLU

    Spam Poetry

    The waves of spam rise and fall Frequenting general discussion for all I cannot read the foreign strange text But the admins clean what will be next
  11. that's what I am seeing too
  12. GallardoLU

    A quick comment on spam

    I've been seeing wave after wave, Admin are knocking them out quick, but they just keep coming back
  13. GallardoLU

    A quick comment on spam

    wow took those out fast how many were there 30?
  14. GallardoLU

    [MOD] UCS Slave 1 (anti-droop/bend when on stand)

    should mount closer to canopy (against the technic beam) hope you like the results
  15. GallardoLU

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    the only problem with that design I can see is what makes it great, the hinges. that would be quite a lot of weight swinging out, and there are few hinge options that might be able to support that.
  16. GallardoLU

    Guess that movie!

    hints so far: Brother, "out of this world", Joe Morton (my guess was a hint )
  17. GallardoLU

    [MOC LDD] sw creation

    Nice to see other SWTOR builds! I've always liked Adno and Gurian mounts, though I prefer the Gurian Storm, and the Adno Saberwasp version. you should try your hand at the Ikas, or maybe a Lergo next
  18. GallardoLU

    [MOC] iveco 480.12 bus

    looks good, I like that you gave it working steering. the only change I would make would be to smooth off the roof, less studs and maybe a transition area in front (1x2, 2x2, or 4x2 curved slopes)
  19. GallardoLU

    Guess that movie!

    "Joe Morton's Silent night"
  20. GallardoLU

    2016 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    best thing I can suggest is find a copy of the instructions, (brickset, and the lego site both should have them) and then go through each car, and count how many pieces are used for each.
  21. GallardoLU

    Guess that movie!

    Mr. Shark Jr. its your turn
  22. GallardoLU

    Porsche 917 (mod)

    So i finally got the new 917 919 set, and being a huge fan of the 917 i knew i'd have to mod it to make me completely happy but i didn't realize just how much it would need it. below are 2 pictures top one is mine in front of an unmodified 919 (its 3 plates taller than my 917!) the second is a borrowed image of a standard Lego 917. the drop was achieved by 2 things primarily, first i lowered the canopy down 1 plate, and the second was switching to smaller tires/rims this took off a second plate (it was already 1 plate lower than the 919) there were also numorus less obvious changes inside and out to achieve the end result. My Modified 917 Lego's 917 Front View, showing narrowed front opening and reshaped nose. also the one downside to the older fender, the gap rear of the front bricks Rear View, here you can see i added some greebling to fill out the space better, also the tail lights were removed as the were just way to big on the standard car. If you look close here you can see through the canopy to the driver, he is leaned back a very long ways to fit, and this was a trick. the driver sits so far forward in the real car that the minifig legs should actually be placed where the wheel hubs are located. so the standared chassis has been thrown aside to move the driver cavity forward as far as it could go. also if the helmet is removed he can sit quite a ways up further. simple side by side, you can see quite a noticeable height difference between the 2 cars. So there you have it a still speed champion styled Porsche 917 but much better wheels height and shaping in my opionion, feel free to comment, suggest, or anything. and Thanks for looking!
  23. GallardoLU

    Porsche 917 (mod)

    I thought about that too, and the short answer is if I were to leave the SC style and go for a more accurate shape I'd probably want to go as perfect as I can. which would be 8wide, length can stay as is, and the really hard part..... the canopy would need to be lowered another plate down (if at all possible). as a 7 wide you hit the nail on the head, I'm unsure how I could keep the windscreen at its current height and center it. but it if I do solve that... i'll just have to find a solution for the nose as its current design would result in some asymmetrical seams.
  24. GallardoLU

    IDEAS 21307 Caterham Seven 620R

    I almost can't believe they approved the Catherham! when the Vette died I thought for sure that was the death blow for all large scale cars through ideas. very exciting to see it pass. now the long arduous wait for them to show us the final model.
  25. GallardoLU

    MOC: Speed Champions Fire Engine/Pumper

    Oran, might want to double check which thread you are in